“2992” Who Has Who Dies.??’

The battle of Bukit Assek in Sibu Constituency N45 will see if it materialises two heavyweights slugging it out for the 2992 newly registered voters. Pretty sure the number 2992 wil be sold out in the gambling outlets tomorrow.

 The numbers if you add up 2+9+2+9=22 { 2+2=4 }and during the last count the total registered numbers were 26002= 10 and add in 2992=28994 for the next State elections. Numbers plays a significant part in the daily lives of those who indulge in a little flutter of some sort. They are also indicators of some sort on where the “feng shui” of numbers will favour.

Nothing superstitious but with MP Tiong Thai King of SUPP and ADUN Wong Ho Leng in a keenly fought contest they will of course be a casualty.One has to lose and 4 signifies Death while the winner will have the number 5 which is Have what it takes to Win. 

Its already up in FACEBOOK where Wong Ho Leng DAP Sarawak Chairman where he alleged that ,”Someone fr SUPP had moved in voters from other areas. Voters changed their IC address with false addresses and moved into Bukit Assek,”. However Minister of Environment and Public Health, Wong Soon Koh said most of the new voters are youth aged 21 who are now eligible to vote.

Ysterday we wrote,”BN ..Not End .Certainly some Black Areas” and in it we said,”

Barring any miracles of course the BN will still maintain the 2/3rd majority and will not cruise through like what SUPP President George Chan has confidently said.

What do you expect him to say said a graduate in business studies? Of course after losing heavily 8 out of 19 seats he needs to rally his troops and put up a Brave Face eventhough he knows DEEP DOWN IN HIS GUT that SUPP will face their usual adversary in DAP and expects a TOUGH OUTING AGAIN.

Its a psychological game of political wits and whatever propagander is needed to ensure one has the edge over the other. SUPP will go on an all out attack to “CHOP OFF THE SNAKES HEAD” which is a term commonly used by tacticians  and gain back lost ground and they will be more than satisfied to send Wong Ho Leng to the abyss.

The DAP Chairman is well prepared and he has been ruthless to say the least in maintaining party discipline.The suspension of DAP N11 Assemblyman is a good indicator of the no nonsence approach of DAP Sarawak. He has wasted no time in putting his foot down and many political analysts say it is within his right as Sarawak party head. He needs to stabilise the party as it gets ready to do battle with their common enemy SUPP.

It will indeed be a 2992 battle between Wong Ho Leng (incumbent) against MP Tiong if he is chosen by the SUPP hierarchy. This will be an interesting heavyweight battle if it materialises. Have you bought your numbers yet..???