BN..Not End.”Certainly Some Black Areas..”

Eversince DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang came out with the bold prediction of denying Sarawak BN 2/3rds majority the people on the streets in Sarawak are asking,”Possible Kah..? Sarawakians according to a former journalist has a delayed reaction and the tsunami of 308 is reaching the shorelines now.Just about…..

Natasha,Joey and Cindy of audie61 went around asking professionals,graduates,man on the streets and asked,”Will the Opposition HAVE ENOUGH IN THEM to topple the present State BN..?” But before they embark on their rounds in the opinions audie61 checked with their lawyer as someone might just instigate a “DELAYED REACTION” as some people just want to do things behind the “Cloaks of Invicibility”  

Of course the original question was more straight forward and it will be highly irresponsible on our part to publish it here eventhough it was brainstormed and decided by the majority to use it. My hands are itching to put the question out….Where are my glasses..hehehe.?? The lawyers shouted across the room no,no,no..NOoooooo.

We look at the 71 seats break it down into urban and rural and also the racial mix on the constituencies. How many are winnable? Barring any miracles of course the BN will still maintain the 2/3rd majority and will not cruise through like what SUPP President George Chan has confidently said.

What do you expect him to say said a graduate in business studies? Of course after losing heavily 8 out of 19 seats he needs to rally his troops and put up a Brave Face eventhough he knows DEEP DOWN IN HIS GUT that SUPP will face their usual adversary in DAP and expects a TOUGH OUTING AGAIN.

A former Chinese Pemanca said SUPP will do well to maintain 11 out of 19 their seats and Ido fear for SUPP as the young urban voters do not care about what SUPP Has done in the pasts and this younger set of voters are already turning their backs on the party which is “plague or diseased with infightings at mosts levels

It seems that the in-thing suits them and DAP is Coca Cola to them while SUPP is like Green Spot where it has their own fanbase. The suspension of DAP Batu Lintang Assemblyman and DAP is bold to take out such an action. It is a no nonsence approach which the young urbanites sees it as a “feather in the DAPs cap in Sarawak.”

A dayak undergraduate said to Joey,”It was a known fact by one BN coalition party did not take the appropriate action against the persons when it was a necessity and today it is back haunting the coalition.” The difference is that this will harm the BN coalition in the dayak areas as they will surely be disuntiy and it will turn to ‘BN versus BN” and the opposition Pakatan group will benefit handsomely.

BN in the dayak areas was grey areas and now its slowly turning Black and its a warning SHOT to the leaders in the coalition to stem out the root of the problems now or else pay heavily in the STATE POLLS LATER WHEN ITS CALLED.

 According to a historian these leaders Suharto,Nicolae Ceaucescu,Manuel Zelaya were all ousted. Could this happen in Sarawak..? It will not be so drastic but if the Black Areas are Pakatans gain in time BN will lose more than its fixed deposit status.

The malay/melanau areas are still pretty safe but they will be skirmishes here and there but not enough to even lose more than 5 seats. The opposition will of course push the figures up and 1987 was a very good lesson in which PBDS won 15 Permas 5. If only they had looked at the Chinese areas then but that is history now.

The well greased Bn machinery of the ruling parties will be tested to the fullest this time around as it does look “CALM ON THE SURFACE BUT DEEP BENEATH THE SURFACE THERE IS CERTAINLY A CAUSE FOR CONCERN.”

The usual NCR land issues will still be used but now its no more relevant to go for the voting people. The BN will have their own manifesto and the Pakatan group too but as in any elections the people will have their  final say.

The simple things like roads,electricity,jettys,briges,water,community halls,schools,clincis will still be used to win some rural votes but its not enough anymore to them.

Its not only the bread and butter issues now but also the POLITICAL CANDIDATE that is presented to represent the coalition. Not everyone is a politician unless he has the heartbeat for the people and the people know now more than ever.

Nevertheless the coalition parties needs to clear up their own backyards before they even present a winning combination. i.e party plus candidature will go a long way to boost the mark X on the ballot paper. It has been uttered once too often,”Sarawakians are Afraid of Changes but they will be a time…..” Could it be Pakatans time this round..? BN..Not End just yet..will you just let it go.

We have said it and after doing a survey we feel that,”the calm waters are not about to suddenly turn into raging waters unless a CERTAIN MIRACLE HAPPENS. Do you have what it takes to come out with it..?? Its election time and the politicians needs all the brains there is to turn an election campaign into a WINNABLE One. So what do you say….huh!!  

Even our SB sources agree BN..Not end they indulged in the barbequed lamb and beef prepared by us at audie61.But some will be barbequed thouroughly in the black areas” The SB reports are not too far wrong and the YBs needs to buck out or be shipped out..You have been warned……