“Mawan Pandai..Mana ada PRS..??”

An old friend in the early days of PRS and a very staunch and loyal PRS dayak member surprisingly gave me a call. He said audie61 the SPDP crisis is nothing as compared to what PRS and PBDS went through. In this whole equation now it seems that Mawan is the clever one”Pandai he says” and Masing and PRS a party accepting all supposedly PBB YBs. He said with a tinge of sadness. Sekarang mana dapat PRS keluar dari BN.? Taib memang Pandai juga.James kena checkmate and also knotted like a rope.

Do you think its still PRS he asked?.Even the LOGO he said has changed and now its padi stalks and the colour is Green. Though he is dayak he says launching the logo twice is not good “feng shui” and it has similarities to Gerakan in the Peninsular..Might be washed away this time with Tiong,Sng and Ting havent forgotten what Masing has said and done. Mesti kena bomb,bomb ,bomb di kawasan PRS.

Though it was a short conversation he said ,’If only Masing has listened to the ones who cared instead of those who look for economic gains.” Anyway he says its only a matter of time when the elections is called and it could be after the DUN sitting at the end of May. Its 429 days away and if CM has the inspiration it will be very soon……

12 thoughts on ““Mawan Pandai..Mana ada PRS..??”

  1. dayang says:

    Coolness and pandai memang Mawan. James man in a hurry. He wants the KM seat.Thats for sure if you ask all his aides.

  2. sarawakiana says:

    True how can one launch a logo twice. Its like putting up a signboard twice on your shop. Certainly did not see the similarity until the person pointed out .Same a bit like Gerakan.Watch it!!

  3. wahai says:

    Masing the most respected Iban leader now, that’s 4sure babe. Mawan, his “kapal sudah ada lubang, tunggu tengelam”.. keep a clean face, just be cool, muka tebal.

  4. Nostradamus says:

    Say whatever you like, the political landscape have changed. SPDP problem will persist, there seem to be no real solution at hand. When leaders are not seen to be men of their words, it lead to total lost of trust. That’s SPDP!!! The first step to resolving SPDP problem, Mawan must be man enough and admit and apologise for his misjudgement. Next restructure his SC, so that no one will hold more than one post as being preceeded by tiong and now nelson. A new neutral SG can than be appointed. Otherwise SPDP will become not a mosquitoe party but a sand fly party. The clock is ticking!!!

  5. wahai says:

    Mawan has a lot of PRIDE in him, he doesn’t realize and seems not to accept his mistakes. He appoints all his cronies as SC members. If you want to be appointed to any posts, you must first play Golf with him first.

  6. headhunter says:

    y we cant unite as 1..? i think no matter what party we ppl in…we still in 1 nation….1 state…. but its true if there are said human fight for money and power…..and money is not everything but everything needs money…..

  7. kpt99 says:

    Masing will have to have many anti missiles to defend the aggressive and destructive bombings from Sng,Tiong and Ting during this SE.It is going to be an interesting SE this time especially for SUPP,PRS and SPDP which are all in crisis.Dare PRS to lose the 1 st constituency,Pelagus.regardless who will be the candidate under PRS.It will surely be money election here.Berita angin no limit will be spend here in order to bring back the lost prides.Believe it or not,just listen to the American Song.

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