Sng Chee Hua..”A Political Comeback..??”

These smses which has been in circulation today has sent tongues and tails wagging,”Eagle has landed..d.Sng to contest Meluan regardless” and the follow up,”not quite to replace w.judat mayb. Mawan may need him to neutralise Masing.”

Is this a political comeback of some sort by Sng Chee Hua? Its like the rise of “dayakism” and the posts Taib Era has got something to do with this speculations and rumours circulating.Masing has been very incessant in his statements that Pelagus belongs to PRS and they have found a candidate to replace Larry Sng (son of Chee Hua) and Assistant Minister in CMs office with three portfolios and is partyless after the PRS crisis.

Why Meluan? Why an SPDP seat? We have been harping that  the dayaks are seriously trying to use 1987 as a yardstick. 1994 PBDS came back to the fold and many felt they have been shortchanged by their leaders. The political equilibrium which has been enjoyed by the BN government in terms of stability,unity and harmony for the lasts 16 years is being rattled not only by the Opposition parties of DAP,PKR,PAS and SNAP but also from within BN.

The 5 plus 3 SPDP separatist has somewhat opened the PANDORA BOX. We have found delight for the last 16years in terms of OLD WOUNDS HEALING but political alliances does not lasts forever and the SCARS are still there. We say our politicians have come of age and extreme parochial politics has seen the last of its days but  its coming back with a different version.

On November 9th 2008 nearly 1 and half years ago we wrote”Ming Court 1987 of a reverse version“where the Dayaks are playing the puppet game on the surface but striking it hard quietly as they advance from their rural base.

We also received from a BN YB and Political Secretary said,”No need to wori Bro.What revival is this? Hasn’t there been numerous revival which led to the formation of PBDS before? It’s just another attempt by disgruntled and frustrated PERSONALITIES TO WIN POWER. Bear in mind that any group that uses race as their battle cry will never succeed. It has been proven by PAJAR and PBDS before.Many have short memory.   

With this in mind former Deputy President of PRS (P182 and N54 YB) Sng Chee Hua might also be picked to join in the fray. The 24 2/3rds majority and 36 overthrowing the BN Sarawak government has been sounded by DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang. It will be a political comback of some sort by Sng and he has been itching to get back to what he knows bests.

The smses which has been circulating has also a sting with a deadly venom especially this one,”Someone a GUD Fren has dug the graveyard for Masing.” Mawan appears all cool eventhough his name has been implicated and he would be very happy to play a major role in the absence “IF JAMES DOES WALK AWAY FROM BN” 

Opposition leaders cannot see it happening and many are not James bests friend but they know with PRS dayak leaders with them and also their own the REALITY CAN BE ACHIEVED.

 Will Sng again spoil the Opposition plans..?? He is afterall 8 years younger than Taib Mahmud the CM . Surely he will brush this speculation aside. We will SOON KNOW as the election days draws near………..

19 thoughts on “Sng Chee Hua..”A Political Comeback..??”

  1. Sarawakiana says:

    This veteran politician has played his lasts card for his son to be Asst minister until the next reshuffle. Same tricks coming and same method but will Taib buy it again? Meluan other candidates kah?

  2. zainuddin says:

    No way.PKR remembers what he has done during the last by election in Lubok Antu. All his supporters are BN friendly and they join PKR on pretence of falling out with PRS. This is a really not the way PKR runs. Sng can go for Meluan or fight James in Balleh who cares about him.

  3. phyllis says:

    Has he run out of Ideas ? Sng Chee Hua is known as always looking after his own. The rakyat knows already no need to come out and tell your people to circulate the smses.

  4. dayang says:

    I lkie this part of this article,”No need to wori Bro.What revival is this? Hasn’t there been numerous revival which led to the formation of PBDS before? It’s just another attempt by disgruntled and frustrated PERSONALITIES TO WIN POWER. Bear in mind that any group that uses race as their battle cry will never succeed. It has been proven by PAJAR and PBDS before.Many have short memory. ”
    How very true? 24 or 36 seats tell Kit Siang to please dream on or hope for a MIRACLE..
    As for Sng Chee Hua…You will win of course if you throw $$$$$$ but what will you achieve?Many of your so called machais will JUMP UP AND DOWN as you will throw $$$$. You had your days lah!!

  5. Old planet says:

    Forget it lah Sng. You losts the Presidency to James Masing and you want revenge..Please go and tanam padi boleh or now you tanam pineapple they say..

  6. Padungan says:

    New boxing ring with all old odd boxers….there is no “forever” enemy or friends as far as benefit is concerned !!! Let Sng try out lah, but watch out on PR

  7. Real Madrid says:

    Sng you are like RMadrid failing for the 6 time to get to quarter finals in Champions League and try to buy you way. How you do it is not our concern but trying to create some sort of ripples please ,,,u think Taib can you also can, Who is Taib???

  8. kangtao says:

    When you have the extra $$$$$$$$$$ you can almost do whatever you like, tapi ini da “basik” la, old cocks don’t fight well, just let your son do it!

  9. kangtao says:

    Sng you should join up with Mawan, at least he can help you get some projects la, if that’s what you are looking for.If you are the cool guy, you are one too, birds of the same feather can flock together. Just play a 2nd role to the cowboy TKS.

  10. Kemayang Lira says:

    Meluan voters can’t afford to repeat the same mistake,there are qualified candidates around, rather than to vote for a person like him, no room for trouble makers.

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      :arrow: Methink NO because this type or LEADER will take us all backward to stone-AGE and not success forward to 21st CENTURY :mrgreen:
      Nomatter from which party who don’t have MORAL like FROGGY :oops: just kick them out for good then only Malaysia will success and prevail :idea:
      Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
      CORRECT AND WELL SAID Mr WAHAI and keep it up :lol:
      Have a wonderful weekend and till then :idea:
      Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  11. Mata Kuching says:

    Sarawak needs no political opportunists in the like of Sng Chee Hua, Ting Ling Kiu and Salleh Jaffaruddin. They will associate only with MONEY and promise of contracts. The political strategist in PBB who is still alive and uncle of Taib will find them very handy to distrupt the Opposition to ensure the Melanau Empire survives.

    Pakatan Rakyat should stay away from these opportunists and double agents who will prostitute themselves for only money and contracts handouts.

    • zainalsha says:

      Sng chee hua 0r larry sng……father likes son…son likes father…! It sad and harsh to say that the Dayak (Iban) at Pelagus constitution really blind and stupid for worshiping sng’s family who will never think about the Dayak’s community future but what in sng or larry mind is wealth $$$$$$$$ and contract handout and a reward from taib…kerana berjaya pecah belahkan kaum Dayak….sbb itulah larry sng kekal menteri muda di pejabat KM walaupun tidak ada party….. kenapalah pemimpin-pemimpin kaum Dayak spt james masing tok paloi amat ka nyokong taib manok…….

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