SPDP Separatists”Made of Plywood”

Most of us must have heard of this song lyrics,”Ive got chills,the’re multiplying” from the Hit movie Grease starring John Travolta/Olivia Newton John and the song is “You’re the One That I Want” .

In Sarawak the Separatists 5 plus 3 has been dealt a blow and the political adventure where they took the wrong turn has now got the heading,”I’ve got shoes they’re made of plywood...

The Unseen Hand has send them all to their Igloos and they must have cursed their luck in that the ones that matters mosts( planners of the plot ) are not punished and got away Scot Free and lived to muster yet another political intrique for the PUPPET MASTERS.

The shoes that they wore to move across on a pretence “merger” plan with SPDP/PRS to save their own egos and skin were dealt with severely. It seems that a number of smses have been circulating round which has its roots all the way from Kapit.

There is a great concern on the part of the BN as it will throw out the meticulous plan of the State Government as it embarks on renewing a new “Mandate” from the rakyat.

How Bold and how True when the heading of the sms has “It’s pay back time” Isn’t this unhealthy to say the least? The validity of this sms has yet to be ascertained as it will not only bring about clashes between two BN political parties but also amongst the mosts trusted and loyalists of both sets of supporters. Moreover a DAYAK CM in it? Even Alfred Jabu DCM was not spared….etc etc.(check it out from friends if you must)

 We as Netcitizens are not mouth pieces for some ones gains and ways to make a quick fix to ensure that warring factions are at it. We have already mentioned in our earlier articles if you need to {read to go back and double check} and that is,’ STAY COOL BEFORE THE STATE ELECTIONS” was the very words from the Chief Minister.

Could he be wrong..? Would the CM Taib create a rather unhealthy scenario with the elections just around the corner?Who took upon them the liberty to start an all out war and in the end there are BRUISED EGOS and SACRIFICIAL LAMBS.

Time is of course is the healer in this circumstance but its only natural that we need to remind ourselves,‘THE WOUND MIGHT HEAL BUT THE SCAR REMAINS” It was a rather unfortunate path taken by all concerned and if the agenda is for their owns personal feel good( $$$$$$) they have all been checkmated. The authorities concerned have all taken notes of their actions and as we always say ,”YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY THE PRICE FOR IT.” It will be rather chilly where you are going but in time you will realise its a heavy one to pay for.

 If only they have DOCTOR MARTIN shoes…..