Anwar,”M.A.N..MEWE..YOU I..GE13th..??”

What can we write about Anwar Ibrahim which has not been written? The countrys writers and political strategists have all but written the story so far. A political analyst said to me at breakfast this morning,’No one wants to know your pasts in politics but they want to know the present and what you are NOW AND NOT BEFORE. Its like food.Last week I had an appetising laksa but today its way below expectations. Anwar will need to reinvent himself or will he be there to lead the coalition  for the next GE13th..?

The Voters will tend to forget Tsunami 308 and thats a fact. It will be remembered though in history as ,”So near yet so far for Anwar. ” I happened as if my inner voice was telling me this morning and chanced to read SKY’s Hornbill Article on “Demon in the soul” which basically talks about sufferers of depression. But this really was the hidden message,” The blind cannot lead the blind. I have been seriously depressed myself by the bad politics that exists in our country. Unfortunately, the cure for that kind of depression is not yet available in Malaysia. That is the tragedy for me.

To write an article the motivational and inspirational factors needs to be there. LEADERSHIP is not learnt but its inborn. It’s what we can called”Destined and no matter how hard you try if your name is not inscribed in the annals of history books it will forever be missing.” I’ve gone one full circle to explain. At times its easier to write but like a book its got chapters. Anwars life has many chapters.

So whats this about M.A.N. WEME and YOU I.   Anwar as we know was Deputy Prime Minister under the initial M-Mahathir.What did Mahathir do? The Apex court ruled that Anwar’s sacking in 1998 as Lawful. Full report Malaysiakini. This was written,”Letter sent to Anwar by Mahathir, dated Sept 2, 1998. It states:’With regret I am forced to dismiss you from the post of the deputy prime minister and finance minister and other related posts. The Agong has been informed over the dismissal.’

A stands for Abdullah. 308 Abdullah led the BN coalition to its worst election outing and Pakatan made inroads by sweeping 5 States and deprived BN of the 2/3rds majority. Now Pakatan is doing HOUSE CLEANSING so they say and this extracted from Malaysiakini says it all,‘Anwar has to show leadership that is less dependent on the rhetorical and more refulgent of the substantive. That means telling friends who have stayed loyal to him that they don’t have what it takes to lead if indeed they don’t have it in them. Indeed many analysts says Abdullah does not have Dictatorial stance of Mahathir and BN suffered greatly

Now Anwar is faced with N-Najib. Where does he turn too to tackle Najib.? He will have to turn to Mohammad Ali the inspirational and charismatic boxer who was asked at Harvard to recite a POEM. He just took the microphone and said,”MEWE”

Anwar is seen as charismatic and the leader of the opposition and he has seen the M and the A. The initials M.A. is mother as we know and now with N its a MAN. It will be the mother of all battles between the two man. Will Anwar be able to say to Najib…Lets face each other in the next General Elections ..”YOU I

Anwar is already fearing the worst and he has been on the offensive saying “No way they are sending me to Jail.” Will Najib fearing a backlash from the electorate in the next GE do that? Najib has his work cut out and he is making inroads with his presence truly felt in Sarawak and Sabah which totals 56 Parliamentary Seats. If West Malaysia is not the fixed deposit of the BN the East Malaysian States are not easily swayed by rhetorics and promises made by Anwar.

Anwar was the the DPM under Mahathir,Led Oppostion front in 308 against Abdullah .Will he be given the chance to lead his troops as Parliamentary Opposition Leader against PM Najib in the next GE.? The present Parliamentary members are still the ones elected under Abdullah’s tenure as PM. Will Najib be a Gentleman and a Hero in all of BNs eyes to throw a challenge to Anwar back,”..O.K. YOU I at the next Ge13th..”

Najib will put to rests the GORILLA AT HIS BACK under Mahathir and Abdullah and come out trumps with I am the MAN. I told you so Anwar and I have tutored well under the former PMs and also under you Anwar as Youth Chief in UMNO. Will this mother of all battles YOU I materialise like the boxing classic “rumble in the jungle of Zaire” between George Foreman and Mohammad Ali.

Najib will need to prove his leadership qualities exists to ensure that the people still believe in the BN by giving BN a renewed mandate under his watch. Anwar will do well to repeat the 308 tsunami and call the people,”MEWE” togetherness to try to take over Putrajaya.

Who will succeed? Its Destined and no matter how we configure or analyst they say,”Its already written and soon after the GE13th it will be INKED in the history books” There’s no bad politics by the way.Its how its been crafted and PROPAGANDERED in totality to be accepted by the Voters..Who will be the MAN…??? The anwer lies in the PRESENT and not PAST….YOU I..