Ong “Hornets Nests…Did they Sting you..??”

Natasha of audie61 could not help to ask MCA President Ong Tee Keat,”Have you been stung..?” He has stood on too many “TOES” and thats why there is an incessant pressure on his Presidency. Ong is not a person to “TOE THE LINE” and in many ways its also good for his leadership qualities and credibility but thats not the WAY MALAYSIANS are used to. Our way is quietly,deadly but assured of handling problems with solutions and not picking on too many “HORNETS NESTS

This article from internet portal  Malaysiakini 

Despite the torrent of blows to his leadership, MCA president Ong Tee Keat today took on a combative position in his opening address to the 56th MCA annual general meeting.

Taking pot shots at his party rivals, he also hinted that he would defend his post during the March 28 polls for the central committee in order to fulfill his party reform agenda.
mca agm 070310 ong tee keat 03According to Ong, even though the new central committee will be elected towards the end of the month, its members’ term, in accordance with the party constitution, will end in 2011.
He said that this leaves him with a one year window period to “follow through” with his “path of reforms”, thereby signalling his intention to defend his post.
Observers, on the other hand, see his former deputy Dr Chua Soi Lek as the front-runner in the contest.
We will have reelections on March 28, which is only one year before the 2011 party polls. I hope, in this one year, our party will do everything it can to move forward and it must complete the reform agenda.
“When I was in the hospital, there are people who said that I am not only suffering from pain on my leg, but also my heart. However, despite the pain, I must continue with this path.
“I have walked (this path) yesterday, and today. Tomorrow, I must do the same. There is only one more year to fulfill the reforms. I must follow through with this path of reforms,” he said.
Ovation for Ong

mca 56th agm front image 02This was met by thunderous applause from the 603 delegates present, who rose to their feet for close to a minute.

Ong again drew an eruption of applause when he said he did not care about his detractors nor about his fate as the party president.
“If you think about it, if I was so concerned about my post, then there would have been no need to disturb so many hornets’ nests,” said Ong, in reference to his attempts to probe the Port Klang Free Zone scandal.
Ong today defended his reform agenda but admitted that he was too hasty, thus making enemies with those with vested interest.
“Reforms cannot be accomplished overnight. It must go through a period of pain. The leader of the reforms can fall at the slightest mis-step. At the slightest mis-step, he can become the enemy of all.
“Perhaps I was too hasty with reforms. Thus, I again extend my apologies to all my comrades… We all have different opinions, but we must have the sense of camaraderie. Let’s not treat ‘him’ as the enemy.”
Ong said all reforms undertaken will be witnessed by the masses and it must be carried out to fulfill the wishes of the party members, the public and to uphold democracy.

3 thoughts on “Ong “Hornets Nests…Did they Sting you..??”

  1. fedup says:

    Those leaving MCA is good lah, they go and form New MCA so the PKFZ cloud won’t be hanging over their heads.

    BTW, that woman, MCA vice president only knows how to cry! It is so sickening! There’s a picture of her crying again in Malaysian Insider.

  2. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :lol: :arrow: mCa is really full of sick DRAMA ever since this oNg Tikus take over from another OnG also and the show just go on and on :!: and even Teoh Beng Hock from opposition die with no solid reason and the killer still scotch free :oops: this mCa is irrelevent and they never take serious as a CHINESE party for all to help catch and get the killer :!: methink they are not fit to lead the Malaysian Chinese People and they are just money party and Bumno dogs :lol: :lol: :lol:

  3. francis jew says:


    Name: Francis Jew
    A few years ago I brought the white Australian boyfriend of my eldest lawyer daughter to eat fish balls in a famous Sibu coffee shop near the old bus station.When he looked into his bowl of the famous ” pang pang ku ” he threw up his arms he exclaimed “Look at the size of the fish balls.It must have been taken from some very big fishes.The fishermen who cut off those big fish balls must have been very powerful.It takes great guts to harvest that size of fish balls from big fishes.I am not capable of eating them because they make choke and kill me “.
    All the enforcement officers knows that they are not superman.They have wife and children to feel too.They may not be completely ” clean ” themselves.They may lost their jobs and the black hands may come after them when they are in their defenseless position.Only angels does not fear death as they cannot die at all.And on man is an angel.

    By francis jew on March 13, 2010 at 10:18 pm

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