Zaid”Flip the Coin..Tell Me..??”

If the opportunity presents itself one would immediatedly “GRAB IT WITH BOTH HANDS” Of course PM will use it to bolster his image yet he will remain “SUSPICIOUS” to say the least.

Afterall he was trained in a military college and PMs tactics are not easily read and he is a person who reads a lot eventhough he is knowledgable. Zaid,”2/3rd is immaterial and not the FOCAL POINT but the propaganda and the image that it will build for PM and BN  is tremendous. Are we missing something from you Zaid..?? 

This article from malaysiakini

Pakatan Rakyat coordinator Zaid Ibrahim has urged Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to stop ‘poaching’ PKR MPs and urged him to respect the democratic process.

NONE“Why is he crazy for a two-thirds majority in Parliament? Currently, Barisan Nasional has enough seats to pass any law easily,” said Zaid (left) at a hastily arranged press conference at his home today.

“Do you think England is strong because they have a two-thirds (majority)? No! England never had a two-thirds majority.”

PKR has been rocked with three defections in as many weeks, prompting questions over the fate of the party and its leadership, particularly that of de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Assuming that the three defectors will vote in line with BN in the Dewan Rakyat, the coalition only needs seven more supporters to regain its coveted two-third majority in Parliament.

[More to follow]

7 thoughts on “Zaid”Flip the Coin..Tell Me..??”

  1. Mata Kuching says:

    Zaid Ibrahim, being a highly respected and well liked personality, was just being philosophical and polite to Najib when he correctly pointed out the fact.

    Pakatan leaders within and outside PKR were very confident that the quitting of a few self serving MPs or ADUNS who were actually religious bigots and racists to the core was a great blessing.

    In the initial struggles of PAS and DAP, many of their leaders also desserted the opposition parties, they have grown to be rock solid and more importantly these parties are now enjoying the rock solid supports of the majority of Malaysians.

    Zulklifi Nordin, another religious bigot and unrepenting hyprocrite, should leave too or be sacked by his party.

    Malaysians from all walk of life are surprisingly happy for PKR and delighted for Pakatan Rakyat. Good sign for PR and the next Tsunami will be unstoppable for BN. Hidup ketuanan Rakyat !

  2. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :idea: ZAID :arrow: PeeM ‘crazy’ for two-thirds majoirity and that’s why so many scotch free from corruptions and froggy jumping here and there :!: :?: :oops:

  3. kangtao says:

    Talk politics and you will end up talking about money. If you are not a KATAK today, tomorrow you may be one, if the offer is right. You go the world over, politics is a game of money, win or lose, it’s about how much money you have.

  4. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :arrow: Hope the very sick extremist breeding by the B-eNding goons will not go out BURNING CHURCHES and protest with CCOW HEAD no more as the WORLD peoples are watching them DAMM la :oops: they :evil: should be shy la :lol: :lol: :lol:

  5. Job says:

    Well, everyone has a price! Where there’s demand, there’s supply. It’s good that PKR is doing ‘Spring Cleaning’ to rid themselves of dumb YBs. Let BN be filled with the corrupted ones. The rakyat are not dumb!

  6. kpt99 says:

    Hampir semua parti politik,sama ada kerajaan mahupun pembankang menghadapi masalah dalaman yang berpanjangan.Adalahkah ahli – ahli politik lebih sibuk dengan isu parti sendiri ataupun menjalankan tugas sebagai wakil rakyat.Manakah concept 1 Mlaaysia yang hebat lilauh-lauhkan oleh piminpin kita ?.Rakyat didahulukan ataupun parti diutamakan ?MIC ,.PPP,MCA,GERAKAN,di Sarawak,SPDP,SUPP,PRS.Bolehkah kumpulan ini menunjukkan contoh yang baik kepada rakyat yang sudah terragu-ragu di antara sama satu lain?.

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