SPDP/PRS Merger…Good But Have We forgotten..??”

When there is a disagreement within the party its bests that it is kept with the four(4 walls) and don”t drag anyone into it. The message is clear and it seems now that “IT”S PAY BACK TIME” and the hidden hands(though small but dangerous) have created a very near perfect storm. We say near as it has not created a DEVASTATING EFFECT and is still solvable.

These five statements yet to be put into HARVARD political syllabus for analysis will in itself be enough for one to write a thesis.

  • SPDP President Mawan at  SPDP Press Conference,”Politics is about agreement and not disagreement.”
  • PRS President James Masing at PRS Statement,”Crisis Breeds Opportunities”
  • SPDP Senior Vice President Nansian,”At the moment we follow BN directive..to keep quiet..to keep clear of everything.No further comment.”
  • Prime Minister Malaysia and Chairman of Barisan National Najib” At PBB convention he ticked off those in BN who tried to create troubles within.”
  • Former SG SPDP Slyvester Entri,”Losts Confidence in SPDP leadership”

Booby traps ,scratching heads,polemics,statistics,facts and a lot of internal bickering should have been solved within the party instead of dragging another into the fold. These brings a whole new ball game into the picture and its will be a very big problem if unsolved for the STATE BN as the rural constituencies remains a safe fixed deposit for the BN parties.

 No matter what the opposition harps BN does have an upper hand on this seats and it will still take time and a lot of efforts from the opposition parties. Its not a level playing field in Sarawak as audie61 mentioned to a senior veteran opposition member. If the opposition parties have 6 helicopters at their disposal and BN 12 there might be ” SOME “inroads. This is only logical as BN will have upper hand in disposing of materials and other necessities.

Can a longboat in the interior outrun a helicopter during the crucial times of campaigning?  In battlefields its not only ground troops,sea/river transportation ,intellegence,spies but also AIR BOMBARDMENT and AIR MOBILISATION.

One will say we have done our homework but the longhouse folks and villages want to see todays and hear promises not last weeks or a month ago. The mode of transportation of course is just one of the many disadvantages the rural opposition parties faced and BN does indeed can consider still its FIXED DEPOSIT.

A political analyst sms to audie61 and it said,’SPDP party stand is to follow directive of top BN leaders and to stay cool and will listen to grouses within party walls.” If this is not good enough we reposts this newspaper article at the height of PRS crisis for the many Stubborn and Hidden Hands to look at themselves in the mirror. Some will fall by the wayside and are Lambs to be slaughtered.

We will publish as and when it affects when the rakyat are shortchanged and the politicians needs to swallow their pride and serve the people who put them in the positions in the first place.

 The article:-

The Larry Sng faction told the SPDP delegation at the start of the talk last night that to ensure that the merger does take place Larry would support Mawan to head the merged entity.

This was the first official meeting between the two sides since the issue of merger was first brought up before the last State Elections in May 2006.It was also the first between SPDP led by state Social Development Minister William Mawan and any of the factions in PRS.

 The other PRS faction led by state Land Development Minister  Dr James Masing prefer to hold merger talks only after the internal problems in PRS have been resolved.


However, the decision to go ahead inspite of  the Masing faction’s stand to start what a Sng faction leader described as exploratory talked arranged at short notice had been at the urging of the ‘top leaders’ of the Barisan Nasional.

 He added that a follow-up meeting between the two sides was expected to take place on November 18 before the start of the state assembly sitting in Kuching the following day.

 Yesterday’s meeting at a private room of a Thai restaurant at KLCC started at 7.30 pm and lasted three hours.

 The SPDP side was led by its deputy president Peter Nyarok, who is also its merger talks committee chairperson and an assistant minister, and the PRS’ Larry Sng faction was led by PRS deputy president Jimmy Donald, who is also Sri Aman Member of Parliament and party merger talks committee chairperson.

 Among those present were  SPDP senior vice president and Tasik Biru state assemblyperson Peter Nansian, SPDP secretary-general and assistant minister Sylvester Entrie, and SPDP supreme council members Nelson Ballang (who is Be’kelalan state assemblyperson) ,Paulus Ngumbang (state assemblyperson for Batau Danau) and Liew Ah Lek.

 The PRS delegation included secretary-general aligned to the Sng faction  Sidi Munan, deputy secretary-general Audie Chua, state assemblyperson for Ngemah Gabriel Adit, supreme council member and Lubok Antu Member of Parliament Jawah Gerang and PRS faction wanita chief Josephine Mawat.

 ‘We discussed the fundamentals on how we should take the merger proposal forward,’ was how one of those who attended the meeting told Malaysiakini today.

 Other sources said that SPDP would also try to reach out to the other PRS faction.

 The Larry Sng faction told the SPDP delegation at the start of the talk last night that to ensure that the merger does take place Larry would support Mawan to head the merged entity.

  A merger of the two parties will make it the second strongest in the four-member state ruling coalition in terms of the number of elected representatives.

 Deputy Foreign Minister and partyless Member of Parliament for Julau Joseph Salang told the media recently that he was considering joining PRS once the internal problems of the party had been resolved and when the merger between the two parties had been decided.

 ‘Salang is a friendly party,’ said a PRS faction aligned to the Sng faction, when asked whether Salang and his supporters were also discussed at last night’s party.

 The Masing faction was not immediately available for comment on the lastest development.

 Will the 7th of March merger talks go on? We will know in due course as the date is fast drawing near.

A concerned BN members said,”No need to hurry as it has already taken too long and its better to solve the problems within than to drag others into the fold and on top of it we are hearing now on the ground and echoing and reverberating very loudly like the earthquakes and with high seismic readings,”PRS is having 18 YBs altogether,Bigger than SUPP and SPDP is now a mosquito party” Is this healthy….??

There will be sacrificial LAMBS  and BN will ensure that the HIDDEN HANDS are sent to be chopped. Politics will not take any prisoners and many have paid a price for it.