Fish huh….”Will You be Puzzled..??”

PBB TDC being a rather ‘tame affair”has not really caught the imagination of the public at large. However it seems that there is now a Trend to Exchange Greetings as evident that some delegates were heard on the phone mentioning “Empurau Kaban”{ Friend Empurau}

The “Empurau” fish which costs close to $500 akilo was used by Mawan at the SPDP PC stating that the Separatists 5 plus 3 have gone to Kapit looking for it.

Now it also seems that Nansian is also losts for words and he is saying that ,”At the moment we follow BN keep keep clear of everything.No further comment.” { word on the ground, names of certain HIDDEN HANDS have been thrown around much to their aides displeasure.HAND  BRAKES  PULLED..}

It seems the Empurau must have tasted too nice and the “BULL OF BHOSPHORUS” ( Tasik Biru Assemblyman ) has its HORNS locked up about to be shipped “lock, stock and barrel” to park in PRS. New Logo new identity wouldn’t you just love to be part of this new trend instead of Empurau..??

The SC Member Peter Gani aligned with Nansian had this to say, “We can forget the empurau as we prefer to go for smaller and less expensive fish, the one we can afford. Even ikan pusu is good for us.”

“You can tell SPDP leaders that we can only return if the three leaders step down,” he said, refusing to reveal the names of the three leaders.

audie61 made a phone call to George Garai to seek his views and he said,” I am puzzled and does it mean that he misses the Empurau now he is having to make do with Ikan Pusu..?” By the way Ikan Pusu is not found in the rivers of Rajang .

The bridge might be burnt but as always a political analysts said if you are to look at the bigger picture and look no further than Rais Yatim . He left UMNO to join Semangat 46 and fought a bitter war against  UMNO in the General Elections. He literally BURNT THE BRIDGE but he came back and help to rebuild UMNO .Today he is very much a respected man within the BN fold and holds the portfolio of Minister of Information,Communications and Culture. 

They have shot themselves in the foot and telling the whole political landscape ,’ According to one of the leaders, they told the BN secretary general that they would never return to the fold of SPDP as they have no more trust on the party leadership. It seems that one after another their legs are stepping into the booby trap minefield and their legs are beginning to be blown off piece by piece.

A political observer remarked,”Will James pull a fast one on them and say,”Go back to where you come from or otherwise.( latest update from…..” Are you PUZZLED….??

Obviously not ,says a veteran political watcher “ SOFTLY  ” to audie61,” James Masing. He is one leader who is not consistent in what he says. “On one hand he did not want to interfere in SPDP, but on the other as reported in the Star Newspaper today he wanted the Group of 5 in the merger committee.IF THAT IS NOT INTERFERENCE WHAT IS THAT THEN..?? 

The split minds of James does not augur well for the Dayaks as a whole and also for the average man on the street. The people are no fools. On the other side this he observed,” We can see his Craftiness.

He knows very well he cannot decide on the composition of SPDP. He is in no position to tell SPDP leaders and who should and should not be in the merger lineup. The alleged STUMBLING BLOCK personalities must be removed before PRS wants to talk. He knows that the Negative will play to his advantage. He knows that the GROUP OF 5 the door is SHUT.

No choice the DOOR IS SHUT and as we mentioned earlier its sayonara to SPDP and welcome new Logo PRS for the 5 plus 3. James has set the trap.

Are you still puzzled..??