After a much hectic week of Political manouvering from the Separatists 5 to PRS and the SC meeting of SPDP its now clear that there will be a lot of wasted effort. Its very clear that the 27 SC members and grassroot meembers are STEADFASTLY behind Mawan but still the Separatists 5 are too “STUBBORN” to accept the olive branch and return home.

According to the Mirror article the following words could have broken the heart of even the most forgiving person,” William Mawan, did not honour his word of maintaining status quo before the party’s triennial general assembly last year.“As a result of this, we do not trust him any more; we have no more confidence in him to lead the party,” they explained to Tengku Adnan

They also told him that they would never return to SPDP as long as the current leadership was still there and they are now seeking to merge with PRS.

Mawan had earlier met the BN SG and had explained the situation and was willing to take them all back in but they remain defiant and at the end of the day a BN member said,”Stubbornly Selfish and breaking up the equilibrium and BN spirit that the leadership has meticulously sewed together.” 

This statement by one of the PRS SC member has really put a dampener in working with SPDP,”the meeting had agreed to reject the merger proposal from SPDP.“We prefer to have merger with the five elected representatives.

An Emeritus professor questioned the legality of such a move by PRS SC and also is there an ITEM IN THE UPCOMING TDC AGENDA for this? Is PRS trying to tell the SPDP leadership something that they are not aware of? Our inner circle sources told us,”CM is really not too happy over these developments and he has specifically said ,”COOL IT” but still its on the Formula1 Racetrack. 

27 Steadfastly behind Mawan while Stubbornly 5 plus 3 are saying that they have losts all hope on Mawan and his leadership and who will come out trumps? It will take a while yet but at the end of the day it will be “SS” Sweet Success for all concerned if differences are patched up and United in BN Spirit.