In the true sense of a seasoned politician and very well advised by the the BN Top Hierarchy and SPDP political strategists “Mawans non confrontational stance is very much in the spirit of BN and has won admirers from many SPDP supporters,friends and foes alike and most importantly the press media personnels.

The Separatists 5 has truely gone against the “wishes and broke party discipline” but still Mawan has not given up HOPE on them returning  home to SPDP and has given them a LEEWAY.

{ The main stream media tomorrow will have the statements and photographs of the merger letter.Some Headlines tomorrow:-

  • Some will say the 5 plus 3 BOYCOTT the meeting 
  • Also they have placed their heart in PRS.
  • Also this could be one of the headlines they are checking PRS out..Garek.garek,garek saja)

audie61 interviewed the Party President just after the Press Conference and he said,”I am an accomodating person but there are of course limits to what and how much one can take. I am no different and I do FEEL for them as they have been misled and misinformed.  

There must be a LEEWAY for them to move and I am providing that path for them and I have forgiven,hope and accepted the fact that they are using their own individual initiatives. Politics is about agreement and not about disagreement and we have to be ABOVE IT ALL and sometimes we have to “SWALLOW OUR PRIDE AND EGO“.I have already mentioned in the Press Conference that I will bear no grudges and as such al incumbents will not be replaced in the coming elections. 

As a matter of fact the Supreme Council has to thanked them Separatists 5 for ensuring SPDP will have all the bureaus in place. Thats why we are revamping and making sure this episode is not repeated an we have put in place an independant group to oversee the DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE. They are the following and they will be taking the neceessary actions if and when necessary against Party members who crossed the line.

  •  Francis Wong
  •  Dr Syafig Abdullah
  • Dr.Roland Mattu
  • Vincent Tan
  • Puan Theresa Udam

We also know that Peter Nyarok My deputy and Chairman of SPDP merger committee will be meeting up with Billy Abit Joo PRS Merger Committtee Chairman on 7th March 2010 and we take it from there. He has put a committee together and which has been approved by the Supreme Council today.

We thanked the 5 plus 3 for their efforts and they need to report back to the SPDP merger committtee on their findings. Isn’t this fair and polite says Mawan….?? The following are the 8 party officials who will be heading the SPDP team

  • Peter Nyarok- Chairman
  • Jacob Dungau Sagan
  • Jelaing Ak.Mersat
  • Nelson Balang Rining
  • Pau Chiong Umg
  • Wong Anak Judat
  • Robert Ayu 

Mawan ended by saying that the Solidarity Dinner for 3500 party members and component BN supporters at the Borneo Convention Centre in May will be an SPDP major event in preparation for the upcoming STATE ELECTIONS. All will be invited and that includes them “5 plus 3” he said in jest……………

17 thoughts on “Mawans “LEEWAY..ABOVE ALL..”

  1. incredible says:

    the 5 stumbling blocks should just go back to spdp.. Leave PRS to James and his gangs…..We cannot just move house as we like. we have to solve problems like gentlemens.. Moving into your neighbours house is not the solutions..

    • FOOD FOR THOUGHT says:

      I can’t agree more with you KPT99. BTW, if Mawan genuinely concern for the Party and sincerely wanted to patch things up with SPDP 5, he should do so without further delay. Most importantly, he should call SPDP 5 personally without proxy and meet them within closed door to brush up differences. Because the problem was first triggered by Mawan himself who dishonoured his earlier promise on the ‘presidential line-up’ which was agreed by SC members and signed by himself prior to TGA last December. Mawan, you START IT, now you must MAKE THE FIRST MOVE if you really sincerely wanted to reconcile. SPDP 5 are your “children” and you are their “father”. Pls CALLED THEM for GOD sake! NEVER EVER USE PROXY!

  2. limaudong says:

    Luke 17:1-3 (New International Version)

    Luke 17
    Sin, Faith, Duty
    1Jesus said to his disciples: “Things that cause people to sin are bound to come, but woe to that person through whom they come. 2It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin. 3So watch yourselves.
    “If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him.

  3. sarawakiana says:

    Time to get real? SPDP giving chances to them but they seem to have crossed the line. Well done and its like squeezing the blood out of their veins even though they are dead and buried. Hahaha byebye

  4. zainuddin says:

    Good eventhough they decide to join PRS their political careers are gone. The merger committee to meet PRS Billy. Good move and its tightening screws on them and a roadblock again. Surely with Tiong as Director of Operations my friends tell me its as good the incumbents time already hanging on the thread.SPDP has the say on who will be candidate eventhough the CM Taib has the final say.

  5. LIM says:

    Dr Shafiq Abdullah.Is he a Unimas lecturer. Can he be allowed to be involved in politic as a government servant? Unimas authority should look into this matter before it become an issue by the opposition

  6. Nostradamus says:

    You can put up a front that look pious and charming, deceiving even the well discerning, but your fruit will surely reveal your true self. In time you will harvest what you sow.

  7. Tulu says:

    I have no slightest doubt that Mawan will survive from this ordeal.Its Tengku Adnan flown in by Tiong who saved Mawan the day.T.Adan at a seperate meeting told Masing off… only discuss merger issue only after the election…meaning the 5 can kiss and say goodbye.

  8. Mata Kuching says:

    Whilst Sarawakians are still analysing the political direction and enbroiled in the immenent disintegration of BN led by Taib, in view of the impending state election, a strong political tsunami is building up in Sabah. BN in Sarawak will certainly not be spared by the Tsunami generated in Sabah. To James and PRS, be prepared and ready to ride the wave or be drowned with the rest in BN.

  9. Penghulu says:

    It puzzles me. Mawan said the group of five are continuing the merger discussion. Wow he looks like a gentleman and an angel. Now he said this is the new merger committee but minus the group of five. All are political talks, and it shows a complete lack of intergrity and sincerity……yet as always people out there take the bait!!!

  10. Nor says:

    no way James is afraid. he might pull PRS out in the last minute especially if seat allocation does not favour him. Even heard market talk he is going for “Project KM3” as many of his trusted followers are talking about.

  11. BN Observer says:

    Fight the never ending fight, BN in Saeawak is now like a wounded man, Masing stedfast and Mawan trying to show his cool tactical front when really it’s hurting him inside. When 5 YBs lost their conficence in your leadership, your days can be numbered. Paint it white, underneath it’s still black.

  12. Mata Kuching says:

    IN Sarawak BN, Taib is the ONLY man that matters. He decides who in the coalition gets the crumbs and bones which he would sometimes littered in BN backyard.

    He will not be kind and forgiving to anyone who tries to test his leadership and political acumen by causing frictions within the coalitions who are appointed agents of his politic of self development.

    First wave is to steal Sarawak timber, grab NCR land,award all infrastructure projects to his own family.

    Second wave is to control all utilities such as electricity, water, petroleum and mineral resources.

    He knows how to manipulate the Dayaks and the Malays with his enormous wealth and lost his plot with the Chinese since 2006. George Chan can continue to relish his wet dreams of regaining chinese majority seats.

    James is seen to be a seasoned poker game player while Mawan appears to be a novice against the grand master Taib. George , as usual, is only a by-stander (so pathetic).

    Between now and the next election, anything can happen because Taib’s bomoh cannot guarantee dealing him good cards anymore and it’s time for him to surrender his soul soon.

    In view of the above, both James and Mawan can turn their guns on Taib and work with PR and initiate their own waterloo campaign against Taib.

  13. kangtao says:

    kawan kawan semua ini DUIT punya pasal…………the money lender is dishing out the dollars. Of course he knows he’s one of the 3 stumbling blocks to the merger. If he doesn’t know, then he chose not to know.

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