“Separatists Five…Time to Come Home…??”

Word from the ground today was ,There are UNSEEN HANDS involved in the CHOSEN PATH of the Separatists 5. However as early as 2.30pm it seems the matter has been cleared up and the HAND BRAKES ARE PULLED. The Supreme Council meeting of SPDP this weekend will determine whether the “cool it factor by CM is being heeded by the group or are they too ashamed to turn round and apologise for their actions?

Mawan remains very quiet and is observing from a higher ground and does not want to be drawn into a war of words with Masing on the Separatists 5. He knows that they are unhappy and according to this sms we received its a clear indicator,”I think Mawan is smart.He lets the 5 KELUAR RUMAH bringing only their bottle susu. It reminds me of my 5 year old son MERAJUK and I let him WALK OUT and 10 minutes later he came home and minta susu.

Do the YBs from SPDP who crossed over think they can hope to bring their SEATS with them to PRS? Think again and even if they have signed their ADOPTION Papers at James house according to a veteran political analyst they just signed a BLANK CHEQUE FOR SPDP TO REPLACE THEM WITH A NEW CANDIDATE. Of course ,short term it benefits James Masing with extra YBs in PRS and making him so much stronger. The flexing of the muscle by PRS /SPDP 5 Separatists has indeed been a concern for PBB and SUPP leaders. DCM Jabu was feeling the heat behind his neck as he was asked by reporters but maintains that SPDP will know how to solve their problems.

Mawan like the Proverbial Parable of the Prodigal son would need to Accept,Forgive and Hope that

“The Separatists 5 State Assemblyman for Tasik Biru, Peter Nansian, the State Assemblywoman for Bekenu Rosey Yunus, the State Assemblyman for Marudi, Sylvester Enteri, State Assemblyman for Batu Danau, Paulus Gumbang and the MP for Mas Gading Dr. Tiki Lafe and three supreme council members – George Garai, Peter Gani and Eda Egar make their way BACK HOME.

Of course its easier said than done but POLITICS IS THE ART OF IMPOSSIBLE AND the FIRE WITHIN THEM NEEDS TO BE COOLED WITH ICY WATERS. THE Barisan National  Does not need more crisis to open up and this will give an added advantage to the State opposition parties.

If the Separatists 5 plus 3 still remains defiant in their ways SPDP might just have to look for NEW ADOPTED CHILDREN.Mawan would be too happy to welcome them back with Open arms and see how to work things out as afterall they are the SONS OF SPDP..

25 thoughts on ““Separatists Five…Time to Come Home…??”

  1. Unofficial Observer says:

    This entrie fella should concentrate on the lapok road instead of all this nonsense.

    Hope the rakyat do not suffer because of his ego, or else, the rakyat will vote him out this time. Such a useless YB for Marudi!

  2. Fanclub says:

    Yeah its time to go back home. Dont confuse the rakyat and supporters of SPDP anymore. Serve the remaining time as a good YB and see whether the rakyat put you back into office after the next State elections. U are elected by votes and without votes you will perish. Its back to the drawing board and Mawan would come out of this wiser and more accomodating. Hope Tiong too….hmmm

  3. Bonadventure says:

    Well done Mawan.Thats the spirit and great to see that someone like you is so forgiving. Must have been the calling of the Holy ghosts.

  4. zachariah says:

    Times up for Tedewin and George.The implementors would have to say bye bye to their political careers. They are the fall guys together with Banyi,Coolplay.How much you all $$$$$$$$

  5. Deo says:

    CM asked Mawan to tell the press after the cabinet meeting today that the rebels YBs have been forgiven and should thus return “home” or else rotan awaiting!

  6. Mata Kuching says:

    SPDP’s name and image have been brought to disrepute by the actions of the circus 5. It has also caused unnecessary anxiety among BN. If they were not served show cause letter, it would create a precedent.

    Regardless of whether they come back or join PRS, CM (knowing the old fox)would not likely and be forgiving enough to accomodate them even if PRS or SPDP renominate them to defend their respective seats.

    The safest path for them to recontest is to seek a new house outside of BN if PRS does not ditch BN that is.

    The question now is ” Are they doing a great job for the people in their contituencies and well liked by the voters to be reelected?”

    I hope PR will be very cautious if ever they decide to join the opposition without PRS. With the predicament that they are now in PCM will be waiting to court them I am sure. Good luck to them!

  7. sarawakiana says:

    We have been getting this signal from the inner circles with CM. He is absolutedly livid with Entri and gang. He said cooled it and after elections you want to move you move. What happens? thy fall into Masings trap. Masding was asked they said and he pushed the monkey back to Entri and Nansian. Now they sholud know who is the boss and the BOSS has come back and helped Mawan. Times UP separatist…as per audie61

  8. BN man says:

    BN will come out stronger with an alliance on the ground of PRS and SPDP members, in the rural areas especially. Both are rural based parties.
    I see it from another angle. Mawan is being “check-mate”.He started the game of Chess and now he’s wondering why the 5 mingled out of his favour. They have NOT resigned, they won’t! So legally, they are still in SPDP.
    Mawan knows deep down in his heart that he’s more or less a “puppet on a string”. The TAIKO is Mr T.

  9. BN man says:

    Obviously Mawan, Nyarok and Mr T are against the MERGER or ALLIANCE, otherwise it would have been progressed much earlier on. PRS’s door is open but these “personalities” in SPDP are the stumbling blocks. Merging menas they will lose a lot of rights to the projects and the $$$$$$$$. Got that fellas!

  10. BN man says:

    ….when the Commander in Chief “picit”, it’s a different type of “picit”, you have to concede, for better or for worst. So here we go again.
    Round 1 is over, the 5 YBs’ move has been in the right direction, they WON.
    The GAME OF CHESS goes on – start of ROUND 2.

  11. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    :idea: When PRM takes over Putrajaya coming next 13th GE then those goons BALLs will shrink and running into hiding mode to every corners of the world with their pants down afraid of their evil :evil: Karma hunting them then :oops: :oops: :oops:

  12. Princess of Borneo says:

    Fuuhhhhhhh !!! BN Man is right.. read today’s paper.. Mawan has no problem with the ‘5’ vers… I wonder, where is PN in all this ????

  13. The eagle says:

    Are you sure things be alright?. Too much bad blood long before the spdp convention. It involved Mawan giving the wrong signal and than making the wrong and lame decision. He is proven to be a man who does not stand by his word. My goodness who is Mawan to be compared to the father of the prodigal son…The biblical father of the prodigal son is rigtheous and holy… thus its blashemy!!! Because of this things in SPDP would not turn for the better too soon. Sorry guys to disappoint you..

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