SPDP “Separatists….??”

It seems the main stream media has termed the 5 YBs in the merger fast forward as “Gang of 5” However as the hours countdown before the PC at PRS Headquarters takes place there are underlying currents to “put a halt”. The Belaga SPDP member said,”Be reminded of Aaron Dagang,Stanley Ajang and Gabriel Adits case. PRS will be getting themselves into a hot pan if they accept these 5 YBs. The question is whether PRS will benefit or not as PRS Top leadership will use it as a bargaining power base for seat allocations in the next state elections. History will repeat itself and PBB and SUPP will of course be worried of a bigger third force in BN.

Its a fact that people love party loyalists according to a political analysts. The SPDP separatists has made themselves look like they are selling their bodies or soul ( with due respect to them) as they are showing  disrespect and they have indeed LOWERED THEIR DIGNITY.

Our SPDP privilege source has this to say,” All this while there was never any intentions of merger and it was put up by George Garai and encouraged by PRS SC member Tedewin Ngumbang. The idea was floated and the bait was set. They were supposed to park in PRS as per earlier reports after meeting the CM and Najib PM until the elections.

Why this was done is anyones guess and it seems that PRS has taken in the rebels, mutineers or now separatists.” Politics is the art of impossible and a marriage of the unlikely as Peter Gani for one, never ever saw eye to eye with Masing and yet they will be together.

Enough said. The smses and phone calls are all asking similar questions. The stage is set and we await the Press Conference at 4pm………..   

One caller added more chillies into PRS frying pan,” Is James accepting the 5 separatists a way of telling Mawan we have not forgotten your part in our PRS crisis.Pay back time.”

13 thoughts on “SPDP “Separatists….??”

  1. Sincerely DAP says:

    Said it earlier just join DAP lah. Seems Entri is a desperate man or has James getting too big for his boots. Must be the Ketua Menteri Project 3 . Join us PRS and lead us to get rid of the melanau Taib regime

  2. sarawakiana says:

    News has filtered through that PRS is looking into the KM3 project to push James into the new CEO of the state. PBB boys are looking anxiously and they are not too happy and that is why Entri and gang are making inroads into PRS to stop the mooted idea.

  3. SPDP man says:

    No need to think again..Just go lah Entri and the PBB cronies to PRS. We dont need you in SPDP. Mawan is laughing already hahahaha

  4. PKR See says:

    How about joining PKR? James said that they dont want to lose you all to the opposition? So corny of James and he is afterall the man behind KM1 and 2 and now going for KM3. PBB insiders are already watching very suspiciously at him.

  5. Devina Kerin says:

    PRS should not accept them. House already in order this is only asking for trouble again? Bad news James. Something wrong kah?

  6. Pius Ong says:

    Entri looks very desperate and is pushing it too far? Heard that he is trying to hold the party SPDP to ransom with all the documents? Anyone heard this?

  7. Nostradamus says:

    Every dog has it day. Remember what mawan did? He took advantage of PBDS turmoil. He declared Adit, Ajang, Dagang, and the Lobuk Antu PKR man as SPDP man. In the end he does not have the guts and balls to defend them for the seats. In broad day light Dagang was taken back by Masing, Ajang and Adit had to stand as independents. At that time Mawan was in cloud nine. This time round it Masing. It is interesting to watch..wld he make a stand to defend those “rebels” or would he follow Mawan path. If masing make his stand he will be treated as a hero by his fellow Dayaks, however if he chicken out he will also fall under the curse of the pheonix.

  8. BN man says:

    Say what you like, BN is still in power, the mandate was given by the people. BN won big in Sarawak. The merger will make BN stronger, so what’s the problem?…unless of course, you are a selfish lot looking after your own interests and forgetting the rakyat entirely. Let’s face it, not everyone is an angel and we get rotten apples on both sides.

  9. kpt99 says:

    Pointless to talk about these shallow mined and stupid politicians of Sarawak.Almost all have their personal goals to grab as much wealth as possible while still in power.They are so concern about the rakyat.Those we vote for them are stupid too.

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