‘Whats the Deal..??”

Unconfirmed reports has already suggested that the walkout by Entri from SPDP was all staged. It was for something bigger in the horizon and that is to be the Secretary General of the new entity. Hard to believe Oooh Yeah !! Read this from sarawak update.com 

(Our SPDP privilege source is at sixes and sevens with all the major upheavels but still manages to inform us that Mawan is following closely the events unfolding.Let them move on swiftly but the higher ground is with us at the new SPDP headquarters was a remark passed on

A veteran political analysts has this to say,”It seems that we should not be using our political brains for this analysis as what has been dealt/shuffled is already done and dusted in the little corner rooms and FIGURED OUT.”

Entri have to be BETTER THAN THE ONE which he has left behind and working to be the BESTS is no easy deal. Its a dog’s world out there and what matters is the END RESULT.(merged entity..??)

Stay tuned in to what is to develop from PRS headquarters and unconfirmed reports have already suggested that the 5 plus 3 will be parking in PRS for the time being. Its a political decision and nothing more than that will come from the Two Top man in the State and the Country.

Sure there will be a lot of dirty linen thrown but as always an Emeritus Professor said,”Nothing will improve until the BETTER GOOD IS ACHIEVED.”

So the Deal is…………………………………………after the PC at PRS Headquarters


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