“Disciplinary Action..War of Words..Viral Infections.!”

At the time when the SPDP President needs all his working brains some of them are no where to be seen and are hiding in their FOXHOLES expecting not to be involved. One even had the cheek to say,”Forget Politics its too dirty and my rice bowl matters mosts.” Joey and Natasha of audie61 were really caught off guard as it seems the Sun Tzu’s doctrine of “Double Spies” is coming true.

There are differences in the party and each action taken are bound to have their consequences. The bridge is burnt and with Nansian as the spokesman in this group saying,”The merger was unsuccessful in the first place with PRS was because of certain personalities. ”

An ardent Mawan supporter said,”In the first place who is he to represent SPDP. He has no Locus Standi and this will be creating a war of words betwen the two BN parties.

PRS members are non commmital as it will lead to more unnecessary dirty linen being washed in the public. PRS members knows that in order to have a merged entity there must be a proper channel with even an EGM called for. This will create certain tension as the party looks forward to its TDC and with the group parking in PRS its a delicate situation for Masing the President.

A former Political secretary of SPDP was even more optimistic and he said to audie61 through sms,” Two more YBs expected to cross over with the group and more divisional and ordinary members.” A close aide to Mawan said ,”Every dog has his day and today we let them have the limelight and tomorrow we shall see meaning on ………Monday.”

It seems that the next course of action for Mawan is the undreaded Disciplinary Action “show cause letter” and this will ultimatedly mean the end and the party doors are closed to the  5 plus the 3 SC members. It also means that they have created  new ” Viral Infections” for the State BN as the election date closes in.

 The opposition would be able to use all these to exploit it to the fullest. We remember rightly in our earlier article we mentioned that the SC member said the CM Taib did say to them to stay cool and they have caught a COLD….(Atishoo atishoo whose bright idea to go against the boss..??)

A sms from the SPDP privilege source says,”SPDP to send Show cause letter to unhappy 5 and gang.” Do we need to elaborate whats next…………??

11 thoughts on ““Disciplinary Action..War of Words..Viral Infections.!”

  1. Nostradamus says:

    audie61 u sound surprise. are u surprise? it already written in the stars in the dark sky. merger is just a tougue twisting political words, in reality its a split. part of spdp is looking 4 a place to go because it has a president who is trapped by his on doing and there is no aides with brains left with him.the comments on your blog is proven rights afterall. do it take nostradamus to predict the outcome???it that obvious.

  2. kangtao says:

    ahhh..the man Mawan is certainly now confused and will turn again to his group of unpopular cronies for advice come the next day or two, his incoherent remarks now back lashing on him.
    If this is the scenario we are facing now, it materialized from what I called the “stupidity” of the man himself who broke the rule of “consultation and consensus” which he has been harping on for all these 7 years.
    Let’s see what is now “manageable” to him and his group of golfers.

  3. Unimportant member says:

    Dear Mr President,
    Hopefully you will read this message or one of your lieutenants will, or even any of audie61 crew may convey an extract to you.
    If you would care to consult perhaps the real brains within your Party, please do it quickly. The LAST THING you should be doing is to issue a SHOW CAUSE LETTER which may be a move your close aides will suggest you do. Forget your close aides for once. Kangtao called them your “golf cronies” unfortunately.
    The most logical thing you can do, and I repeat you can do to strike a solution in such a crisis is sincerely invite in an open letter to your SC members who are contemplating to desert and perhaps “dump” you, to come for an amicable meeting with you at any impartial venue. Yes, just you and you alone with them. In this meeting, you can have the honour to iron out the differences in any diplomatic way you want.
    Please, this is NOT an advice to you but a management process which will require your decision. I am just an ordinary member trying to help SAVE our party.
    Thank you.

  4. phyllis says:

    Entriyou have jump the gun my fren..Thought this was what was said by CM,”They are advised to play it COOL AND NOT TO JEORPADISE BARISAN NATIONAL chances at the next State elections. You want to do housecleaning for the party after the elections is the MEssage from the CM.
    So you arte telling political lies to stay alive. Aiyo Aiyo..

  5. dayang says:

    How to merge? just push tthrough without having an EGM or dissolving both parties? So easy meh? last time can now people and rakyat more knowledgeble and access to internet. Cannot fool them all the time.Please lah Nansian what are you talking about?

  6. sarawakiana says:

    Entri and group and Masing if he accepts is pushing the kneve directly at the CMs chest. You honetly believe that CM wants to make the merge entity big? No way he uses divide and rule and if PRS merges they are afraid to hold TDC.. Problems for Masing mind you…

  7. Tuai Rumah says:

    Merging is ok ler, strengthen the BN party, not breaking up.May be a blessing in disguise. Also what disciplinary action you want to take, for what?

  8. Mata Kuching says:

    With the lastest circus by the gang of 5 from SPDP who felt they could actually merge with PRS as individuals ( so as not to be labelled as frogs for jumping) and suggesting that the party and others could complete the merger exercise later, the political bush fire in Sarawak seems to be unstoppable when PCM had earlier opened branches in Sarawak and lately PPP, transforming the entire political landscapes here.

    Although it could not be seen as overcrowded, both BN and PR will have to strategise to contain PCM’s dual identity of anti Taib and BN at state level and pro BN at federal level. You may say the coming state election will be very interesting albeit very confusing to some as PPP will surely want to participate too but will be tempted to stand under PCM tickets due to Sarawak BN objection.

    On the other hand PR will have to correct the perception that PCM is an opposition “outside” of PR (yes but no) because PCM is opposed to Taib and at the same time sponsored by UMNO, hoping to win middle Malaysians and in the coming state election, the middle Sarawakians who opposed Taib and BN but unknowingly supporting BN at Federal.

    There are a lot of ground work to be done by both BN and PR especially intelligence gathering and selecting the right candidates with impeccable characters and with good moral integrity.

    And within BN itself James Masing and PRS (representing the dayaks) will become the king maker. He and PRS can decisively rewrite the history of Sarawak by ending the empire of Taib Mahmud by forming a coalition government with PR.

    Let’s see where the wind of Change is blowing in the months ahead as all Sarawakains look forward to a new dawn and a brighter and equitable future after witnessing encouraging performance and more transparent governance by PR governed states.

    Let’s all Sarawakians resolved to vote for CHANGE.

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