“Thank You Mawan…You read Blogs..??”

An SPDP member telephoned audie61 very early at the break of dawn ,”Hei,Mawan reads blogs.Walau Eh..He must have been influenced by the Pope. The Holy Father must have influenced him so much. Eventhough there are a lot of different opinions on him Mawan is unmoved. The Pope must have touched his heart and bless him and sent him a CLEAR MESSAGE. Whatever it is its up to the people to comment

Earlier  we wrote an article on February 16th 2010,”Mawan.. Even the Pope goes on line.https://audie61.wordpress.com/2010/02/16/mawan-even-the-pope-gets-on-line/ Today on the Borneo Posts Page 6 Mawan was quoted ,”They are just differences of opinion.Whatever has been said in the papers and blogs or otherwise are those things one can expect to happen. But whatever they are ,we can resolve them within our four walls and other BN components should leave it like that.” 

audie61 met a SC member who mentioned that the Group of “5′ met the CM for 3 hours while Mawan was accorded only 1 and half hours. However no matter how long the CM met either group the message is precise and clear.They are advised to play it COOL AND NOT TO JEORPADISE BARISAN NATIONAL chances at the next State elections. You want to do housecleaning for the party after the elections is the MEssage from the CM.

So Mawan has finally got his act together and believed that opinions do matter. Even a very close ally and family friend of Mawan said to us that nothing has ruffled Mawan so far and the article must have reverberated through his bones and sent the right signals to him which is indeed a PLUS SIGN FOR MY UNCLE MAWAN.

The extract here,”Its well known that Mawan does not go through the blogs for all the gossips,rumours and speculations and he leaves it to his able lieutenants in Paul Igai and Tiong King Sing to inform him of the next step to take or to lie low. For outside help he uses a former newspaper group editor to chart his political career.”PM Najib and all the top BN leaders do go through the blogs and it is very unwise for Mawan just to listen to and read the main stream media news. He will certainly be left behind in no time.

audie61 would like to thank Mawan for his openness and frankness and we wish him well in finding a right solution for the problems.


5 thoughts on ““Thank You Mawan…You read Blogs..??”

  1. fedup says:

    Whatever thats reported about these BN politicians just say one thing, they are just self serving.

    I blame us, the S’wakians to be this stupid to still have these idiots as leaders in this day and age.

    What kind of society is it where the most capable, honest, principled, intelligent individuals never rise to the top but instead, self serving, balls carrying, dumb arses do????

    Just read the news in the daily newspaper, what a joke!

    There will always be rodens, cockroaches and getting angry at them is silly, one should instead be looking at one’s hygiene!

    We deserve to be laughed at and whatever description of us by others is probably apt. We indeed deserve what we get!

  2. kangtao says:

    He said it, “This is Mawan”. Now, another press statement with some twist and turns. He has come to his senses somewhat when he mentioned about the blogs, at least his conscious state of mind is now awaken. Some family members must have probably told him that this is the IT world…”come on Papa, go read the blogs…”
    It surprises me how he would be able to steer the party now which is well off course, and to make the crisis “manageable”.
    It will be a placid response for BN leaders to read the statement in the BP today. The indication is he’s asking the rest of the leaders in BN in Sarawak to mind their own business, hinting of course at the PRS President.
    If today he’s banking in on some advice, like the man he always is, playing around with words, but not knowing their real meanings, tomorrow he’s apt to change his mind again, perhaps upon some other advice given by another crony.
    The person in him has to change for him to steer the party back on its right course.
    But it doesn’t matter really, he has made millions for his family using the party as a platform. he’s a full Minister and he is President, his dreams fulfilled.
    So, let’s HAVE FUN man, Golf golf, golf…..forget about the Party and 5 Ybs….or 6, Mr Wong Ju….(she’s waiting to be nominated man!)

  3. kangtao says:

    Bang!………so when all the YBs have left, won’t it be easier to slot in family members as well in the next GE in Sarawak, his daughter Babara will of course be topping the list. The rest, it’s small matter, Chambai, Ayu, Igai………..just slot them in!

  4. T99 says:

    The Gang of 5 should just leave if the bridge have been burnt as what is reported. Making a U Turn will mean they are self serving leaders.

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