The Magic Lamp has not been rubbed yet. It seems both camps in this heavyweight Youth Contests are just waiting for the right signals and the word “Go” from their respective candidates.

Word has surfaced within the PBB circles that Fadillah will be meeting the Party President at around 4pm on Saturday and until then there is every possibility that the CONTESTS might be halted as it might jeorpadise the good relationship of these two likeable, friendly and very hardworking legislators. These two command very respectable following within the PBB Rank and File.

Sarawak update com has a background indepth of these two PBB legislators and the writer has not been shy in revealing the truth abouth their flaws and strengths.  

Hold on to our breadth as these two are the second echelon leaders who are destined to chart the States Path in the years to come. All will be known after the CM and PBB Party President reveals his hand by rubbing THE MAGIC LAMP………

If it happens we will hear the Announcers Voice “Ladies and Gentleman.This is the Main Event …………. blah blah blah..”


  1. zainuddin says:

    Friends become enemies and eventhough karim says they are friends you know what will happen once the battle begins. Skirmishes and details will be revealed..

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