“A Big Deal..Gerakan,PPP or PRS..??”

The Privilege source sms reads,”5 SPDP YBs to join PRS..Comment..??” audie61 got on the phone with the crew we interviewed and asks around and these are some of the comments from SPDP members and others who wished to stay anonymous:-

  • True Kah?Real Surprise!
  • No Comments,Bring into Ur blogs 
  • This is it for Mawan.Thats it! 
  • Politics is all about the Impossible About Time too
  •  Within 48 hours from 22nd Feb 5 ybs to join PRS as a merger exercise gets underway
  • Cannot be Peter Nansian already said in my blog
  •  Leave it to the leaders to chart for us
  • There are so many other BN parties to choose and going national is an option The decisions will have a major impact on Sarawak politics.
  • Rumours and Pure speculations. No Basis for them to join PRS
  • Adits and Ajangs case lingers on and they need to thread carefully
  • Lets just see the credibility of this article.Mere speculations.

   Todays Borneo posts has also Najib saying that PPP will not have any impact on State BN equation. He went on to say that PPP that the Sarawak based component parties will be the major dominant force.However he said that the Sarawak parties have any grouses they could bring it to the Barisan National Supreme council.

When we were browsing through Lim Kit Siangs blog in which it was posted Gerakan has lost Penang for good an interview with Lim Keng Yeik with the Edge Financial Daily and this is what we picked up and feel that it is significant ,”Gerakan is a multiracial party and the conscience of BN.Will (Tan Sri Abdul) Taib Mahmud stay? He has good control but will it split when he’s not there anymore? That will depend on who provides the leadership for the Ibans. Are they a satisfied lot? I don’t know.’

What makes the 5 legislators know what the BIG DEAL is because they have to gauge it carefully or else in the next elections their place will be taken up by some new faces .

  • Najib did say the Sarawak coalition parties remain dominant. But can the factor surrounding Raymond Tan of SAPP joining Gerakan Sabah sway their thoughts? 
  • Or could this words by Lim Keng Yaik,”politics is very interesting and challenging in Malaysia.My thoughts and feelings could make a difference. I intended to make a difference.
  • Or could this words by James Masing have an impact,'”What I know is that they do have some problems within their own party but I don’t know how serious it is,” he said
  • PRS will be wary of the new additions as they will be going for their TDC in May says an Emeritus Professor.  


15 thoughts on ““A Big Deal..Gerakan,PPP or PRS..??”

  1. SPDP insider says:

    Mawan is a master in the divide and rule games.While in SNAP, he asked Peter Ghani, his loyalist to stand for Senior Vice President. On one hand he asked Richard Wong to also stand for the same post. Guest what he backed Richard and Richard won. Fast 4ward: This time round He told his inner circle that Tiong has made a deal with Nyarok, where Nyarok will retire in return for RM5 million. He said RM700,000.00 had been paid as deposit. Meantime he told Nansian, that he don’t want tiong to be too strong, thus he ask Nansian to stand against Tiong. Meantime he told Entri to also stand for Deputy President. This happen before he mooted the idea of status quo. All the while Mawan was never the brain, it was the late Datuk Judson Tagal, Sylvester Entri, Nansian, Libat and a few others. What Mawan did was ACT iT OUT, project a pious, nice, likeable image but in reality lacked substance as a leader. Unfortunately 4 him he surrounded himself with brainless ball polishers, and deprived himself with the very people who help him up and who could have been his saviour in this defining moment. My dear friend Mawan my heart bleed for you, this THIS TIME YOUR LUCK HAD RUN OUT AND YOUR FALL SHALL BE GREAT. ADIOUS MY FRIEND.

  2. SPDP insider says:

    Part 2:
    SPDP was borned because the Dayak ybs in SNAP was fed up with James Wong and also to rescue another chinese tycoon name Tiong. the formation start in Late Datuk Judson house at Ong Keng Hui road.However the actual formation was at Juara Beetuah Office, Nansian Biz office.Bang!!!PKFZ!!! Tiong suddenly found himself in trouble…What to do? Need to make the party to go Nasional. In one of the SC mtg he was very jittery and shouted at everybody, Mawan just keep quiet…he said ” a new part has been registered, I have been approached to be it first President, let spdp merged with it, and let go NATIONAL. I can bring 50000 ppp members in, more from gerakan and MCA..” those who opposed the idea incl.Nansian and Entri.The New Party is Parti Cinta Malaysia.Prior to that Tiong bought 5 shophouses at Jln. Badruddin, get Mawan agreement and against plenty of objection from the others, hurriedly moves SPDP HQ from Batu Kawah to Tiong office at Jln. Badaruddin. Rental to the Party RM2 per month/year??? Meantime he demand for an urgent TGM. Majority proposed Feb 2010, Tiong demand before year end of 2009.Without regard and respect to the Christians, they fixed it during the christmas and new year seasons…One wonders Tiong should joined Gabriel Adit in PCM rather than creating havoc in SPDP..NO WAY HE NEED SPDP AS A SHIELD FROM PKFZ ..stay tune…….

  3. SPDP insider says:

    Part 3:

    Let back track a bit: SNAP President was already an old man, Justin Jinggut was than the Secretary General. James Wong and SNAP was not doing too well. Earlier James Wong stood in Bintulu and loss to DAP. Therefore he need an infusion of new blood, Tiong seem to fit the bills. The next election Tiong was nominated to be the candidate for Bintulu.At that time the Bintulu folks had been waiting to be able to receive TV3 transmission, the cost to built it wld be
    Rm3million.TV3 was not ready to foot the bills as the population is small. To win the voters heart Tiong and James Wong make a deal with Tv3 that they will foot the bill. Tiong won but the TV3 reception was not built. The voters jump up. Tiong and James Wong start blaming one another. From than on their relationship was strained which resulted in the crisis that give birth to SPDP.When tiong was expelled fronm the party it was Nyarok who first defended him..until tiong called Nyarok, the Head Hunter. However SPDP insider was informed that it was not the TV3 issue that is the problem, it has to do with something else relating also to RM….which only Tiong and James can verify….it interesting how things has progress, what is that amount compare to the RM10million that he gave to Ong Tee Keat that enhanced MCA crisis.Mmm…to be fair with Tiong, early in his political career he is not that bad, his performance because of his money was head and shoulder above rest of the YBs..every kampung in his kawasan had tar sealed feeder road, he boughts all kind of things for his voters, fire extinguishers, coffins, trucks of beers, he fought against crime.He even bought first a machine for Bintulu Hospital for RM2 million because the govt has no fund. However, wealth, power and fames gets the better of him. A noticeable change took place when he was appointed the back bencher club chairman, when he become more and more arrogant and irrational…..to be continue………

  4. SPDP insider says:

    Part 2: continue……
    Former MP and Vice President of Gerakan, Huang is Tiong buddy.He was seen at SPDP function many times before and after the PKFZ issue cropped out. Huang is now the National Deputy President of PCM.Prior to this he denied any link to PCM not until Gerakan discipline him.Adit denied tiong involvement, but with the involvement of Huang, tiong involvement in PCM is anybody quess???It is interesting to note the haste of moving SPDP HQ from Nansian office (the registered SPDP HQ) to Tiong office. If the new office belongs to the Party, perhaps it could be excused…why the rush…don’t they know that the party could be deregistered for moving without the approval of an AGM and ROS???….(part 3 to 10 will depend on the response to audie61- so far are only touching on pure political manouvering- charater issues could be 10 times juicier)….

  5. SPDP insider says:

    Guys…look like there are indicatons the factions in SPDP are trying to make things works. Let give them a chance ok. Because once it goes to part 5, it could be the point of no return for them!!! Again read carefully what audie61 wrote he is one of those blogger that is fair and neutral. Audie61 congratulation, you are a peace maker. That why what I shared so far is exclusive for audie61.Sorry Guys…see you. Let hope that our leaders get back to their senses, stop being overly paranoid.When the members voted for you, they do so because you told them you want to be their servants,so start acting like one otherwise change the party name back to SNAP- Sarawak Non-democratic Authocratic Party…..You might think nobody know…we are watching (LOOK LIKE I AM BACK TO SHED MORE LIGHT ON WHAT IS HAPPENING IN SPDP- STAY TUNE FOLKS)

  6. zainuddin says:

    Have to give it to you spdp insider. Lots of efforts and good comments and brilliant!Keep it up and continue to puzzle us hehehe

  7. SPDP Assistance says:

    The SPDP insider is like an eagle perching on the highest tree, nothing escape his sharp eyes..the elephant, buffalo, Lions, mouse deer, scorpions,snakes,roaches, everything….and he is still watching. He notice too the SPDP President came out in the open, to say things are manageable in SPDP. Is this a message to the eagle, not to proceed. Ha..as promise the SPDP insider stands by his words and any challenge to his comment is most welcome. As promise he will shade more light……………

  8. SPDP insider says:

    Part 3b…..(SPDP Honorable Men)…. SNAP borne 2 children: PBDS and SPDP. it has one grand child: PRS. Whether it will have another grand child is everybody’s guess. In the formation years of SPDP Mawan was blessed with some very capable, qualified, and honorable people. Amongst them were the Late Dr. Judson, his cousins Lawyer Libat and Dr. Bob, Philip Ngo, Chambai, George Garai, Cooplay Nyipa and few others. Libat and chambai works tirelessly on the new party constitutions. Majority of them were involved thinking that they are doing a worthy cause, that this party will be different than the previous. They were idealistic in their approached. They are self made man, independent- financially and mentally and most of them are God fearers. (Of course the YBs are also involved). This are people who never shout about what they were doing. After months of its submission to ROS, the tabloids headlines its registration and that the public were informed that “Tiong took only 3 days to register the party!!!”. People like Libat and Bob were never acknowledged and true to their honorable ways never asked anything in return. Unfortunately they were discarded by the party led by President Mawan. Another key person in Mawan early spdp life was a man name Pastor D. He left his church career to be Mawan press sec hoping that his Godly influence will, helped Mawan on the right path and hence brings the right values and culture in SPDP and our community. He WAS Mawan SPEECH WRITER…that was why earlier Mawan speeches were greatly applauded. He spoke like a statesman-he focussed on constructive, universal good values and that the healthy family units are fundamental basis for national building. Those was the golden years of Mawan. He was catapulted to a high position even overshadowing Masing and Jabu. In fact at that point many thought he could be the right person to take over Jabu as the leader of the Dayaks. When fame, power, and money sets in Mawan seem to lost his wisdom and common sense become no more common practice. he began to dwell in golf and seek more and more of night life. Pastor D thus call it the day. Since that day its all down hill for Mawan…for sharp observers like the eagle..his speech, comment and decisions turns for the worst as this time he turns to Mr. T a former leading tabloid editor, to be his hired, paid speech writer and political consultant. Fortunately he got a handful good and loyal people left with him, topping them all is his long suffering, most loyal, most dependable private Secretary Mr. B. who sacrifice all his youth and most of his 51 years serving Mawan, but getting very very little in return. As mentioned earlier Mawan surrounded himself with brainless ball polishers and deprived himself of the very people who brought him up and who could have help him stay on the pinnacles of power….:-) ..

  9. kangtao says:

    The Ex SNAP stalwarts knew about all the escapades Mawan did, his tactics, his ways with women included. Mawan will be in for a BIG surprise soon and that’s when he will be gasping for air.
    Anyway, the Mawan family have made millions of RGT through Govt projects they secured by using the party’s platform. Tiong of course got the bigger piece of the cake la. And so I was told, the SPDP YBs’ names were practically “sold” in this respect without them realizing it. Ooooops! …some got the crumps, yes, crumps equate to hundreds of thousands.
    So long farewell, make it manageable Mawan…Tomorrow is another GOLF day for you and don’t forget the KALAOK time…she’s waiting….but which one!

  10. kangtao says:

    :)Tomorrow Mawan, you will have pain in your arse like what Saiful said he experienced for 2 days. And Tomorrow too, Tiong will get the shivers in his spine. It’s not manageable, how could it be?

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