Mawan..Even the Pope Gets On Line..

The troubles in SPDP will not just go away like that. According to our privilege source he was informed that the ‘Bridge has been burnt and there is no turning back

audie61 made a phone call to a SC SPDP member and he reaffirmed in so many words,” We are planning something and there is U-Turn“. It has indeed worsened and with Mawan keeping a tight lip on the seemingly small matter to him the group has pushed ahead. Even the privilege source has this to say “Mati my friend Mawan”{ My Friend Mawan Die}

The group comprises,”Elected representatives  Sylvester Enteri (state assemblyman for Marudi), Peter Nansian (state assemblyman for Tasik Biru), Rosey Yunus (state assemblywoman for Bekenu), Paulus Gumbang (state assemblyman for Batu Danau) and  Dr. Tiki Lafe (MP for Mas Gading).The three supreme council members are Peter Gani, George Garai and Eda Egar.

Its well known that Mawan does not go through the blogs for all the gossips,rumours and speculations and he leaves it to his able lieutenants in Paul Igai and Tiong King Sing to inform him of the next step to take or to lie low. For outside help he uses a former newspaper group editor to chart his political career. 

PM Najib and all the top BN leaders do go through the blogs and it is very unwise for Mawan just to listen to and read the main stream media news. He will certainly be left behind in no time and if he cares to get a copy of Todays Catholic  Vol 22 No 11 February 2010( a monthly publication of the Archdiocese of Kuching Sarawak) and turn to page 8 he will know what we mean.

The head of the Catholic Church in Vatican City cannot be wrong to come up with a statement of this magnitude and if Mawan is steadfastly stubborn he is and will be writing his personal history as time spent as a Legislator in Sarawak State Government. We say,”Good Luck to him and this article is not intended to harm him unlike many who has knives ready to push into his back and heart.

Anyway Mawan you will need to get a copy of this news publication as the Pope said in celebration of World communications day 2010.This is just a teaser,” The world of digital communication with its expressive capacity makes us appreciate all the more the technology.” The Pope went on to say that the Church’s role is not simply to fill up the space on the Web,its overiding aim is to express in the digital world.

Use whatever resources as this generation embraces ( images,videos,animated features,blogs,websites) to impart your knowlege and the digital media crosses all boundaries. He went on to say that the new means of communication plays a positive role in the wider society and the messages it sent will open up many possibilities.

Mawan the old days of politiking are over and even CM we know for a fact is very well verse of what is happening in the world and in his own backyard. He has the inner circles to assist him and this people are mostly his old schoolmates who do not want to see him fail. Have you Mawan got and surrounded by these people? If not its time to WISE UP and OPEN UP Before you are THROWN OUT.

Remember Mawan you have to thank the Pope and the Almighty Creator and not us at audie61 for imparting these message to you. We are sure Paul Igai your able lieutenant knows what to do….


14 thoughts on “Mawan..Even the Pope Gets On Line..

  1. caroline majukon says:

    Shame on the Politician concern. Does he need the Holy Father to teach him how to eat and you know what! Very disappointed in him.

  2. SPDP outsider says:

    Where is the SPDP insider? I am the outsider and let us know more insights. Come out to tell us more goose pimple stories and intimate tales.

  3. chloe says:

    Yet another good article and audie61has been churning articles which amazes the blogsphere with something fresh yet very truthful. Good work guys

  4. Premier 191 says:

    Simple and right to the point. Sorry for the politician concerned and if he doesnt follow this as written,”time to WISE UP and OPEN UP Before you are THROWN OUT.
    Very direct and honestly well put.

  5. Dr.Doolittle says:

    Even my dogs know how to send messages across the blogsphere. Shame on him if he does not wise up as you said he might just have signed his own warrant. Too bad but there is still time to make things right.

  6. Mata Kuching says:

    The Mawan whom I used to know as a long haired school teacher before he entered politic has not changed much. While his political master, Taib surrounded himself with technocrats, intellectuals and trusted business men who can take care of his politics of developing himself and family, Mawan still surrounded himself with people who can sing, drink , yum-seng, and businessmen who didnt mind to accept post-dated cheques for doing business with him.

    But recently his business misadventure had turned around with financial supports from architect friend Vincent Tan and his Godfather in SPDP, Tiong.

    Forget about the fantasy merger supposedly endorsed by Taib. If taib truly like to see the dayaks stay united, he would have allowed PRS and SPDP to be dissolved and all the current Dayaks YBs and ADUNs with their party members joining PBB en-block and hence strengthening the Dayak group in PBB. At best the Dayaks will forever remain as AVATARS in Taib’s lab and at his mercy.

    • kangtao says:

      Mawan for one has fulfilled his dreams of becoming a Minister and a Party President, that was said in his own words. ” I have run the 100 metres race and hit the tap.”. He grew up from a poverty, went to college with the support of his wife, served Datuk Amar James Wong and wriggled his way up with the help of Nyarok when they walked out on Datuk Amar over the sacking of Tiong. Unfortunately, he flew high, forgot his roots and forgot those who supported him in the formation SPDP.
      Instead of becoming wiser and plotting a chart for the party, he takes it one day at a time, moving around with all his cronies like Igai, Toynbee and a few others who are political opportunists to say the least. Tiong is of course his financier, a fact that cannot be denied.
      Let the man be if he wants to shut himself out from the outside world and the real happenings of the party, doomsday for him will come sooner than he expected. Adios Amigo!

  7. Lesley Wan says:

    Mawan has been on lucky guy for a long time. But the year of the Tiger is not his lucky year he is running out of it slowly but surely.

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