“Fireworks or Advices Sought…??”

For real or not was the first question asked by audie61 to the SPDP DSG Paul Igai on what has been speculated by many on the defections of the 5 Assemblyman and 3 SC members on this hot blistering day in Kuching. It certainly turned out that way there was even an article by the internet portal”Malaysianmirror” which we will  reposts and share with all of you.

Certainly Paul said he was quoted but its not to that extend and there will be NO FIREWORKS from them as we are about to welcome the Year of the Tiger. Plainly he said,”they are just seeking advices and there are no preemptive move by them to just leave the party.

Its more an internal matter and we will be together UNITED AS ONE to ensure that the party maintains all its seat and deliver it in totality to the State Barisan National. In politics its always about COMPROMISE AND FINDING SOLUTIONS . Its no different in SPDP and for them to seek advises its their democratic right which has turned out for the better good of SPDP as a whole.

The Malaysian Mirror article:-KUCHING – The deputy secretary general of Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP), Paul Igai, said today that the party is aware of the move by the five elected representatives and three members of its supreme council to leave the party.
Decision to leave SPDP

“Yes, we are aware of their move, but we still want them to come back,” said Igai who is also a political secretary to the Chief Minister.

He said: “We must, instead, reconsolidate and re-energise the party. Focus must be on the strength of the party and the Barisan Nasional in view of the coming state election.

“Parking permits must never be an option. They are still needed in the party,” said Igai.

He said the party president, William Mawan, had met the Chief Minister and the chairman of the State Barisan Nasional, Abdul Taib Mahmud, to explain the party crisis.

Political observers, however, see the crisis has worsened because of the move by the five elected representatives and three of the supreme council members to quit the party.

The elected representatives are Sylvester Enteri (state assemblyman for Marudi), Peter Nansian (state assemblyman for Tasik Biru), Rosey Yunus (state assemblywoman for Bekenu), Paulus Gumbang (state assemblyman for Batu Danau) and  Dr. Tiki Lafe (MP for Mas Gading)..

The three supreme council members are Peter Gani, George Garai and Eda Egar.

According to highly-placed sources, the group met the Sarawak Chief Minister on Wednesday to inform him of their decision to leave SPDP. They are asking to be parked with Parti Rakyat Sarawak which is headed by James Masing.

Last Thursday, they met with the Prime Minister informing him of their decision to leave the party.

The sources said that they were told by the Prime Minister not to form another party as they might not be able to join Barisan Nasional later.

Maintaining status quo

But the Prime Minister was said to have told them to consult the Chief Minister as to which party they should be parked.

The crisis precipitated last month after Mawan dropped Enteri as secretary general and replaced him with state assemblyman for Ba’Kelalan Nelson Balang Rining,

Enteri accused Mawan of not honouring his promise of maintaining status quo after listing him as one of the “President’s men” before the party went for its election last year.

A PRS leader, who refused to be identified, has welcomed the move by the group to be parked with PRS as it would not only enlarge the party’s elected representatives, but would also open the way for the merger of Dayak-based parties.

Currently, PRS has nine state assemblymen and six MPs

An SPDP member after reading this article said,”Lets just usher in the YEAR OF THE TIGER with COLOURFUL FIREWORKS and he said tell him if there is a PRESS CONFERENCE TELLING THE MASS MEDIA THAT THEY ARE LEAVING and let me on behalf of SPDP wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year. Kong Xi Fa Cai………………..”

7 thoughts on ““Fireworks or Advices Sought…??”

  1. debby says:

    If Mawan continue to trust this Paul Igai, he will do so at his on peril. Paul is a double headed snake. He has sold his loyalty to Tiong. He owed the party more than RM10k, which he could not pay. Just before the SPDP TGA Tiong waived it for him. Besides he was given upward RM 40k to campaign for Nyarok. But what choice does Mawan has, his ball is squeezed. Many in spdp inner circles knows that he is totally unreliable, infamously known to be a backstabber.Take away his pollitical secretary posts he will be begging on the street. He is one of the main player behind this mess. what a joke for him to talk about unity. The truth shall be revealed soon.

    • kangtao says:

      There’s FIRE in the SPDP house and Mawan started it, he played with matches although he doesn’t smoke. He putt the wrong hole while golfing and now got hit on the balls. Mawan, wake up man!

    • Termite says:

      Now we are going to witness another comedy movie again. Mawan had the biggest hand to split SNAP, now it is paying time. Masing was the main actor in destroying PBDS, he had his spare of karma though he managed to ride over it. Congrats for now. Be prepared as it will come again, don’t know when it will knock on your door. As for Entri and the supporting artists, just wait for your turn to have your share of karma. Anyway, this is beautiful news for PKR and DAP as the S’wak Election has shown its smoke which is quite visible now.

  2. Mata Kuching says:

    Why must Najib told the 5 state assemblymen in SPDP not to form their own party afterall the ROS has no power at all to approve the formation of any political party and or intervene in any irregularities involving BN parties without the consent and approval of the president of UMNO

    If these disenting YBs in SPDP truly and sincerely care about their own communities and the rural poor and still have some conscience left in them they would have quitted BN altogether and challenged Taib to call for a snap election now.

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