Beware”Numb3rs Everyone….”

Someone said to me during lunch,”Remember your posts on “Bomohs,Sharmans,Fengshui..??” Ya, if in demand and unresolved cases these peoples services are surely sought after. Just take the Numb3rs television series he continued in which  follows FBI Special Agent Don Eppes (Rob Morrow) and his mathematical genius brother, Charlie Eppes (David Krumholtz), who helps Don solve crimes for the FBI.

So when your Numb3r is up you are NEXT.. It seems Mahathir has turned the screws yet again on the US with his statement “IF they can make Avatar, they can make 9/11-what appeared in Malaysiakini,’ He believes that if the Americans can produce such a movie, with all its technological wizardry, then staging a so-called terrorist attack would not be a difficult task

We wrote earlier 27th June 2009 :-Reposts

In this technologically advance age there will be no place where the law cannot get you. Maybe if you hide in the mountains of Afghanistan like “Osama bin Laden” there is a slim or glimmer of hope you will not be located. Really..! In all honesty someone is answerable especially the ” persons ” in charge of the sophisticated third eye in the US Intelligence. However this news really tickles me and I  really had an enjoyable and hearty  breakfast.

Would you believe if someone said to you  “An Astrologer is Arrested for Gloomy PREDICTIONS..?” You would obviously brush it off as nonsense or just a joke to make up the day. The question if it really happens what chance would you give Malaysian Bomohs,Feng Shui Experts,Shamans or Spin Doctors..?”

Here is the news and it comes from Sri Lanka and the Police in Sri Lanka have arrested an astrologer after he predicted serious political and economic problems for the government of President Mahinda Rajapkase. A police spokesman said Chandrasiri Bandara who writes for an astology column was picked up and questioned. The CID are asking him on what  “basis” he has predicted the outcome.

Moreover the astrologer had predicted a planetary change on October 8 will be inauspicious for Parliament and the government may not be able to arrest the rising living costs.(This is a prediction already predicted by private economists)

So Malaysians be careful in what you predict ,write or ask for ..? The eyes  of the law are always watching and their noses are always sniffing around. Wonder if a Malaysian Bomoh will somehow get him self noticed and create FRONT PAGE NEWS. Its not uncommon to hear nowadays around the world,”MALAYSIA BOLEH“.. Would you bet against this..??

Watch what you say as the long arm of the Law is just around the corner…

9 thoughts on “Beware”Numb3rs Everyone….”

  1. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho :P If this Mahatiu says that US can staged this 911 in their own soil then I believe DS Anwar Ibrahim sodomy 1&2 must be staged by him and Bumno too! Correct? OMG this old wolf should just keep his mouth shut and don’t talk about HOLOCAUST and play play with US! DANGEROUS and bad for all of us too if he is still PeeMmm :? :o :( Ho Ho Ho

  2. I'm Malaysian says:

    I’m against Dr M comments on Avatar holocaust as nothings good comes out from this mamak mouth nowadays as he only wants more attentions maybe!

  3. Brittanie Arcano says:

    A 3rd political party will not be prosperous. It never has been; study a history book. Dr. Utopia is consistently tearing down this country piece by piece and were out here proposing songs to the stria? It is utterly, vitally important that tea partiers, commonsense conservatives, whatever we wish to call ourselves, TAKE BACK the GOP.

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