PRS”110 metres Hurdles”


A veteran  political analysts said to audie61,” The 110 metres hurdles have been won by Larry Sng and he has crossed the line.” What the point and why should James Masing still try to harp on the issue of Pelagus State Seat? It’s already a Done Deal and the Pelagus issue has already been settled and completed.   Wasnt he told to “Swallow his pride by CM and he will come out on top.” Something must not be right or else the PRS President  would have be tightlipped and carry on with business as usual. Why rock the boat when everything seems smooth?

 He can shout as loud as possible to the press/mass media but as far as CM is concerned Larry will still be a candidate for Pelagus. The poltical analysts said it just shows that ” James needs to speak out to apiece the WARLORDS in PRS and to keep his troops intact with him as PRS prepares to face the State elections.

 Can anyone rule out the possibilty of PRS leaving the BN State coalition? It has happened to PBDS though its now a different party but some remaining players inside PRS are very much the same but are older, wiser and more politically experience. Could this ignite the fire of 1987 revisited?

The State BN has ensured that stabilty,unity and harmony is prevalent in Sarawak Politics. To say that conflict was totally eradicated ,whether involving intra-party relationship or specific personalities in the most sublte ways,is attempting to paint a picture of political bliss. The State BN leadership has been able significcantly to contain most of these PETTY bickerings without upsetting the balance of power within the State BN.

We know that crisis breeds opportunities and conflicts is an inherent process in any power arrangement. A better understanding of how PRS works one has to understand that usage of  the role of conflict to gain a foothold. The Pelagus issue is very much a thorn that has stuck in the parties backside and the party members according to sources have been pressuring the President  to once and for all lay the ghosts of Pelagus to rests. Though its very thought -provoking the President  expects this approach would open a leeway for the CM to appease the party.

The CM being very astute will no doubt hold this card close to his chest and will refuse even when asked by press reporters to reveal even the slightest clue. The excitement is already up an ante on Pelagus State seat and James will sooner rather than later push his cart of names for consideration in the remaining 8 PRS areas. The 110 metres hurdles have been won by Larry Sng and be rests assured that he could even be an independant BN candidate.


The article from Borneo Posts (English daily) which has sparked differences of opinions in Sarawak’s political arena. 

In a broad hint that incumbent must go, party president said successors have been identified

SRI AMAN: There are no two ways to it. Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) is staking its claim over Pelagus and has identified several names to win it come the next state election.Speaking to reporters after officiating at a public function at Rumah Anyie Rangie, Entulang Entawa, here yesterday, President Dato Sri Dr James Masing said PRS has short-listed “a few  possible  candidates” for the Iban-majority seat.

“We have several good nominees to choose from, who are highly qualified local Dayaks and the most appropriate to continue the Barisan Nasional (BN) struggle in Pelagus,” he said, clearly hinting that Pelagus incumbent Larry Sng will have to go.

And if that was not enough, Masing further said: “Pelagus is PRS’ for keeps … we will defend it come election.”

Asked to name names, Masing said not only is the time not right but that PRS prefers to let the potential successors to work hard on the ground until such time as when  the  party  will weigh who is the best of the lot.

“What I can tell you now is the potential names are highly qualified Ibans who are born in Pelagus and capable of carrying the BN flag high,” Masing reiterated.

Masing, who is also Land Development Minister, was earlier asked of PRS’ stand regarding Pelagus whose assemblyman he had expelled.

Sng, an assistant minister with three portfolios, is now partyless after he was sacked by PRS in 2008.

But since he was retained in last December’s cabinet reshuffle, many political observers until now believe that  Sng  will  defend  Pelagus under a seat-swapping arrangement between PRS and another BN component.

In response, Masing said yesterday that he does not see any seat-swapping coming simply because whoever is supposed to be the other party in the arrangement has not been showing any interest.

“I think  they (the other BN component) are not interested in swapping seats. Because of that, PRS will be defending Pelagus because the seat has always been ours,” he said.

8 thoughts on “PRS”110 metres Hurdles”

  1. zainuddin says:

    hahaha James PRS president from what i heard cant even defeat someone half his age. This larry boy must be something right.Agree he will still be BN candidate.

  2. Hughes says:

    There is no such thing s ones seat. The person who works well and delivers is usually reappointed by the coalition. That is the practise everywhere in the world and its naivety on the Presient of this party to claimthat its his parties seat. Every coaltion will try to ensure that they win and changing a good politician to another untested one will be a disastrous outing unless that new pesron has the charisma or tons of $$$$$$$$$

  3. phyllis says:

    Please James you have been harping too much and what has PRS done to deserve the seat. Larry has done well and we support the YBs who work well. Concentrate on winning Ngemah back and thats your priority.

  4. kpt99 says:

    half-baked DR james make an isrresonpsible coments on the linked from sibu to kapit,the business of express will be many poor locals can accept that siding coments.he cares for the rice rather than the poor. keuntungan didahulukan,rakyat diketepikan,that 1 malaysia.

  5. kpt99 says:

    james is lobbying hard to develop the baleh areas without thinking kapit as a whole.the main motive is again to bigger his wealth while still in power.might be this is the trend of all selfish and greedy ybs of seems that it is sinful for them not to be corrupted. why are all politicians so rich even though some climb up their life as rubber tappers and ordinary much do they earn yearly ?

  6. kpt99 says:

    Kapit people know nuts about politics.That why it is the only division that is not linked by roads to other parts of sarawak since upgraded to division in 1973.Despite the largest producer of timber logs,coals and hydro powers from BAKUN DAM, it remain the least developed and backward division in sarawak.What have these sloganeering politicians done?.Perhaps kapitians are just complacent and satisfied by receiving few pieces of zinc,few tins of paints,few pieces of planks,little bits of sand and gravels during election.Of course little bits of cash to alcohol and others for them to vote for BN blindly.Even a buta huruf guy can win in kapit as long as they dare to spend during election.look at the ex Ybs,are they highly educated ? .Come on KAPITIANS, WAKE UP,VOTE WISELY IN THIS COMING ELECTION,DON’T make yourself SO CHEAP THAT YOU CAN BE CHEATED LIKE SMALL KITS BY A FEW GULA-GULA BATU.THINK WISELY AND VOTE BRAVELY.NOTHING WRONG TO THROW AWAY THE OLD MASTERS IF THEY CANNOT MEET YOUR ASPIRATIONS AND HOPES.

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