Sarawak Lawyers,”What happened..??”

It seems that most of Sarawak Lawyers are afraid to show their colours says a political source to audie61. There are all in the profession as a means of making a living and thus do not want to offend or does not want to be seen to represent any political divide.

Apparently this protests ,‘Judicial Independence and Condemn Arson’ smses was circulated widely. However the turnout of Lawyers was not even 1% of the total smses  that was sent out. A lot of effort was put in..Hmmm

 audie61 met Chong Chieng Jen who was on his rounds meeting the constituents and selling the “Rocket-DAP newsletter”  on Saturday and he was very upbeat and enthusiastic about the Monday protests. The turnout must have been a very bad letdown especially when there was so much expectations from the legal fraternity. A source  said this to us this morning,”Apparently the remote control did not work as planned. The control switch only managed to get PKR Sarawak Information chief See Chee How and 2 other lady lawyers and two male lawyers from PKR  as seen from the pictures in the main stream media.” Isn’t this disappointing..???’ Strange,where are the other DAP lawyers..??

The internet blog Hornbill Unleashed has a full report of this event but the question remains and asked by many,”Whatever happened to all Sarawak Lawyers..?” Too busy making money….if you know what I mean was a remark from one of the coffee shop clienteles in which audie61 and crew had breakfast this morning.  

A political watcher said the organisers needs to go back to their drawing boards and retrace where their planning and event management let them down. Is this a clear message to them from the Sarawak legal fraternity..?? 

TRUTH BE TOLD:- Sarawak  lawyers have their own mindset and only if their rice bowls are shaken/overturned  they will not/want not to participate in rallies or protests. 

13 thoughts on “Sarawak Lawyers,”What happened..??”

  1. sarawakiana says:

    Sarawakians very peace loving people and the lawyers are no exception. In other words’Where are their balls..??””Disappointing cannot describe them but they are mostly selfish and only will look after their own Rice bowl. People cannot be fooled by them all the time.The people will know who are fighting for them and who are not.

  2. zainuddin says:

    Thought lawyers are not afraid to show their colours especially when they are right. Why are they afraid? Scared to be Branded!

  3. Hughes says:

    Truth be told: They are even afraid of their own shadows.My grandfather told me never trusts these two professional people 1. Lawyer 2. Banker.

  4. jackass says:

    What to say about Sarawak lawyers? You have pointed it clearly and thats the truth. Do they want to challenge the truth..???

  5. losers in Black says:

    OMG. Is it true.? I am appalled and ashamed. So who are these lawyers fighting for then..?????? UMNO or Sarawak BN parties…I mean those who did not turn up after receiving the news.

  6. Church goers says:

    Now I know who to ask for help? what for go to those lawyers who are so afraid .They only talk and charge astronomical and cut throat the clients. I am disgusted forgive me that they so afraid.!

  7. Sam kwee-ting says:

    Try lawyers who are of strict Buddhist faiths.
    They are not so materialistic and deal differently
    in their public relations. A pair of strictly
    confirmed Buddhist twins lawyers in KL has given me
    such confidence. Please looking at directory, FOO and CO. Thanks!

  8. Nor says:

    mata kuching. what audie61 meant was that there are more PKR lawyers than DAP. It was supposed to be a DAP organised function. If you have received the sms you will know what i mean. Also from DAP sources it seems that it was a disappointing turnout and it also meant DAP Chong cannot move the lawyers.hmmmm

  9. francis jew says:


    Name: Francis Jew
    A few years ago I brought the white Australian boyfriend of my eldest lawyer daughter to eat fish balls in a famous Sibu coffee shop near the old bus station.When he looked into his bowl of the famous ” pang pang ku ” he threw up his arms he exclaimed “Look at the size of the fish balls.It must have been taken from some very big fishes.The fishermen who cut off those big fish balls must have been very powerful.It takes great guts to harvest that size of fish balls from big fishes.I am not capable of eating them because they make choke and kill me “.
    All the enforcement officers knows that they are not superman.They have wife and children to feel too.They may not be completely ” clean ” themselves.They may lost their jobs and the black hands may come after them when they are in their defenseless position.Only angels does not fear death as they cannot die at all.And on man is an angel.

    By francis jew on March 13, 2010 at 10:18 pm

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