Bottleneck to “Furious and Safety Concerns”

The article below we wrote on 2nd of May 2008 which is close to a year and a half ago and amongst the very first we blogged to ensure that the project does take off. It took off sometime in November 2009 but today the people who ply the stretch of road to/fro their homes to their places of work are voicing some other concerns. 

What are they not happy about…? They are happy with the government for approving the project but now the FINGERS ARE POINTING TO THE CONTRACTORS AND GOVERNING AUTHORITY OF THE PROJECT.

   Amongst them are CLEARLY LISTED BELOW:-

  • 1. Peak Hours especially 5 pm-6oo pm there should not be contracted earth lorries on the dual carriage ways. (work scheduling needed to stop the bottleneck and further aggravate the fuming motorists)
  •  2. Police/ JPJ should not be carrying out checks just around the constuction roundabout areas.
  • 3. Road Safety,Road Works and Mandatory Signs are really inadequate.
  • 4. Night Flashing warning nights are compromised (contractor not following safety rules) and not available.
  • 5. Night Road Safety tapes/reflective markers/reflective delineators should also be looked into. 
  • 6. A  road engineer even told audie61 that the Contractor concerned has not followed the Traffic Management Fulfillment as per the contract signed.
  • 7. Road users fear that only when there are FATALITIES on this stretch of the road then the contractors or authorities concern will fulfill the SAFETY NEEDS.
  •  8. Where are the Common Traffic Cones..?? Saving $$$$$$ for human lifes..??    Costs Cutting measures Please…….
  • The Minister or Assistant Minister in charge should at least make an effort/surprise  working visit to see for themselves the JAM and the Safety inadequacies.  



Jam and more Jam!! The deafening cries of thousands of motorists who frequent the Mambong to Pending a journey of Approxiamtely 24km which during the day takes 1hour or more and when if it is completed will take at only 20 minutes.

Why the particular interests in this Mambong Highway? The author was informed by a reliable source that there has been a lot of jostling and tussling over this project. It is of no use to the State Barisan National Government if there are delays when the project itself has been implemented. This delays should stop now and the funds that was made readily available when the project was awarded be channelled back for immediate implementation.

Obviously there are causes for delays but it is “Inexcusable” when Plans that are put forward by the Economic Planning Unit to suffer a hiccup. They say without Planning,Projects will fail and in this case isn’t it worrying for the Rakyat? Let us think for the Rakyat for once and not just another Barisan Project.

  • 1. The amount of man hours travelling this journey to and from work is enough wastage in terms of human capacity and man hours used up which the country can ill afford.
  • 2. The Economical benefits and money spinning projects available for the rakyat and tax collections for the government coffers if this road is completed on schedule and not Delayed!!!
  • 3.Sungai Kuap Bridge which spans the Pending to Mambong road is in its final stages of completion. It is 2% ahead of works schedule and it will be ready and passable for traffic in December 2008. The contractors have delivered and they are 3months ahead of the official handover date March 2009.
  •  4.Why in the first place build a bridge while you delay the highway? This does not stop traffic congestion from being solved and it leads further to more bottlenecks. This the rakyat feels that it is indeed poor planning and a wastage of public expenditures. Some might say its a chicken and egg situation. Do you think so?
  • 5. All works should work simultaneously is the answer and to give anyone the benefit of the doubt for querying is just undermining the rakyat’s intelligence. A bottleneck with no immediate solution is a cause for concern.

The Ministry of Works has to prioritised this project as it is a sickening worry for the State Barisan Government especially when in the Kuching Urban areas they suffered significant losses to the DAP and Keadilan. Can this turn it round for the State BN? Some say unless otherwise its ”the pot calling the kettle black” all is not lost.

The Rakyat are the masters in this political scenario. It is wise to keep them happy on a good journey to and from work instead of them putting their frustrations in the Ballot boxes. Make it a Bottleneck No more and lets have a Good Superhighway to Mambong and back. Lets get cracking and walk the talk!!!! Hidup Rakyat……


6 thoughts on “Bottleneck to “Furious and Safety Concerns”

  1. the road project given to UMNO company named RM UTAMA..Do you really expect these ppl to carry out the roadwork properly??? look at all the road works being carried out by ANGKAT umno company in sabah..its either very bad workmanship and ages in completing the project or a white elephant…. SO please those who are sucking up to umno in sarawak … dont mess up sarawak.. sarawak does not belong to umno!!

  2. They always want to maske more profits and they always compromised on safety. Typical of most contractors. They should be blacklisted and Malaysia should really need to look into all safety concerns.

  3. I hear the stutong area raod linking all the way to this project is also the same with no proper safety signs. What ever happened to the DAP YBs in Voon Lee Shan and Violet ..??

  4. Correct audie61 this article should open the eyes especially the JKR personnels who are supposed to be supervising the roads. They only know how to drink coffee and eat mee kolo/mee jawa. They sometime forget what they are paid for too. As for the police and JPJ they should also not use the area as advantage point.

  5. JKR Sarawak should look into this complain.This is serious as it will affect how the BN will fare also in the next elections.Believe me!

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