“Political Mirage or Reality..?”

1Sarawak BN Party

The sms to Natasha reads,”Which party do you think Larry Sng and Jonathan Rayong will represent in the next State Elections..?? Also Sulaiman’s position has been filled and surely these two YBs needs to belong somewhere..?” Is it up to us at audie61 to answer that..?I’m sure the most obvious answer would be as always simply,”We will know how to cross the bridge when we come to that.”

 Talks/Speculations/Rumour mill is going on strong now with the PBB TGM and PRS TDC to be completed by June 2010 that the state elections will be held during the second weekend of September 2010. It is CM’s call and as always he needs to have the “Inspiration” and also whether the “Signs” are good during the period.

There are a lot of factors to consider for him to dissolve the State Assembly and go for a Fresh Mandate from the people of Sarawak. The present administration does not need to be dissolved till may 2011. There is obviously plenty of time for Sng to choose but for Rayong it take some persuasion within the BN parties to accept him.

He is supposed to represent SUPP but it seems with SUPPs infighting and turmoil he will provide EXTRA FUEL TO THE BURNING FIRE . SUPP Engkilili State seat was losts to Jonathan (Ooops should be ,,Johnicol Rayong )who stood on SNAP ticket while Larry Sng stood on a PRS Ticket in the Pelagus State Seat.

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 There are already movements by certain individuals to ensure that the BN State family is not jeorpadised at the expense of these two YBs or possibly more YBs. On November 16th we wrote an article  on this New”Sarawak Party“SARS  and with PCM  (Parti Cinta Malaysia) already making its intentions known we should not dispel the possibilities of a new BN aligned party. We have heard it before and it is nothing new with elections just around the corner.

There are already certain BN friendly politician who are toying with the idea to prevent a further split within the BN4. Though its a temporary realignment or a short term change in the BN family of 4 it may be a new breadth of fresh air as it will get everyone on board.   (there will be no more hidden enemies) Isn’t this good for Pakatan too who says that there are  Trojan Horses in their fold..??

Exploring new territories to establish fresh alliance and expand the power base is an evolutionary technique and a tendency for A political  Coalition to look beyond the comforts of present partnership. It has happen in history and  the people involved are assured that it will not fail. It has happened in Japan and India and the coalition has all but steadfastly hold on to power but with different newer and fresher parties with new inclusion of so many newer political faces. 

PM Najib will subscribe to the idea of a multi cultural BN party that sees the inclusion of all those who are rumoured to be dropped by the respective parties. Even the CM Taib after so many years seeing the birth of many political parties during his reign will not be grudge or disapprove this new party if it “toes” and respect the senior partners in the present coalition.

It does characterise the political climate and landscape and the coalition needs to reengineer and restyle to stay relevant for the VOTERS TO CHOOSE. There are a lot of mirages but the reality of it all is that the dissatisfaction and dropping of certain individuals in a number of parties is taking shape and will turn to reality when the time comes.  Who could have forgotten what happened to Gabriel Adit, Stanley Ajang,Jimmy Donald and Jawah Gerang..??

A Protem Committee for the 1Sarawak BN party is already in place.  They have already approached the ROS Director Sarawak Ken Leben for details.The officials will be presenting the vision,mission and concept and the breakdown of  the number of YBs and MPs involved in this formation of new party. No politican would like just to stay where he is and if there is a chance to move forward and in higher position they will certainly grab it with both hands.

Its simple and its only human says a protem member from Miri,”A Federal Deputy Minister will want to move further to be a Full Minister and likewise a State Assistant Minister would not resists the temptation of a Full State Ministers posts. The  protem member from Kampung Bintangor added,”This is in line with the 1 malaysia concept and this party has no hidden agendas. It will subsribe to the present leadership of the State BN and abide by the rules that has up till now been very successful.

Apparently many political veterans have even started suggesting the names Salang,Snowdon,Soon,Sng,Slyvester Masir,Mussen and Rayong to be the first joining the party. DO YOU BUY THAT…?? These YBs do carry with them a certain aura in leadership qualities and charisma and their inclusion in the new 1Sarawak BN party will only benefit the party in the long run.Even the youth will be attracted and it will be very good for BN. It must be noted that there are a lot of people who are just fedup of factional political parties. Could YB Voon Lee Shan from DAP be also roped in to assist .???

It seems the idea of 2 term YBS and MPs are being included in the party constitution whereas Ministerial YBs are given an extra two terms . (subject to if they are all re-elected) . this will further encourage many youths to look at the political party as a chosen Profession and uplift the image of Politics being way down in their chosen career.

So are your ready for 1 Sarawak BN Party..? it seems this idea was already toyed by BN YBs and they have already suggested a direct BN entry. So will it still be a Poltical Reality or Mirage..?? Nothing is Impossible folks ..You read it first at audie61…



17 thoughts on ““Political Mirage or Reality..?”

  1. phyllis says:

    Truth be told. Good writeup but cant see the BN Sarawak parties accepting it with both hands. Also could this be done to deter any of the BN coaliton parties to make a 360 turn around…??? Anyway good read though makes the mind go wandering off…

  2. zainuddin says:

    Seems BN is so afraid of Pakatan sarawak making inroads and trying to form new parties to ensure they stay relevant. So Scared…

  3. sarawakiana says:

    Good and if it happens that will make it all the more interesting and if the new party does not materialise we will see whether Rayong and Sng will be included in the next elections. The people will have the final say..

  4. Black Deal says:

    Mirage? Hoax? imagination? It could just happen and turned to reality knowing that the BN will do whatever just to ensure that sarawak will remain a BN bastion. Isnt there words even that PRS might just do a last minute withdrawal from BN like PBS? Najib will have to watch this closely.

  5. Unfamiliar ground says:

    Anything is possible in politics they say? Would not bet against it? If it happens it gives everyone a chance to vote for a party of their choice. Too many might complicate things. BN is doing whatever to ensure that PKR & DAP does not have further foothold.

  6. DAP supporter says:

    We will wipe out SUPP and our partners will ensure we make it to topple Taibs government. Whatever BN party they put up the people has enough of the corruption,cronyism and grabbing land from the natives. Hidup Pakatan!!

  7. D Wall says:

    Whatever and whoever they put out it will not be a stroll now. Used to be so easy to win no matter who the candidate is. Not anymore and its a tough battle now for BN. Its time for the Pakatan group to capitalise and end the nearly 50 years of BN rule in Sarawak.

  8. Unggal says:

    Who is this Jonathan Rayong.?..no such person in Sarawak politic. We only know Johnical Rayong…Independent ADUN for Engkilili.

  9. Mata Kuching says:

    The prime minister of Malaysia who is from the mobs party called UMNO cannot guaranteed the freedom of worship as enshrined in the Federal Constitution and the safety of other races to co-exist peacefully. BN component or coalition partners are becoming more irrelevant after GE12 and will not be consulted by UMNO in all major issues that matter. It’s time for Sarawakians and Sabahans to wake up and safe-guard our constitution, national wealth and the future of our children by changing the BN government.

  10. looes74 says:

    With new development on churches being burnt, Sarawak BN need to do damage control quick.

    Watch out for PCM to do war dance on this issue to gain more seats

    Lets see how Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak play its strategy. Honestly, wondering why Dap can’t be given prominence? Be it Sarawak or Perak? Guess it would end up like in Perak

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