Anwar “Who the Big Fishes …??”

Seems the authorities are beginning to rope in the culprits who has been oversiphoning the rakyats money in the PKFZ scandal. The inital costs of 2 billion spiralled to 4.6 billion for the massive 400-hectare integrated cargo distribution hub.

The question in everyones mouth and not only Anwar the opposition leadersmind is,”Who is next and also the bigger players should not be allowed to escape..??? ”

Anwar further added,” We welcome this although it is a small move. I hope this is not the beginning of a cover-up on the issue.” All the major tabloids local and foreign and internet blogs will be covering the latest developments. If  the Government does come down hard on those found to have played a part in the Scandal it will elevate the country and certainly boost foreign confidence and bring back losts investments.

The fun ride for some is beginning to come to an end and those unfortunate scapegoats will be hoping that they will not be the ONLY ONES..

“SPDP News..??”

Seems with just one week to go before nominations closed and there are no indications of any movement within the SPDP camps. One political watcher poked a seemingly harmless question which when we analyse deeply it has  the makings of ” you will regret later” and that is WHAT THE IMPLICATIONS OF THE STATUS QUO REALLY MEANS FOR SPDP..?

Anyone care to add more?

  • What if SPDP do some housekeeping first?
  • Is SPDP just covering itself up?
  • Has the PKFZ issues derailed SPDP to an extent that its better to keep QUIET…Hmmmm. 
  • Why has the person who was supposed to go for the Presidency suddenly losts his Wings ?
  •  Has he been told to shut up or ship out?

Well, over and out to you all and lets see who can come out with the mosts imaginative comment ….hik hik hik

Sulaimans Resignation More Shocking or MACC Boss??

According to an internet blog the resignation of MACC boss is comes as quite a shock to the whole adminstrative system. Various theories and excuses are given for this sudden development and above it all it might just be another political manouevering.

The resignation letter of Deputy Minister of Tourism does come too as a shock to mosts of his “machais“. There were already word of it about a month and a half  ago but it was not revealed and word has it that the CM was not too happy then with his sons “rash act“. Exactly what happened we do not want to reveal all and as parents most of us will imagine what words came out and the subsequent actions. What would you have done..??

Taib is after all human and he wants the bests for Sulaiman his eldest son and for him to continue the family legacy. Would you have done the same in his position?   You would be lying to yourself if you say no,no,no.

audie61 had a breakfast meeting with a very close aide of Sulaiman this morning and he has mentioned that Sulaiman might quit as deputy as the signs of a U-Turn looks quite a distant.

HOWEVER  he will not relinquish his position as an elected MP.This wil quash all rumours about Samarahan getting ready for a Parliamentary by election and Najib will be very pleased nevertheless with such a move.

The next question is who will replace Sulaiman in the slot provided by Najibs adminstration for a PBB MP. According to our our sources five names does appear in the PBB radars with stong indications for  Alex Linggi and Henry Sum Agong( both very senior Parliamentarians) while Hasbibollah,Nora Rahman and Nancy Shukri are both first timers. Could Nora just succeed his cousin Sulaiman and pip others to the posts?

The PBB second echelon leaders are looking at Alex Linggi to be given the opportunity to take over from Sulaiman as he is known to very hardworking,approachable and is always on the ground willing to listen and assist the rakyat to  the bests of his capacity. 

Much can be written about the individual MPS but we know for a fact that Najib does believe that the MPs that works hard and are seen on the ground deserves a chance to be elevated. CM Taib does also believe in “hard work pays off  attitude and he will be too pleased to recommend without hesitation if the Big Boss says so. Its all up to what the leaders have in mind and we will only be too pleased if it is not taken away from Sarawak’s quota.   

So Najib will take it in his stride that it is indeed an opportunity for others to shine be it a new man as the MACC Boss or a New Deputy Minister. The platform is ther for for the person to take over and whoever is tasks will thank his stars that the time is right for him to SHINE BRIGHTLY.

No other words comes to mind except that only our parents who wants the bests for us will tell us that the stars are REACHABLE AND TOUCHABLE .


audie61 received a number of smses on ” Too Afraid To Step Down ” and one in particular which says,” in Politics muscle will get you around eventhough its not so openly in Malaysia. in other Asian countries its the norm. ” There is also one which refers back to PBDS and PRS factional infighting days which security was stepped up especially during meetings,seminars and conferences and this I only know to well. Nothing is taken to chance and all measures are taken to avoid untowards and unwanted incidents.

There is also an sms which asked us to check up and to reposts the article.  We thank our readers for sending us smses to keep us in check and there are times like these where every up to date information are vital to keep us on our toes. Not to say we are losing momentum but every news worth reporting will give us the EDGE and AHEAD to serve you all better..Terima Kasih..

The article- 

Those who think that the Dec 5 MCA AGM was postponed as part of the PM-brokered peace accord is as wrong as those who thought Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek could never work together.


By I Love Malaysia

The fact is neither Ong Tee Keat nor Chua Soi Lek met the PM who had returned to Malaysia (after a week-long overseas tour of duty), 16 hours before the MCA Central Committee met and decided to postpone the AGM date. Besides, OTK was too busy shuttling between Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and his home to nurse his stomach ailment, sustained from stress and irregular dietary pattern during Malaysia’s intense campaigning for a seat in the International Maritime Organisation in London recently.

Besides, those who thought Ong Tee Keat care about Umno must have forgotten how he took on powerful forces in PKFZ which has enrichened some of the most powerful Malays of this millennium.

The fact was, it was all systems go for the meeting, and the party CC took the drastic decision to postpone the meeting 48 hours before the AGM was due. The Special Branch and millitary intelligence have reverted to PM Najib asd his cousin Hishammuddin Hussein that certain quarters had planned to create chaos on Dec 5.

This message was confirmed and re-communicated by PM and DPM to MCA secretary-general Wong Foon Meng at the Bunga Raya Complex in KLIA the night before the CC meeting ( Wong immeidately rushed to relay the message to OTK.

OTK was informed that the “Wah Kee” triad members from Pahang, Selangor and Perak had been mobilised to stir trouble on AGM Day, in the presence of Najib, the DPM and BN component leaders as well as representatives from the Chinese community. The booing and jeering would begin as soon as OTK stepped into Dewan San Choon in Wisma MCA. And the rabble-rousers would continue to stir trouble the moment OTK delivers his presidential address in a calculated move to embarrass him in front of the PM.

And after the PM leaves, the chair-throwing would begin and pepper-spray war would commence, runing whatever little left of MCA’s tattered reputation. And no way in hell would OTK allow that to happen under his watch – again.

In 2001, when he was the MCA Youth chief, a group of gangsters had done similar things in what is now known as the 803 Incident, named after the August 3 fracas ( Then, anti-OTK MCA members threw chairs, blew whistles, threw stink bombs and even staged a bomb hoax to disrupt proceedings because they were angry that OTK had gone against Ling Liong SIk in the MCA purchase of Nanyang Press Holdings Bhd.

Fast forward eight years and the modus operandi remains, and one of the two main perpetrators remain. Three nights before the MCA Youth AGM, a dinner was held in Overseas Restaurant in Imbi hosted by former Federal Territories Parliamentary Secretary Yew Teong Look, the man instrumental in staging 803.

The anti-OTK man was distributing whistles and mapping out strategies to do a repeat of 803. The Special Branch had gotten wind that the rabble rousers had even planned to switch off the Wisma MCA main power source at the AGM official opening while the PM was there to discreedit OTK- something Najib’s security team could not compromise on. (The other mastermind of 308 was Hang Chin Pheng, who had receded into the background of MCA poilitics.)

The plan to use violence is strongly backed by MCA Youth chief Wee Ka SIong who has asked his machai Chong Sin Woon (who is under the payroll of Datuk Ng Bong Ching, a beneficiary of Liow Tiong Lai’s Health Ministry projects) to play a role. Chong, who harbours hopes of becoming WKS’ political secretary, has been told to convince delegates from MCA Youth to stay away from the meeting. In their absence, their MCA ID cards, which grants them entry into Dewan San Choon, will be given to the thugs to do their magic.

To avert all this and in order not fall into the trap laid by the WKS-led faction, OTK instructed CSL to postpone the MCA AGM. The postponement will buy him enough time to not only stage the Mother of All Comebacks, but also tigthen the noose around the dissidents.

“Too Afraid To Step Down”

Natasha received an sms  from a former colleague,” Afraid lah Ong group..!! Not willing to step down.” Uncle Chua says the constitution clearly stipulates that there must be 20 elected CC members must resign, in order for fresh polls to be held. So backs on the wall for Liow group.”

 The whole article we reposts from an internet portal for you all to make your own judgement:-

The first MCA special committee meeting to look into details of fresh party polls ended with the committee chairperson Dr Chua Soi Lek saying that there may be no new elections at all.

NONEChua, also the party deputy president, told reporters after the hour-long meeting this morning that there were too many technical and legal issues involved for fresh elections to be held.

“The possibility (of not holding fresh polls) is very high,” he said when asked to comment on the issue.

Among the hurdles he cited are the unwillingness of central committee (CC) members to resign and the tenure of the new leadership if fresh polls are held. Another question is whether fresh polls should involve Youth and Wanita leadership.

While the committee could not make any decision today, it has directed the party’s lawyers to look into legal issues to make sure that any decision that it makes later will not breach the constitution.

Chua said the lawyers have been asked to submit their feedback later this week, after which the committee will meet again. This will be one of two meetings it will hold before making a final decision.

He also said that only 13 CC members, including himself, are willing to resign to pave the way for fresh polls, but did not reveal their names.

The constitution stipulates that 20 elected CC members must resign, in order for fresh polls to be held.

mca liao faction briefing penang 221109 liow tiong laiVice-president Liow Tiong Lai, who leads one of the three feuding factions, had previously said that 13 CC members from his faction are ready to resign.

Last Wednesday, the MCA CC meeting decided to postpone its annual general meeting – scheduled for last Saturday – to another date to allow the party to decide on the fresh polls.

A special committee headed by Chua was formed to look into the date and manner of the fresh elections.

Liow’s faction had sought for new elections to be held within 60 days but both Chua and party president Ong Tee Keat said they prefer a date after March next year.

‘Fresh polls without contesting’

Chua today reiterated that although the party crisis must be resolved as soon as possible through fresh polls, no deadline should be imposed on the CC to resign.

“Nobody should be talking about deadlines in January,” he said.

NONEChua also said that “fresh polls without contesting” would be the best way to end the impasse, but did not elaborate on the suggestion.

Liow, a member of the special committee, maintained that it will ultimately recommend fresh elections. He said his supporters are trying to convince the other CC members to resign.

“I don’t want to say much… Too many statements will affect our effort,” he said before leaving the party headquarters.

In the 2002 party polls, candidates for key posts were nominated and won without any contest. This was after then premier and Barisan Nasional head Dr Mahathir Mohammad brokered a ‘peace plan’ to end the infighting in MCA.

DAP Sarawak “Hero or Champion”

N11 Assemblyman Voon Lee Shan is very much under the spotlight and is the DARLING OF THE MEDIA at the moment. His status ever since his spat with the Backbenchers Chairman Karim Hamzah has propelled him to the status as ” Hero or Champion ” of the people. Will this lasts? It seems that he is sticking up like a sore nail in DAP’s circle and he has taken over as A true “Storm warrior” in reengineering a change in the leadership of Sarawak DAP.

The chinese tabloids are playing up the issue and our innsiders within DAP are seeing a fight which has the makings of the the pasts DAP struggles for Chairmanship in the days of Sim Kwang Yang(SKY). We all know what happen then and we do not want to dwell too much on the pasts. The present is a gift and thats why there is Todays DAP leaders who has made a significant breakthrough in the lasts State elections.

If the words uttered by Voon are anything to go by and usually its very LAZER PRESS FRIENDLY and with these reports on the ground,” I am not going against Richard Wong Ho Leng but he is trying to OUST me. Batu Lintang and even Pending Branches  I suppose are together in the same “Menu-Cai Tua-Hockien for a preferred lists in the lineup.” Do you think I will just let him OUST me..?? How does one read into these words? Will Ho Leng just brush it aside??

A phone call was made to the Kidurong Assemblyman by an internet blog-Sarawak update and they said that YB Chiew was playing it safe and said that it seems a “status quo’ would be the next bests bet for DAP as it prepares itself for the upcoming elections. But the battle sparks have already been set and Voon and Ho Leng are just the preview to the MAIN MOVIE.

The sudden resignationof  Deputy Minister of  Tourism Sulaiman Taib has even been overshadowed by this recent development in DAP. The propaganda machinery in DAP has been stepped up and with PBB having its Annual Convention very soon the word is DAP needs to be ready to lead the charge for more seats in the next elections. This means the HOUSE Needs to be in ORDER FIRST..

SUPP Youth has clearly stated that they want at least 20% representation for the next elections and DAP with an upswing of voters looking at SUPP embroiled in all its troubles will want to capitalise fully on the present political climate.

DAP will need to look towards the STORM Warriors and who amongst them will be the “HERO or Champion for DAP towards the next state elections. There are no 2nd class tickets available in this fight for the Chairman of DAP Sarawak. There are no imaginations in this fight for the posts and when it comes the prsioners will be left to dry and hang out in the unbelievable scorching political  sun.

Voon will use this  time available to him when the BN Backbenchers Chairman is away on a State Economic Business trip overseas to  spearhead his own survival in DAP. He will need all his political wisdom to manouevre through the trenches and traps before him in the DAPs wranglling for party power. He does not want to be left behind and before he is OUSTED he will ensure that he KICKS UP A STORM.

Chiew Chin Seng is playing the cards close to his chest as he is quietly monitoring what Chong Chieng Jen has on his mind. The opposition members in the state are hoping that a compromised solution will be a perfect present for the coalition as it  faces the BN in the impending elections.   

Familiar isn’t it….No political prisoners and excess baggage so who is going overboard…..more will follow……….

DAP Sarawak-“Storm Warriors”

Just as the highly anticipated martial arts film”The Storm Warriors” are about to blasts into our cinemas next week a political storm is brewing in the Sarawak DAP. It will thunder in very soon and according to innsiders/sources this has the making of of a very serious loss to the party as DAP Sarawak has more soldiers than Generals and it will further split the party.

Storm warriors  is based on the comic’s pivotal Death Battle story. Cloud (Aaron Kwok) and Wind(Ekin Cheng ) are in conflict with the powerful Japanese warlord (Simon Yam) and Heartless (Nicholas Tse)  The combined forces in this movie culminates in an ultimate battle with a lot of fighting and actions. DAP like our previous article in which we wrote Times’ Up Voon on N11 is just a diversion from the reality of it all.

There are 6 Sarawak State DAP  legislators in N10(Violet Yong) N11( Voon Lee Shan) N12( Chong Chieng Jen) N40 (Ting Tze Fui) N45 (Wong Ho Leng) N59  (Chiew Ching Sing). According to ground zero reports SUPP will be facing its toughest yet to win back these losts 6 seats and might just face a rather acrimonious loss of at least a few more. The reality of it all is that SUPP will need to sort itself out before they face their common enemy and the voters. 


DAP’s ratings have indeed surged since SUPP has been embroiled in too much infighting. Even tears were shed by veteran SUPP members in their recent SUPP assembly.Are these the start for SUPP veterans to come back and assist the injured party to fight its toughest battle against DAP?  SUPP will not give up so easily and we can say with our lasts dollar that they will come out fighting from the word “GO“.

DAP has very low regards to SUPP holding their forts and it is common knowledge that when your enemy is having problems it represents the best chance for DAP leaders to lead the armyand they are prepared to TAKE-OFF and take full charge of the situation. An internal strugle to see who leads this army is brewing according to our sources and there are clearly three factions in DAP Sarawak. 

Chiew,Chong and Ho Leng are the 3 factional leaders in this equation and Voon is the odd man out of this three factions and considered a loner. David Wong,Fong Pau Teck a strong DAP divisional head is touted to join forces with Chiew the N59 assemblyman while Ho Leng has losts the plot amongst the DAP party members eventhough the voters has still high esteemed of him as an assemblyman. Chong senior sees this an opportune time for his son N12 Assemblyman Chong Chieng Jen to lead  DAP with his new team. Observers are looking at Chiew putting a stop to a family legacy and confidently and quietly pretty sure that “past karma” might just stop Chong from leading DAP SARAWAK. 

We  know from the highest to the lowest party member almost all are obsessed in party positions especially so with DAP Sarawak now as they are on the verge of greater representations in the DUN as SUPP to them is a foregone entity.The struggles which they have battle scars to prove is now close at hand and the people/voters are slowly accepting them as alternative to champion their rights in mosts of the urban Chinese enclave.  It is these Posseessiveness-the passion to hold and have -is the ultimate source of war,and the foundation of all the ills crippling a solid political organisation. The question is will it affect DAP Sarawak as it prepares itself for the impending Elections? Will DAP with these storm brewing gain more than lose more?

DAP will need to pick amongst them the new leader or remain status quo to lead the opposition front into a battle royale with BN. Innsiders points to the fact that PKR Sarawak has got their house in order and with Baru Bian at the helm the party is on solid footing. Opposition members hopes for more of the same from DAP power struggles but hope their possessiveness of the DAP LEADERS CHAIR will do more good than harm.

Obviously BN and SUPP hopes that the storm brewing will drown the generals of the party and the soldiers will be too battle weary when the STATE ELECTION COMES ROUND THE CORNER. DAP YBs have their own charisma according to a highly ranked opposition leader and they will still hold their own against their opponents when the moment of truth is upon them.

audie61 hopes for the sake of DAP that this will augur well for DAP as the THUNDER SETS IN. BN is looking closely to ensure that the injured will not be able to PATCH UP and thus the bottom will cave in. The storm warriors of DAP will do well to look at the bigger picture than going for the ultimate. Will they just do that……

DAP Voon-“Time’s Up on N11”

According to our sources there are speculations that DAP Assemblyman would not be picked to stand as the DAP preferred candidate for this incoming State elections. He is also considered as a loner and is deprived of information on DAP state matters. Are this back biting ssufficient for DAP to drop him out of reckoning? Are they more pressing matters?

Could his so called racial “overtones at the recent DUN sitting  be the FINAL NAIL for the DAP hierarchy to stop him from going for a second term? There are more questions than answers and as far as the recent spat with the Backbenchers Chairman is concerned we would be hearing more of it as time develops. We learnt this all from some reliable veteran observers and they say the Back biting is getting serious as far as YB Voon is concerned.

Back biting in a politcal party as we know is very damaging.It can be used by certain quarters as part of their scheme to secure political positions or steer their way into positions as favoured candidates. The members in the party will dictate the status quo of the the day and it seems Voon will be the FALL GUY.


He is facing his toughest battle not only internally in DAP but also against outside forces of the Police Report and the allegations of criminal intimidation and the various smses which are already in the hands of the Police. A date in court will do him more harm than good and if the case is not in his favour he will have to relinquish his position. {The tasty bits of information we will reveal later as it might jeorpadise the  police investigations}

No doubt this back biting did not stem from outside forces but usually it starts from a close insider source. The pursuit of such an opportunity for the DAP aspiring candidate will ensure that his dream of taking the coveted chair away from Voon is done and in doing so it is a convenient TOOL to achieve the preferred goal.

This unholy way many have succeeded and Voon should just look over his shoulder as the messages that is being spread now will reach a wide influence and impact and it may even shape the public opinion though DAP Voon might  gain public sympathy through his stand at the recent DUN.

All though is not too well for Voon and he knows what is coming and he is trying to change the rising tide towards his nose. The wizards of back biting will see this as the greatest opportune time to PUSH THE DAGGER in towards Voons chest and it is up to him to come out fighting. Will he be able to cop this time round?

 It seems that mosts political analysts points Voon to losing the battle this time round BUT as alwys there might just be some HOPE if he quietly goes off in the sunset…..   

Voon faces his toughest battle just yet and it has not been a good November for him……………

Anwars” January 25th date”

Natasha of audie61 received an sms from a former colleague,’ Check out Anwar’s date in Court and reposts the article if possible.” 

We reposts the article from an internet portal for all to have an insight:- 

The High Court today dismissed an application by Anwar Ibrahim to strike out the sodomy charge he is facing. The court then set trial dates from Jan 25 to Feb 25 for the case to continue.

NONEThis morning, Kuala Lumpur High Court judge Mohd Zabidin Mohd Diah ruled that only a full trial could determine if there was actual penetration as charged by the prosecution.

Anwar’s defence team had argued that the sodomy charge could not stand as medical reports showed no penetration on the victim.

“While the medical reports may ‘state no conclusive clinical findings to suggest penetration of the anus/rectum’, this court however cannot cancel the charge,” said Mohd Zabidin, before a packed court room, which included former MCA vice-president Chua Jui Meng, who recently joined PKR and PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

“Witnesses have to be called in to testify to attest to the matter. The matter has to go through full trial to also consider the forensic evidence, to determine the case ,” he added.

Zabidin said this evidence and report would be useful to the defence team in creating doubts over the testimony of the witnesess on the incidence of penetration.


Anwar had previously failed in his attempt to remove the prosecution team from the case.

Allegations against the AG

Anwar, 62, was charged with allegedly sodomising former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 24, at a condominium in Bukit Damansara on June 26, last year.

He had claimed trial on March 10, at the Kuala Lumpur High Court against this charge. He was initially charged with the offence at the Sessions Court, before the case was transferred to the High Court.

Justice Zabidin, in his 14-page judgment also touched on Anwar’s defence team’s submission that the prosecution had acted ‘mala fide’ in preferring the charge. He said the allegation is mainly against Attorney General Abdul Gani Patail.

“They argued that the prosecutors in this present case had realised the role the AG had played then in 1998. They listed the role played by Abdul Gani in twisting and fabricating evidence against Anwar in 1998.

abdul gani patail“Despite this, there is no evidence to suggest that the same scenario is happening in this present case. Just showing Abdul Gani’s (left) role in 1998 is insufficient. That the present batch of prosecutors may have knowledge of this does not mean they (prosecutors) would be biased.

“It is also insufficient for the court on the balance of probabilities at this level, to decide that the charge faced by the accused is a result of mala fide,” he said.

Thus, Zabidin said Anwar’s application to set aside or quash the charge under Section 377B of the Penal Code is dismissed.

Anwar’s lead counsel Karpal Singh indicated to Zabidin that they will appeal today’s decision. Lawyer Sankara Nair told reporters later he would file the notice of appeal tomorrow.

Anwar unhappy with trial dates

Meanwhile, Anwar said he was disappointmented with the manner the High Court judge fixed the trial dates without considering the fact that an appeal is pending at the Federal Court on a related matter.

Anwar said that he was waiting for the Federal Court to hear his appeal to obtain further documents and evidence from the prosecution.

“The judge has decided to fix hearing dates in total disregard to our appeal on the matter. This is a first – there is ‘no need to wait for the Federal Court, let us proceed with the hearing’.

“Previously he had decided for us in gaining evidence from the prosecution and now he has decided against us by fixing the trial date.

“The very least is for him to respect his own previous decision that allowed us access to the documents and give time for the Federal Court to hear and decide on the matter,” he said.

Anwar also said while the court had verifed the medical reports from four specialists who said there was no penetration, this is the first case in the world where prosecution has been allowed to go on despite the reports stating there was no penetration.

He said today’s decision was also perplexing in that while the judge seems to have agreed on the role played by Abdul Gani in fabricating evidence, he decided that the present batch of prosecutors would not be influenced by bias.

anwar release 020904 sukma dermawan close up“However, we have evidence that solicitor general 2 Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden was involved in the Sukma Darmawan (right) case, where evidence was also fabricated and in the end Sukma was cleared.

“I’m worried that this prosecution, led by Umno, is withholding vital evidence directed to hurt my case. If such evidence is provided to the defence, I’m prepared to have the case proceed tomorrow,” said the opposition leader.

Describing today’s judgment as disturbing, Anwar said the medical evidence was conclusive and the judge seemed to have acknowledged that but he had hinted there maybe some other evidence to be adduced.

This is the first case in the history of modern times that you prefer a charge of sexual abuse ignoring medical evidence that conclusively states there was no tear or penetration.”

“I think we are in for a tough battle. We will fight them because we have compelling evidence and facts to support us. But the manner the prosecutors and court want to proceed with the case seems a bit worrying to me and my team of lawyers,” he said.

The defence earnestly asked Justice Zabidin to set mention dates instead of trial dates during proceedings, because of pending cases at the Federal Court. However the judge refused and fixed the hearing next month.

Sankara said his team would be studying on whether to apply for a stay of the hearing pending the appeal of related cases.