201 to 66

The sms from an insider that came at 18.35 pm from the counting centre reads,” 201 to 66 Nyarok retains  Deputy Presidency of SPDP.” Just then another sms came in from our privelege source and it read,” We did not make it but we won a moral victory. To all the supporters tq  for your support.

A political analyst telephoned audie61,” If Nyarok is not supported fully behind by Tiong King Sing it could have gone either way. It also shows that the Supreme council lineup mosts of the people can be considered/aligned to  Tiong. It just shows that he is still a major player in the party affairs and with him at the helm SPDP will need not worry too much as he has got so much influences ” 

Meanwhile one of Nyaroks close aide sent an sms ,”Thank you very much for your all your help and assistance” while Philip who also sent in an sms ,’ I am relief and rejoicing.I have done my part for the people.I hope this will enhance change. The Party has won and congratulations again to Nyarok.”  A SC member also said ,’what a relief to have retained my position…Pheeew” 

SPDP has completed its TGA and next in the BN Sarawak coalition will be PBB followed by PRS. The party will look forward to a good outing in the next state elections due to be held in 2011.


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  • 9 thoughts on “201 to 66

    1. sarawakiana says:

      Nyarok congrats but please know that 66 people are watching your backs.. Dont think you can witch hunt.Enjoy while you can…

    2. Aki says:

      Can Audie ak. Chua or someone out there explain in writing why Banyi Beriak lost in the contest for SC despite being listed in the “President line-up”?

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