Anwars”Political Whirlpool” Voon and Philip….??”

Never write anyone off. The Malaysian political landscape has changed dramatically ever since 308 and this is due to the persistence of Anwar Ibrahim in his quests to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. The title he has so far from it all is only “Opposition Leader” in Parliament and to his inner circles as  “PRIME MINISTER IN WAITING”

audie61 was talking to a senior veteran PBB member who said that there might be changes in PBB in the next delegates conference scheduled and slotted to be held in March. Even the status quo of SPDP is being challenged and this is due to the part of the young being hot blooded and demanding to see some changes in the upper echelon of the BN parties. This seems to be the signal that is being used by the older disgruntled and sidelined members to push the “young and dangerous’ to step in the political whirlpool.

Once you are thrown in there is no point of return. The “shining stars” will have to protect their own with their own group of tough and dedicated “machais’ and its not always so smooth sailing. The President of SPDP is trying to protect the party with a “status quo’ and so will the other BN component parties like PBB,PRS and SUPP. But will this come at a price?    At least it seems some SPDP grassroot members are making their intentions known. 

The veteran politician equates it very simply to a “harmless knife”. Anwar was harmless in UMNO but when he was pushed to a corner and after spending 10 years in the wilderness he has come back with the knife ready to slit the throats that has harmed him. Is he succeeding?

 The people in the corridors of power are so afraid of their own shadows and they are using all methods,strategies and non existence political ways to ensure Anwar  does not even smell the aroma of PUTRAJAYA for his second stint as the top leader in the government of Maalysia.

Surely, if Anwar cannot succeed so quickly what chances can we give to the deputy Presidential candidate Philip Ngo challenging Peter Nyarok for the deputies posts in SPDP. He says that if Anwar is polishing up the knife to ensure he maks it. A knife is traditionally used for the bests of purposes in our daily living but nowadays we are faced with too many instances where its used for ulterior motives.

When the very essence of our democratic principles used to run the country is being abused by the warlords in all parties “democracy will reengineer itslf back.” The people can be fooled once or twice but not forever.

Who is Philip Ngo to have generated a front page talking headlined as compared to Anwar Ibrahim? Has he seen the light that is flicking at the end of the tunnel? Many in the Pakatan fold are still using the Anwar factor to push for their own survival. The next person cannot save you  and you need to be above it all or you get swallowed up.  Its just simply,”share of the spoils”. The whirlpool will never stop in politics and as a DAP assemblyman said to audie61,” I just cant stand factional politics and I always leave it to the people to fight for me.

Philip has challenged the status quo and the BN parties are looking at it with interests. The floodgates have just being  opened  up and for BN to stay relevant they need to see a change as it re-engineers,re-invent and re-styled. Democracy cannot be compromised and many still forget the very essence on how political parties are formed and they fail to turn to their very own party CONSTITUTION for guidance. Mosts however only look for loopholes to attain and sustain power.

Anwar and Philip might be miles apart in terms of their political resume and poltical divide but they have breathe fresh air to the political scene in their respective journeys. We have had the Storm warriors in DAP convention two weeks ago and ( check this story out ) now we are seeing the whirlpool making its presence felt in SPDP.

Wonder if  Najib and Anwar on both political divides are picking up those who are swallowed up by their parties warlords. A good leader knows that those who are the shining stars are always shot down not due to their inabilities but the jealousies of their party comrades and politcal minefields that they stepped on.

Many have fell by the wayside but in politics we never discount anyone and they will come back and haunt you. Those who are sitting comfortably in their zones will do well not to forget the KNIFE. It’s a politcal whirlpool out there and Philip ,Voon and  Anwar knows bests what their PRINCIPLES AND IDEALS are.  

Good man will always come back  to restore the equilibrium and the very existence of DEMOCRACTIC GOVERNANCE.

8 thoughts on “Anwars”Political Whirlpool” Voon and Philip….??”

  1. sarawakiana says:

    Good on you Philip to challenge the status quo. You are right in telling what the delegates want and that also applies to the rakyat. Kuddos my riend and wish you luck.

  2. chloe says:

    A lot will ride on the sentiments of the delegates and its up to Philip and his crew o help him. Nyarok will be busy with his campaigning and whoever wins its a plus point for the party.

  3. phyllis says:

    He who performs well deserves to be elected and those who fear their own shadows will soon fall by the wayside. Its not up to both Nyarok or Philip its up to what the delegates want for their own party. Good luck to both the leaders.

  4. jojoASAP says:

    if SPDP delegates umderstand what is democracy than Philip ngo is the have all the rights to do so. otherwise all delegates are just tumpang sekaki just merely follow what the presiden says. if this will happen sarawak political scenario will never be change. it may be good for those who are rank close to there party counterpart but absolutely not good for rakyat as whole, because BN is not doing the right things so far 46 years is concern. LOOK at how they have done bad thing to people of Sg Asap.

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