DAP Voon “Driven to serve”

The fat lady has sung the last verse for N11 Assemblyman Voon Lee Shan and though it has left a bitter taste in his mouth after the Sarawak DAP convention he told audie61 at breakfast,”Let the people of Batu Lintang constituency judge me after I’ve gone. When your time is up its time to go but I’m not going but MOVING ON “. Its like Chess,next step….

His wife a pillar of strength behind the man who wrestled the seat from former Mayor of Kuching City South and N11 SUPP candidate Chan Seng Khai could not agree more.  Batu Lintang State Constituency (24783) is considered undoubtedly a stronghold for the the Barisan National Government but 2006 was the day when Voon Lee Shan changed all that. No one gave him a GHOSTS OF A CHANCE and now there are undercurrents (see articles below) from his own party to replace/reassigned him to a more difficult unwinnable seat.

He goes around his business meeting his constituency and it was a REAL CHANCE meeting to have bump into him at Breakfast. He was going round the tables shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries and listening to problems of his constituency. He told us plainly,” Whatever has been done is done and for me the politics that has happened like the one audie61 played up on STORM WARRIORS must not go on as it will be VERY UNHEALTHY FOR DAP SARAWAK. I  have taken it on the chin and I hope that my comrades in the party will look deeper before they decide to move to oust him from the Batu Lintang  N11 State seat.

Of course there are clashes in style in  any party and the people will be the judge of it all. What has been played up in the main stream newspapers on “DAP will be fine even without me” should not be the final card which N11 YB Voon has on his sleeve. His eyes lighted up when the people at the coffeeshop shouted,”Don’t worry we are with you Voon and keep up the good work.” He said to audie61,’  COULD I LEAVE THIS PEOPLE AND NOT SERVE THEM..What do you honestly think…?”

On another note he thanked State DAP Chairman Wong Ho Leng for giving him the chance to challenge or else it would not have clipped his wings ” just a bit ‘ to know where his strength is.

 The people of N11 is his strength and if the party just  listen to hearsays and just replace him as Candidate for the forthcoming State election it might just play straight into the BN hands. DAP will need to stop this private infighting for the good of the party.

There has been too much infighting in SUPP and this is the bests chance for DAP to use the momentum of the people behind the party. There should stop this SELFISH THOUGHTS ONCE AND FOR ALL and serve the people first and not chop,chop,chop and change,change,change on those winnable candidates. The Vote X is with the people and though how popular the party is, if the people decides that the candidate is not THEIRS its a bye,bye,bye to the party.

DAP is no different and many young Sarawak urbanites voters feels that SUPP’s troubles will be DAPs gain but then again if DAP continues to have unnecessary needle attacks at each other the people will have the final say. This scenario might just happen in certain seats and it will be a lose to the parties involved.

We posted this earlier in which the spat with Karim Hamzah the BN bakbenchers Chairman might just have knocked him a few steps back…He is facing his toughest battle not only internally in DAP but also against outside forces of the Police Report and the allegations of criminal intimidation and the various smses which are already in the hands of the Police. A date in court will do him more harm than good and if the case is not in his favour he will have to relinquish his position.

Its now time for him to RETHINK,RE ENERGISE,REPLAN and tear up his FAILED  ACTION PLAN  but to RETRACE where he took the wrong turn and where the NO-ENTRY should be heeded instead of trying to beat the system of the party. The following articles written are food for thoughts by Voons strategist and as an Assemblyman who says,” I am driven to serve and I will buy that.

Be it a BN or Pakatan/Independant  Assemblyman wherever or whoever you are when the attitude is right the people will vote you back in if you understand the very basic of ” What its all about being a people’s representative…?? 

DAP will be indeed be a SORE LOSER  if the NAILS CONTINUE TO BE DRIVEN IN………….


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12 thoughts on “DAP Voon “Driven to serve”

  1. Mata Kuching says:

    YB Voon,you can be assured that the Dayaks in N11 and many who have yet to be registered and its for your sole benefits to get them registered as voters, will be giving you their supports come the next state election. You have done a great job in providing the check and balance as expected of you as a state assemblyman and also making sure development fund for N11 had been more efficiently utilised and not siphoned elsewhere.

    The constituents of N11 and Batu Lintang are solidly behind you and will be your true strength. You have been our great and humble servant. We know you will never ask for recognition to shoulder the people’s problems. God bless you.

  2. sarawakiana says:

    In all due respect DAP Sarawak shoud be a better judge of it all. Selfish needs gets one no where. Voon has done a good job according to the people of Batu Lintang. Heard that so many jealousies amongst DAP members.

  3. Matchmakers says:

    Is it ime to call it a day YB Voon? You have sounded like a lost soldier in the main stream media. Beaten and Out and if you feel that way just leave.

  4. Susan Hii says:

    YB dont worry pick up the pieces and we are still with you. No way we are going to let the SUPP boys backk into the constituency. Anything but SUPP..bye bye SUPP

  5. Iron Mike says:

    DAP for me and I am still for DAP voon as we know he always fight for our rights.All DAP YBs have their owm right hooks and left hooks and thats why i am Iron Mike. Stay cool YB and we are still or you and DAP.BN no way.

  6. Carrefore says:

    DAP is finished. I do not vote at Batu Lintang. However having followed VLS, I think he is a pillar of strength at N11.

    If Chong think that they are DAP strongman, sadly to say they are out of touch and under them, DAP is doomed together with Dominic Ng who is destined to lose his deposit for cheating PKR and Rakyat via Batu Kawa Service Center.

    Long Live Taib Mahmud and this is because PR have stupid leaders and advisors.

  7. Mata Kuching says:

    A YB with impeccable character and principle will not be distracted by political jealousies within his party and political nemesis and will steadfastly continue in discharging his or her duties without fear and favour. The people are the real judge of his or her performance.

    DAP Sarawak should focus on expanding to more suburban and rural areas despite its financial constrains as there are no better time than now. YB Voon together with YB Wong Ho Leng and CHiew Chin Sing are the most appropriate leaders in DAP Sarawak to take the party to the heart lands of Sarawak and fight for the rights of the generally rural poor who have been systematically oppressed , subpressed and pawned by the BN government over the last 50 years.

    YB Voon has been an outstanding member of the party’s leadership and is a man of principle throughout his political struggles for what is righteous and the mouth-piece of the people of Sarawak. The voters in Batu Lintang and Stampin will be with solidly with you and for speaking out for all oppressed communities.

  8. BL Constituent says:

    YB VLS has done a great job in the constituency. We can see that various roads have been re-tarred, street lights been constructed and drains have been properly built, especially at Green Road, Jln Tengah, CHMS No6, etc.

    We know what u have been doing, VLS. Don’t worry, we will stay solidly behind u, and i am certain u will be able to increase your majority this time!

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