“Wahab Dollah,Dawos,Linggi or Nora…??”

It seems that everyone is looking beyond Sulaimans resignation and we have covered it earlier. This is also an interesting read from an internet blog sarawak update which we copied for all to have.  You will have your own preferences and we are still sticking with Alex Linggi and Nora. Whats your choice.??

Dr Jeniri Amir, a former executive editor of Utusan Sarawak turned senior lecturer at UNIMAS is softly campaigning for Wahab Dollah to replace Sulaiman Abdul Rahman given if Prime Minister accepted his resignation, here.

Yours truly, however have reservation against Wahab Dollah who happened to be my former big boss and Jeniri big boss. I would prefer a humble and low profile politician like Dawos. Dawos would solve the Bidayuh representation issue, just in time for Sarawak election.

But if there is any legal betting, I am not going to waste my money on either Wahab or Dawos because it is definitely going to be on Norah Abdul Rahman. Why? Look at her performance compare to Wahab and Dawos. Furthermore she is Abdul Rahman Yaakub daughter and Abdul Taib Mahmud cousin….

We wrote earlier……The next question is who will replace Sulaiman in the slot provided by Najibs adminstration for a PBB MP. According to our our sources five names does appear in the PBB radars with stong indications for  Alex Linggi and Henry Sum Agong( both very senior Parliamentarians) while Hasbibollah,Nora Rahman and Nancy Shukri are both first timers. Could Nora just succeed his cousin Sulaiman and pip others to the posts..

5 thoughts on ““Wahab Dollah,Dawos,Linggi or Nora…??”

  1. fedup s'wakian says:

    honestly, audie, u know the answer. Wahab dollah? come on! Linggi? come one again, he is Iban…Dawos (family) and Nora (well, family still but sandiwara still).

    So, what do u think!!!

  2. sarawakiana says:

    Its anybodys guess. front runner of course Nora and Linggi. But only if Douglas Ugah is being brought back too to stand on a state seat. far fetched though..

  3. fedup s'wakian says:

    Haiyo, what’s the fuss about who takes over???? as if it will suddenly change the lives of s’wakians? come on!

    audie, it’s rather surprising considering you’re PRS,(my apologies if you’re not) that neither you nor your team put pen to paper on the ‘under currents’ of late. (Kudos to you and yr team, for embracing the western concept of mis, dis something to do with information, flea shakin the dog or tail wagging something, the correct phrase which escapes me right now but the Tootsie guy was in it, sorry if mistaken to be the truth).

    It just goes to show how much the remainder of BN S’wak knows about the going on’s in BN s’wak politics (again, my apologies should the above mentioned presumption was wrong i.e. mistakenly thinking an independent objective minded blogger such as audie even though being PRS (if presumption was correct in the first place that audie is), to not naturally presume where audie’s loyalty lies).

    Anyhow, by the ‘under currents’ meaning, as rumour has it ‘the possible tiff in the upper eschelons of power in this country’. Federal and state, old guard (singular, the old mamak) and co (semi value, the self proclaimed ‘champions’ of Indians etc note how he is making a some small noises in some local tabloids about something) and the current ‘tenant’ (note again, singular again) of power in putrajaya.

    Why write on something so insignificant as to which so and so from s’wak to replace that son of so and so from s’wak? red herring? come on, so lame. maybe audie knows something we don’t.

    The favoured odds: status quo, left vacant deputy post, likely justification, save country resources as looming ‘state election’, considering the person who had vacated the much ‘written’ ministerial post is one from that state and the apparent replacement has to be from the same state to suggests the post reserved for s’wakian only (booohooohooo what an ‘important’ post) therefore, the father of the son who quit can say he is fighting so much for s’wak but in truth it’s just cow manure.

    Apparently, in their minds s’wakian are more concern with s’wakians being in useless cabinet posts than their economic survival or their land being robbed!

    geez, whatta a load of what you might call it……….manure!!!….just like the reason the father of the son who quit had to give the reason for the son quitting not being political. Just can imagine aunties in the kampongs shedding tears of sorrow..the mother of that son is probably turning in her grave but probably will win that son some samarahan aunties’ votes.

    keep an eye on the following characters: semi, the oxford grad, and that old foochow from sitiawan, even movements of MACC in S’wak which may provide some hints of whats to come! najib’s call? Maybe, afterall his KPI of sorts is PKFZ..and god knows which mamak stall it will end up if left unchecked!

  4. CSI says:

    It does not matter anymore who sits there. Sarawak is lost and the gravy train is getting lighter..if no more new oil fields are dug up…all the timber will be gone eventually…just like a BOTAK-HEAD!

    The old foxes and old crows cannot keep still. They want attention and remain relevant, otherwise they will all wilt & die very quickly!

    It is part of their nature, becos so many years of limelight and now in the twilight the ego is still strong…still want to proof they are smart, but we know who they are and what they are actually!


  5. hornbill says:

    I agree with Fedup and CSI – it doesn’t matter who replaces Sulaiman because it’s highly unlikely that they would be brave enough to champion Sarawakian causes in West Malaysia. Sulaiman’s resignation wasn’t a big loss – and his replacement would be just as mute.

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