Sulaimans Resignation More Shocking or MACC Boss??

According to an internet blog the resignation of MACC boss is comes as quite a shock to the whole adminstrative system. Various theories and excuses are given for this sudden development and above it all it might just be another political manouevering.

The resignation letter of Deputy Minister of Tourism does come too as a shock to mosts of his “machais“. There were already word of it about a month and a half  ago but it was not revealed and word has it that the CM was not too happy then with his sons “rash act“. Exactly what happened we do not want to reveal all and as parents most of us will imagine what words came out and the subsequent actions. What would you have done..??

Taib is after all human and he wants the bests for Sulaiman his eldest son and for him to continue the family legacy. Would you have done the same in his position?   You would be lying to yourself if you say no,no,no.

audie61 had a breakfast meeting with a very close aide of Sulaiman this morning and he has mentioned that Sulaiman might quit as deputy as the signs of a U-Turn looks quite a distant.

HOWEVER  he will not relinquish his position as an elected MP.This wil quash all rumours about Samarahan getting ready for a Parliamentary by election and Najib will be very pleased nevertheless with such a move.

The next question is who will replace Sulaiman in the slot provided by Najibs adminstration for a PBB MP. According to our our sources five names does appear in the PBB radars with stong indications for  Alex Linggi and Henry Sum Agong( both very senior Parliamentarians) while Hasbibollah,Nora Rahman and Nancy Shukri are both first timers. Could Nora just succeed his cousin Sulaiman and pip others to the posts?

The PBB second echelon leaders are looking at Alex Linggi to be given the opportunity to take over from Sulaiman as he is known to very hardworking,approachable and is always on the ground willing to listen and assist the rakyat to  the bests of his capacity. 

Much can be written about the individual MPS but we know for a fact that Najib does believe that the MPs that works hard and are seen on the ground deserves a chance to be elevated. CM Taib does also believe in “hard work pays off  attitude and he will be too pleased to recommend without hesitation if the Big Boss says so. Its all up to what the leaders have in mind and we will only be too pleased if it is not taken away from Sarawak’s quota.   

So Najib will take it in his stride that it is indeed an opportunity for others to shine be it a new man as the MACC Boss or a New Deputy Minister. The platform is ther for for the person to take over and whoever is tasks will thank his stars that the time is right for him to SHINE BRIGHTLY.

No other words comes to mind except that only our parents who wants the bests for us will tell us that the stars are REACHABLE AND TOUCHABLE .

8 thoughts on “Sulaimans Resignation More Shocking or MACC Boss??

  1. yeomen says:

    There are other MPs in Sarawak who deserve to be appointed , in the first place !! More shocking when he was even a candidate during the last elections !!! Hard for me to comprehend about Sarawak politics , sometimes….

  2. dayang says:

    Have they exhausted all options to stop him from resigning? Seems when it comes to his own son the CM just cannot put his foot down ..Sulaiman must have other better things to do than to serve a Lady Boss..

  3. zainuddin says:

    The tasks of performing as a deputy minister of tourism must be too much for him to handle. Or could he be played out by Ng Yen Yen ? Would n’t we like to be told….

  4. Mata Kuching says:

    With Sulaiman’s confirmed resignation, all signs are pointing to an impending Sarawak State Election before next Gawai Dayak. PR election machineries should be on the move now and all components of PR must stay focused on Sarawak State during and immediately after the first PR convention to be held soon. Once again, a reminder to all eligible voters in Sarawak, get yourself registered as a voter as soon as possible in order to exercise your democratic right and to choose your prefered government that take care of all Sarawakians at all times and not just during election times and offered empty promises and squandered our wealth.

  5. CSI says:

    He wants to be the next Chief Minister lah, what has it got to do with NG YENG YING?
    Father playing the games mah…as though we do not know!
    What is there to be a deputy minister only as compared to a CM post ! Haiyah !
    Money money money….more money back in the jungles of Borneo lah!
    All the trend sons must take over…..from Jibbut, Keris-man, son of Mamak, son-of Ling ling, Son of Kit Siang, son of-Chua No pants, Karpal the lion-king,Son of Uncle King Yik, all must follow fathers foot steps… Singapore lah….Lee Dynasty !

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