DAP Voon-“Time’s Up on N11”

According to our sources there are speculations that DAP Assemblyman would not be picked to stand as the DAP preferred candidate for this incoming State elections. He is also considered as a loner and is deprived of information on DAP state matters. Are this back biting ssufficient for DAP to drop him out of reckoning? Are they more pressing matters?

Could his so called racial “overtones at the recent DUN sitting  be the FINAL NAIL for the DAP hierarchy to stop him from going for a second term? There are more questions than answers and as far as the recent spat with the Backbenchers Chairman is concerned we would be hearing more of it as time develops. We learnt this all from some reliable veteran observers and they say the Back biting is getting serious as far as YB Voon is concerned.

Back biting in a politcal party as we know is very damaging.It can be used by certain quarters as part of their scheme to secure political positions or steer their way into positions as favoured candidates. The members in the party will dictate the status quo of the the day and it seems Voon will be the FALL GUY.


He is facing his toughest battle not only internally in DAP but also against outside forces of the Police Report and the allegations of criminal intimidation and the various smses which are already in the hands of the Police. A date in court will do him more harm than good and if the case is not in his favour he will have to relinquish his position. {The tasty bits of information we will reveal later as it might jeorpadise the  police investigations}

No doubt this back biting did not stem from outside forces but usually it starts from a close insider source. The pursuit of such an opportunity for the DAP aspiring candidate will ensure that his dream of taking the coveted chair away from Voon is done and in doing so it is a convenient TOOL to achieve the preferred goal.

This unholy way many have succeeded and Voon should just look over his shoulder as the messages that is being spread now will reach a wide influence and impact and it may even shape the public opinion though DAP Voon might  gain public sympathy through his stand at the recent DUN.

All though is not too well for Voon and he knows what is coming and he is trying to change the rising tide towards his nose. The wizards of back biting will see this as the greatest opportune time to PUSH THE DAGGER in towards Voons chest and it is up to him to come out fighting. Will he be able to cop this time round?

 It seems that mosts political analysts points Voon to losing the battle this time round BUT as alwys there might just be some HOPE if he quietly goes off in the sunset…..   

Voon faces his toughest battle just yet and it has not been a good November for him……………

25 thoughts on “DAP Voon-“Time’s Up on N11”

  1. sarawakiana says:

    DAP will do well to win the same number of seats. Besides Batu lintang there are also having problems in kota senosa. So there is definedly some problems in DAP.

  2. phyllis says:

    He ousted Chan seng Kai the former mayor and this time he will not not even defend? Lets laugh it loudly here. Deserve it for not working towards a second term. Too complacency and the people of BL must have come to their senses.

  3. AH LIM says:

    Times up OMG. Voon will retire nicely and hope he will leave quietly into the sunset.hahahaha DAP getting too big for themselves too.

  4. Peoples representative says:

    Own up and just forget it . Dont create chaos and havoc when you can ill afford it to happen.Voon should go!!!!

  5. BL Voters says:

    Now we hardly see him walking around the constituency. He is too busy trying to be too clever . Time is really up for him this time round. Change him or DAP will not be able to defend the seat. Surely BN will take over if he is still the candidate. Wake up and see for yourself DAP!!!This is a fact. Talk so much before elected. Now mosts of the time not even seen..What lah!

  6. NN Lee says:

    Time for someone New to take over and if DAP persists with him thats the end for DAP in Batu Lintang N11. Mark my words..THE END…

  7. Benz says:

    He wants to be a STAR but he should know where and how far he should go. Dont use religion nor race to champion yourself. Forget it we are pro opposition but we do not like racial overtones. If he is the candidate again we will not vote/or mark it as spoiled. DAP change or else he will be changed!!

  8. Michelle y says:

    I am very angry with the assemblyman Voon. He is all sweet talk during elections now he is no where to be seen. Only hear him talking in DUN and what lah trying to raise irrelevant issues for SNAP. What about the BL constituency? Think and be more humble or else just ship yourself out…….

  9. Sharjit says:

    We are very disappointed by his performances and DAP must do somthing to check this downslide.BN will wrestle this seat back and by talking to people it seems that BN has the edge the next time round if they fill the right candidate. DAP wake up or else byebye

  10. Mata Kuching says:

    To be very fair to YB Voon, he has been more outspoken and more down to earth than most of his colleagues in the DAP. Since he was elected a state assemblyman for N11, he has not only stuck his head out to highlight many issues about corruptions, nepotisms, big projects handouts and land allienantions involving CM, his families, cronies and a few ministers who have been very obedient to CM, he also spoken objectively about the unfair treatments and colonialisations of UMNO and Taib’s regime over Sarawakians at large and the pawning of the rural poor.

    I feel he has done a fantastic job for his constituency in which I belong although I can see with my own eyes that the treasurer for DAP Sarawak doesn’t like his political style and was also trying to weild his political muscle with some power vested in him to neutralise the influence of YB Voon.To me , such self centered individual in a politcal party that has been the people’s mouthpiece does not do good for the DAP in Sarawak at a time when they should be galvanising their limited financial strength to make inroad to more suburban constituencies. Back stabbing and killing YB Voon politically will be the biggest pleasure of CM and all the big guns in BN Sarawak who had been robbing the welath of all Sarawakians.

    IN any political party and DAP included, there are bound to be self vested interests undermining the party. YB Voon should be walking talland continue to champion for the people of Sarawak and not to be bothered by the trivilities and some discontentments in your constituency.YOU HAVE DONE A FANTASTIC JOB AND WORTHY TO BE THE PEOPLE’S CHAMPION.

  11. Mata Kuching says:

    Dear Sharjit(3 days in chinese):We are all either pro BN or pro PR and we all have the fundamental right to support a party or an individual aligning to either BN or PR. In this case I am not a mouth piece of YB Voon although I have supported DAP since YB Sim Kwang Yang stood for his very first election. I supported and subscribed to DAP’s social democratic principles from day one. YB Voon may not match YB SKY in some ways but neither do all the present set of YBs in DAP can match YB SKY.

    Can Mr Sharjit wake up and list down all his grievances and things that YB Voon has failed to do or has not brought to the attentions of the authorities and or BN governments for people in N11 and Batu Lintang in particular.

    When Chan Seng Kai was the mayor and YB for N11, I wrote him two letters 16 months before the 2006 state election that the five foot way opposite Saberkas leading to St paul’s school needed urgent resurfacing or repair. With all the council’s resources behind him and as SUPP YB he was not able or unwilling to get funding for that small patch of walk way and it was never done till he was replaced by the voters. How pathetic and the long list of incompetencies attributed to him losing to YB Voon. We see better road surfaces , drainage clearance, street lightings,fly-overs, traffic lightsand many visible improvements which are signs of more efficient utilisation of government resources albeit many questionable awards of contracts still.

    I wish to put on record that I am not a mouth piece for YB Voon. I appreciate and happy to see many improvements in amenities and facilities in areas represented by the DAP and hopefully all our rural brothers and sisters will benefit from PR represented constituencies or better still a PR government.

    • Mata Kuching says:

      Dear Sharjit, I forgot to ask you why you wanted YB Voon to be seen eating at Rojak Kuchai? If Sharjit felt Rojak Kuchai is serving food under a unhealthy environment he can always lodge a report with the officers in charge of public health at MBKS.

      Must a religious person be seen praying at mosques, temples or churches to be regarded as fufilling his religigious duties and known as a holy and God fearing person? Must a caring doctor be seen to be walking around his neighbourhood asking everyone if they have contacted H1N1?

      Over to you Mr Sharjit.

  12. phyllis says:

    Sharjit looks like a pro BN man while Mata Kuching is pro DAP. I must be honest with both of you as you have your points but if a YB does not carry out his duties to serve his constituents than he should be attack. If not they will be complacent. So Voon the jury is out already and you must fear for your position. Even if you try to champion the dayaks the N11 constituency comes first. Nothing else matters as they put you in office.

  13. phyllis says:

    By the way I think mata Kuching Sharjit must be mentioning that he never sees YB Voon eating at Kuchai. Correct me if I am wrong hahaha??

  14. incredible says:

    As long as u are elected representative for your constituency you must first serve your area. ” Representative = representing penduduk living in Batu Lintang” I did not vote him to fight for other ppl’s right in other constituency. They have their own YB to voice things out. There are so many things to be done in BL… ALL the DAP Ybs should focus on serving their area… Being a young chinese voter i do believe you are elected to represent and to voice out our needs be it in the State Legislative or Parliament. Dont lose focus and this goes out to YB Chong and Violet as well. Focus on your area… One can only do so much and if u only keep barking on the big big corruption issues.. small things / basics things in ur area will be neglected. If PR were to come into power one day.. Enlighten us DAP YBs.. if PR were to come into power one day.. and if it was found that your prime minister and his chosen minister are involved in corruptions… what will you do.. sentence them to prison or leave PR… there can be no perfection in politics.. Its how you as YB champions the rights YOUR ppl in your constituency. eg..fight for more funds to develop your area so that your ppl can have better standard of living and amenities. I cannot expect the PM to take care of BL or the CM to look after BL…They are too busy…. Who else can we entrust to carry these out.. Its really sad to know that our YBs dont even know their MAIN SCOPE OF WORK….Stay Focus they should be it DAP or BN…All we need is to for economy to revive so that everyone can put food on the table..

  15. francis jew says:


    Name: Francis Jew
    A few years ago I brought the white Australian boyfriend of my eldest lawyer daughter to eat fish balls in a famous Sibu coffee shop near the old bus station.When he looked into his bowl of the famous ” pang pang ku ” he threw up his arms he exclaimed “Look at the size of the fish balls.It must have been taken from some very big fishes.The fishermen who cut off those big fish balls must have been very powerful.It takes great guts to harvest that size of fish balls from big fishes.I am not capable of eating them because they make choke and kill me “.
    All the enforcement officers knows that they are not superman.They have wife and children to feel too.They may not be completely ” clean ” themselves.They may lost their jobs and the black hands may come after them when they are in their defenseless position.Only angels does not fear death as they cannot die at all.And on man is an angel.

    By francis jew on March 13, 2010 at 10:18 pm

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