“SUPP ON Collision Course with PRS”

What gag order that James Masing has ordered to his PRS army will not deter SUPP from having a go at PRS says a Professor with a Local University. Very simple,Taib has not forgotten how Masing has backstabbed and had the open confrontation with him during the height of the Dayakism era.

 This is the opportune time to use SUPP to have a right go at James. Its PRS who started the fight and the SUPP  towkays are not exactly very happy and they will use their hatchet man to bleed PRS dry.  Excuse me for using such harsh words as someone needs to shake and rattle PRS as they seem to have forgotten where the $$$$$$ came from to start the party. Short memory and this will surely see to a demise.   

SUPP has nothing to fear as what they have asks for on the additional Assistant Ministership has fallen on deaf ears. Time to pick a hole or two on PRS and show to CM Taib that SUPP is still relevant and not the punching bag for DAP.

Even Affendi Jeman who now wears two caps and has lost some credibility being protem Chairman of ARBS and JPUNS says that they will assist SUPP in whatever ways possible to ensure that losts seats are won back by the BN coalition.  

SUPP is bankrolled by a number of big and established giants in the business/economic world and PRS needs to watch what they say. Even a small fry and untested leader like Youth Chief Sih Hua Tong can get James to come out an issue a “GAG ORDER” James is of course trying to preserve his own position but his mouth pieces are actually playing the “DOUBLES GAME

CM Taib is very aware that at any time PRS as a party minus a few CM loyalists Yang Berhormats might leave the coalition at the eleventh hour before the state elections. It has happened before an PBS(Party Bersatu Sabah) has done it.

The KM1 and KM2 has failed but a yardstick could be how Lim Kit Siang failed in Penang and today who is the CM of Penang. Does audie 61 need to write it out and spell it out here. James is really under the wings of CM Taib and soon he will try to find a gap to manouvere and the timing is vital to succeed.

He needs to win back his dignity and as one PBB Senior member said James was a new breed of special politician when he first appeared on the scene. Somehow he has losts his way and out when the struggles that he steadfastly held in his palm and next to his chests.

James has reached 60 and soon if Winston Churchill is his mentor at 62 who was elected the Prime Minister of Britain. What is his famous slogan,”  “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never, Never, Never, Never give up.’ 

 History will rewrite itself and James has of course that ambition and his able lieutenants has even met up with opposition leaders on number of occasion before 916. Who doesn’t want to be Chief Minister of Sarawak..? Don’t you if given that chance..? Seriously,if not you should not be reading any more political blogs and just read entertainment news…hmmm.

PRS on coalition with SUPP. No surprises here as PRS leaders are not exactly sharing the same ideals and respect for each other. Even a SC member of PRS once said to me openly,’SUPP should look over their shoulders as PRS has equal number of  legislators in the State” Don’t over exploit the situation and PRS with so many former PBDS legislators will not give in so easily and for that matter bullied by SUPP. I was taken aback and I realise that with enough support and power there is nothing that PRS fears.

CM has seen that very clearly and that is why he uses Larry Sng (partyless Assistant Minister) to the maximum. Wouldn’t James if he was the CM of Sarawak use this tactic of DIVIDE AND RULE. He has learnt from the bests and he will surely unleash all that he has kept in his heart and strengthen his position.  

PRS has already done her housekeeping and there are only a few loose ends to tighten the noose around SOME NECKS and James will just push his finger and the automatic lieutenants will give their all.

There is no point anymore for James and his troops to go underground but to fight the war on a level playing field and attack the coalition partners without FEAR and taking out the hatchet man in the respective parties. There are too many HIDDEN HANDS involved in this battle and PRS will know whatever they do they have already been booby trapped.

Politics has a way of reengineering itself and soon we shall see whether the path of collision is averted. Nothing is won easily and only when blood is shed one would appreciate the struggles…………