BN Sarawak”CM Taib or Sng Bashing Time”

It seems some people just refuse to accept the facts. Are they doing it deliberately or they are using the camouflage of others to fight their intended target? Ever since the cabinet reshuffle it seems that a number of the PRS SC members are still questioning the wisdom of the Chief Minister of Sarawak Taib Mahmud.

Taib has been in office for over 28 years as the Chief Minister in Sarawak and has seen off so many challenges. He is just tinkering with the coalition partners in BN and the detractors within BN will soon face an onslaught of some sort. beware as I can vivdly remember him saying to Dominique Ng in the DUN when he put his hand with action sweeping across his head and saying,”Do you know who you are dealing with..??”

Seems the mouth pieces of James Masing are on the overdrive  and pushing the blame towards SUPP who seems not to be overly bothered with the intentions being pushed down their throats by certain individuals who has implicated that Larry Sng is SUPPs problem now and no more PRS.

Some people they say have got very short memory and they seem to forget that there is a certain direct BN candidate. Did Billy Abit /James Dawos stood as a direct candidate or did they use the “ OIL PALM SYMBOL…Please Taib is the master in this game and do not for once question his wisdom.

If CM Taib can make use of James and put him under his wings and let him carry on being in the cabinet as a Minister a lot of political analysts are questioning as to WHY doesn’t James do the same to Larry. If Larry is under his wings he cant even move but will be a puppeteer to James. If Only James was a bit smarter they say or is he too slippery that he has incurred the wrath of Taib.

 The CM gave him face in the PRS 5th Anniversary function as many UMNO elders and Najibs son was present. Next day what happened? A double fiste slap in PRS James face even though James had to swallow his pride and say that he has his quota back.

We were told very clearly by his hatchet man that PRS has three Assistant Ministers quota and only two were filled up with Mong Dagang and John Sikie. Snowdon Lawan who was supposedly tipped to take over one of the so called allotment was left with a bitter pill to swallow.

 A privelege source mentioned to us that they lobbied too hard and their political world just collapse in their faces as CM mentoned “no first timers” Larry was a first timer in 2001 when he won for the first time in Pelagus seat. Have we forgotten that politics is all about which family is important and who has the money to bankrolled a party…?? This is the truth and the rests are only part time actor politicians. Are we being too harsh..???

According to both these articles Malaysian Mirror article”Young Larry a political headache” and  “Larry Sng’s position now a SUPP’s dilemna” it seems that the writers need to do more indepth researching into what is in Taibs mind or who his inner circles are. Remember Taib has not forgotten how James fought a bitter war against him in 1987 and 1991? Bashing Larry is no use as it is already futile and some trojan horses in PRS are already mentioning that it is not impossible for PRS to make a quick enough turn on BN at the eieventh hour in the next elections.

Remember we mentioned a certain lawyer in our earlier articles? Have you all forgotten? Are your memories letting you down? CMs ears,eyes and spirit are already so in ingrown and no matter what PRS thinks he is one or more step ahead.

Please double check what you have and compare notes and tell me in Oxford street in London like what happened in after 1987. It will do you good if you could check this article up,” The Chief Minister has been in power for 28 long and filthy years.’  or better still this:-Mysterious………….. Ooooh Wow!! 

 Do they know how to shoot or what? Maybe they dont even know how to Bash people up but always hiding behind a cloak. CM could be just not telling the NGO’s or independant agencies (*Saturdays  Borneo Posts)who doesn’t dare to face him openly to do like what the mouth pieces are doing. They have a divine right to play their poltics they see fit but the voters are too crystal clear to see through them now.

 How many Assistant ministers (SUPP Losts a couple in the last elections)will we see this time round being thrown out of the window and lie in the abyss. CM has it all totalled up and he will continue to lead Sarawak until the almighty creator says his “WORK IS DONE” Even past Prime Ministers had difficulties in removing him off the office of CM and he is indeed a really fine diamond cut.

James needs better brains with him instead of the usual lieutenants surrounding him says a veteran Sarawak political analysts. He has too much of an ego which has seen him been too petty and still practising the already tried and tested dayak politics of yesteryears. He needs to look more indepth. Other ethnic races are already pushing towards the AXIS while PRS is still stuck in the time warp. Please WAKE UP…!!!!

What has happened to the 33% Chinese/Malay quota which CM was told that PRS will steadfastly professed to maintain as it is a multi racial party. Could CM pull another fast one with a merger of SPDP/PRS and let James hung and left to dry. James has a tendency according to his aides as too soft behind the ears and always taking unnecessary and preemptive actions to test CMs trust in him. 

So is BASHING lARRY a good idea..?? CM knows who is and not with him………………….

4 thoughts on “BN Sarawak”CM Taib or Sng Bashing Time”

  1. sarawakiana says:

    Do you honestly thing James has got his directions correct? Or he might just be the one who is being played by CM. he has no way to turn and every corner is full of booby traps..hmmm Who is James??

  2. zainuddin says:

    Wake up and cross the line to join Anwar James. they say you are tipped to be CM but in BN noway..So the door is wide open instead of you harping on closing doors to Adit,Rayong and Larry. You have completely loss the plot James and your lieutenants will soon carve you up alive..

  3. incredibleHulk says:

    Form new party!! its been a while since we see new coalition in Sarawak. Its a trend in Sarawak for new coalition to surface every few years.. hahaha.. Goodluck Soon,Adit,Rayong and Sng…Follow Sabah’s footstep.. Have small coalition parties..

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