ROS “Your Letters not decisive”


They say in “Never ever keep a Good Man Down.The truth will be told and when the real politicians come up and start revealing it will create a turmoil. Heads certainly are starting to roll down the staircases and take the case of MCA and PRS.

Today Malaysiakini headlines ,ROS did not confirm chua as No.2″ while in April 1st 2008 the ROS declared James Masing the rightful heir to the Presidents Chair. With these new developments in MCA and the retaining of LarrySng as Assistant Minister in the minor reshufle it opens a new door for many who felt hard done with and of course in politics its about”Betrayal” and ‘Joining Hands”  

There are certain arrangements or haggling in place before all these can  bear fruit. audie61 received a lot of sms and telephone calls questioning the ROS decision and something should be followed up. There were also documents being thrown to our laps and amongst them a letter written by ROS on September 7th 2006 on PRS. Some even question what happened to the former PRS SG Sidi Munan and his pursuits of the truth? DID SOMEONE STOP HIM OR THREW IN THE TOWEL WITH A DEAL..??

Of course the rests is history as 308 saw to the opposition making grounds capturing 81 out of 222 parliamentary seats. It became a political solution. A former PRS VP also said that James should not havbe said too many words as he has already has the party and he needs not open up OLD WOUNDS. Has James and Sng Chee Hua made up..? We never know do we and who would have thought Ong and Chua had a unity plan. He was also peeved when James said he took the advice of former PM Abdullah,”Patience has its rewards

We also reposts a comment from yeoman who said,” Larry’s in shows the total disregard of PRS n Masing leadership . Its shows that its ok to defy ur own Boss coz in Sarawak BN , you only have to please Taib and the rest doesn’t count !! Absolute power ??

So was the deal brokered to maintain Larry and give James the President of the party on the plate and please his supporters asked an informed source? There are also evidences  on tape that mosts of Larrys divisions were pushed to a corner and asked to join opposition party “PKR”. This in time will be revealed.Shall we just put it on YOUTUBE..?? Hmmm Interesting times.  

This iswhat exactly Najib has in mind as he tries to clean up those who have had a fine run in the running of the administration. He needs to face his voters in theGE13th and he will not stop at anything not to clean up the virus that has plague the Barisan Parties. The political line is getting thinner and he needs to thread it with caution.

MCA in total turmoil and it also appears that SUPP is in a similar predicament in sarawak. In no time it will engulf itself into a BIG UNCONTROLLABLE FIRE. The Bureaucrats in the government agencies needs to polish up their work as now they cannot even see their backs.Previouslythere were a lot of people looking out for them but not now.It has become too fluid . Their bottoms are leaking with information furnished by those who are trying to bring down the indisciplined and non performing officers.  

ROS is now in the spotlight and many political parties in time will challenge the powers of the ROS eventhough we have posted earlier this article,” Societies Act 1966(Act 335 ) & regulations.-18c Decision of political party to be final and conclusive.

{ The decision of a political party or any person authorised by it or by its constitution or rules or regulations made thereunder on the interpretation of its constitution,rules or regualtions or any matter relating to the affairs of the party shall be final and conclusive and such decision shall not be challenged,appealed against,reviewed,quashed or called in questionb in any court on any ground,and no court shall have jurisdiction to entertain or determine any suit,application,question or proceeding on any ground regarding the validity of the decision.}

Are we looking at history in the making as the country soon in 3 years time prepare itself for GE13th. The bureaucrats in the government has a roll to play and they need to come to more clear cut replies especially on decisions. Enough said audie61 now rests its case ………

4 thoughts on “ROS “Your Letters not decisive”

  1. incredible says:

    Hi Audie,

    interesting write up. Meaning Sng brokered a deal to save his YB son and his ministerial post and in return take the best window of opportunity to move all his stupid puppets into PKR to be part of its foundation. No wonder PKR was rocking like mad… Sng was shaking the foundation…. i feel sorry for all the division members…

  2. sarawakiana says:

    Time will reveal all and those who are in power now no need to be too happy. Soon the peoples power will sweep through the board. What PRS30 club? Pleas they are mostly sons and daughters of the politicians in PRS. multi racial party where are the 30s Malays and Chinese???

  3. zainuddin says:

    So this is how it operates? Tell us more and reveal more its is certainly something to think about before we put our cross on the ballot papars.Bureaucrats hmmm.

  4. phylis says:

    Time for a CHANGE dont you think? Does Malaysia still have politicians who have the heart for the people or are they all to eager to sit in the chairs or corridors of power? Pakatan needs to iron out also those who have too much EGO’s..Stop not at the traffic lights only but go all out who has overstepped the line.

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