Blogging”Fired up or Lazy”

Two comments this week uttered to Natasha and Joey has got them all fired up.

  •  Comment 1. Special Branch has inked audie61 as pro-opposition blog 
  •  Comment 2. A General Manager of an upcoming English media tabloid said,’Blogs ,Nothing comparable to main stream broadsheets.

 Ooooh Wow! thats just way below the belt and how they can just make their opinions just to ruffle up a few feathers. Seems that there are too many pro-government mouth pieces and if there not balanced reporting mosts people would just switch off and disregard the writing or the opinions of those repective blogs.  {Bump ..Dang and Out you go from the Favourites...}

 What really is a blog..??  To clear up it once and for all lets just reposts this ,”

blog (a contraction of the term “web log“)[1] is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. “Blog” can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries

Our informed source said to us over a cup of coffee at all places,”Secret Recipe-audie61 is an opposition blog. So judgemental and is that how they classify blogs and why don’t they just call the owner of the blog up instead of just on assumptions. Have they  read all our 845 articles over the past 1 year.

May we remind them that audie61 was set up on May 1st 2008 and what was the first article. We will write and really dont give a “F%^&” if the news is of any significant  and we do not take any political divide in our audie61 blog. Like our friend SKY said,’Tell them the ending of your story and fill them in instead of just giving them with a “PUZZLE TO SOLVE“.

How coincidental as it was last night that our source informed us and today there is an article in Hornbill Unleashed which is of a similar ‘genre” touching on blogs. There is a change in the media economics and the angle which mosts people see news is that the competition has already been hyped up that the editors or general managers of main stream suddenly are heavily pricked up their backsides.

 They do not have the complacency now that people will buy their tabloids as the online cyber newstroopers are an edge faster and they do not mince their words. Are the editors ready for this war.

Hornbill unleashed has this which audie61 tend to agree and give it a THUMBS UP,” ‘The mainstream Malaysian media have reacted predictably, by turning up their own partisan volume, trying to drown out dissent, and trying to build up their own news websites. But the Utusan, the Star and the NST are poorly equipped to fight this virtual war. The KTS mouthpiece, the Borneo Post, and the Naim organ, the Eastern Times, are even worse off, and more laughable   

The general manager was not too level headed and has an air of a bit too much on his shoulders. He needs to be more down to earth or else his tabloid would also be up in the ashes as “Rebranding doesn’t always ensure Success” Cockiness and Swimming amongst the Shark infested waters especially with BLOGGERS and other Main Stream Editors/General Manager in cohorts would certainly see the end and the exit door very wide open if the individual does not watch control his tongue.

So who is looking good? audie61 will continue to give their own opinion and we will not just hide behind but we will be focus to write our pieces without fear or favour to anyone but we will push for the truth as we know that the end would be near for those who keeps cementing the dirt underneath.

Information chief of PKR See Chee How does give us words of encouragement and also Chief Political Secrertary to CM Karim Hamzah  who says to us alwayss get second opinions before posting and we have kept that in check. Even a former chief editor said to us that our writing needs to be exactly what people wants to read and not on speculations but spice it up with facts. Guess we have our own genuine followers and we treasure them.

Don’t worry BN/Pakatan we know where it hurts mosts and we will get to the bottom of it all. There are also those who are too afraid to even put their opinions on blogs but they criticise out loud thinking that the whole kingdom will fall down and cave in.

audie61  does not want to start pointing fingers because we do not believe in childishness and untruths. We are all blessed with intellectual properties and we will not have anyone telling us what we can and what we cant write. If its blog worthy we will ensure that we are amongst the first to “dessimate the information to the blogsphere.”

Our friend in the blogsphere sarawak when we sms to him about audie61 being classified he said,’ Hahaha for real meh friend..??” He too is concern that there are too many bumps out there who are riding on others success. Are we fired up or what….???