Muhyddin..”What next on the Application Papers..??”

Marina Undau

My better halfs uncle who is English was very angry when he was told of Marina’s issue. His first words was ,”Didn’t I tell you that we finished our 100 meters race 100 years ago. Here in Malaysia there is still in mosts government application forms a column for RACE. No Need for all this nonsense. I am married to a Bidayuh and does my children need to fill in their race in forms when they enter the British universities. Oh yea..!! British /Bidayuh he said sarcastically.

On one hand its triggered a very big response in Sarawak in the mass media,internet blogs and mosts of all a very “HOT TOPIC” in the coffeeshops. Even this report from

Where and When will this stop? Do we blame our local ADUNS or MPS for not doing their required duties?If we continue to point fingers it will never ever end. There must be a solution and someone in the top hierarchy/corridors of power must put a stop to this. An Iban  friend of mine who is married to a Chinese said to me without even thinking,”Why we just emigrate and I dont think the government  cares .?

Two arguments here in that he is already fedup with the government policies or he has given up completely and being professionals their children will  have a better chance of a good education as their grades permit them to pursue their dreams of having quality life after they graduate.

Malaysia is half a century old(above 50 years) and we still have a RACE COLUMN IN MOST FORMS. This must be gotten rid as this will only hamper the progress of the country as it works itself towards a developed nation by 2020. With more outflow of brains to other countries like what my Iban friend has this would be very serious for the country. In time we will only have HALF BAKED/HALF COOKED BRAINS left in the country.

It’s time the system rids itself of priveleges/preference /priorities especially for education. There are no second chances if you cannot keep up. You only have to blame yourselves if you fail to make the grades. Our almighty creator gave us BRAINS AND IF WE ARE LAZY we pay for it. Race is not an issue here. No one is stupid by all counts and each of us has a GOD GIVEN  talent to ensure that our country MALAYSIA is not left behind in all aspects. Those who are smart are not necessarily good business man and vice versa. Well,do not need to give a lecture here.

So what is next Malaysia? Bumiputra is not a religion and it should never ever be used to differentiate the priveleges accorded to anyone who is Malaysian. There are so many wrongs that needs to be put right and mosts people in Sarawak have to thank Marina. There are always something or someone who sparks it off and thank God for Marina.

7 thoughts on “Muhyddin..”What next on the Application Papers..??”

  1. Hulk says:

    All those born in Malaysia are MALAYSIANS!!! Regardless of race. If we were to define it precisely… BUMIPUTERA = ORANG ASLI ( origins of the land ) InDiAns, MaLaYs & ChIneSE should not be included as they all migrated from other country. … Pls lah.. change this stupid racial discriminating system… Our PM and his advisors should be better than this. CHANGE THE DPM next round if he is unable to see us Malaysians regardless of race.

  2. sarawkiana says:

    Too right and to the point.Give a boot to their faces audie61.This is more like it and yea too right if not for Marina this will be swept under the rug..

  3. Sam kwee-ting says:

    Assimilation,a process of race mixture and adapting
    into one culture is taking place but it will take
    more time. I do not know when Malaysia can become
    a homogenous country, for example like Japan knowing
    that religion is such a sensitive matter to overcome.
    If PRM rules, I hope all these difficulties would
    be handled rightfuly and not block towards a harmonious well being of its people in order to form a similar background society. So, give PRM a chance!

  4. BUJANG TATAU says:

    Is this any surprise? I’d be surprise if UMNO does not do this to Marina…like they always did to all non-Malays.

    But, is this what Sarawakans were in for when our honourable Temenggongs agreed to form joing together to form Malaysia? The Cobbold Commissions 1962 Report says nothing that ALL THE OTHER RACES in Sarawak, Sabah or Singapore will have to become Malays or convert to Islam in order to enjoy the FULL RIGHT as a citizen of
    The Federation of Malaysia.

    I don’t believe Tengku Abdul Rahman had that in mind. Otherwise, how could our honourable Temenggongs be so stupid to agree? When & how did UMNO started to divide and discriminate like they do today? If they can no longer tolerate the concept then it is time for Sarawak and Sabah to reconsider leaving the “party”?

  5. Sam kwee-ting says:

    Whatsoever the comments, it is feeling of unfair
    treatment by the overpowering pro-Muslim government.
    It is normal for any government to get its control
    of power. It is hard to tell if we may share similar fate under the hands of PRM in the future because power hunger is sometimes unavoidable. But
    if people do not feel secured or patriotic of the government, then there is where all the intellectual ideas against them begin. People on top do not care a damn if one is not anyone. It is either you support or oppose as a common citizen. So, I guess
    it is with every government. What really bothers
    is when one is the fallen victim himself or herself
    under suppression in any way under the governing body. Be you the drug addict or of a suspected uprising intellectual against an illegal organization, you are unknowingly or knowingly being oppressed. However, whichever or whatever
    government is it, nothing is better than a government
    that does not make its people suffered unfairly, of
    course. Right?

  6. kpt99 says:

    Educations for all under the concept of 1 Malaysia.Mr DPM,why is it NON-BUMI students are not eligible to apply for many programs offered to Bumiputras Asasi sains,matrikuasi-10% only,dilopma in IPTA.ALL NONSENSE

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