“PKR Housekeeping..?”

It’s a fact says a PKR member.Read my lips….,’Before 308 not many maybe a few lah..!! only would give PKR or the opposition candidates a  chance to be even near the corridors of the DUN or Parliament Building. Today there are so many YBs and MPs in the opposition camps that disagreements/dissatisfaction are bound to happen. Some are even now thinking so highly of themselves that they even can go against the person who give them a chance in the first place.{ cutting the hand that feeds them

You see what is happening in PKR now is similar to what has happened in PBB which saw many holding on or swept away by the currents/traps on offer. Today PBB is under a very tight leash and PKR will experience all this as a lot of the new found members were former Barisan Man/women.

It’s like the song by singer and songwriter Carol Connors and late Sudirman Arshad’Malaysia’s Singing Ambassador’ with the his powerful voice behind,” To know Malaysia is to love Malaysia“. How many of PKR members can sing to the song,’Satu Perjuangan…??” Can you….hmmm

Simple if you know what we mean by ” TO KNOW MALAYSIA IS TO LOVE MALAYSIA” Party members all have their ups and downs with the party they represent and be it BN or Pakatan there are always infighting stuggles,jealousies,dislikes and backstabbing to be recognised by the top leadership. One has to love his own party and know the partys struggles and vision before he can seriously consider himself/herself a true blooded party member. If its just for the quick gains just forget it and be a Businessman or better a CON MAN.  

The voters will sooner and not later smell the foul smell of certain YBS/MPS who are not up to their marks. Maybe some of them forget the hallmarks of an EFFECTIVE PEOPLES REPRESENTATIVE..PKR housekeeping..no,no,no its the countrys housekeeping…

  • Being the Best
  • Faith in God
  • Sense of Mission
  • Emotional Maturity
  • Proactive Stance
  • High Integrity
  • Balance in Life
  • Willingness to learn
  • Humility with self -esteem 
  • Compassion for Others 

We should look beyond the resignations of  PKR Badrul Hisham Selangor YB or the defections of PKR/DAP legislators in Perak and the resignations of other top leaders in Sabah. It just clearly shows that everyone has a shelf life and if they do not use the PLATFORMS accorded to them its their own failings.

BN during the early years also have their archilles heels and they also went through a political engineering process. Pakatan will be no different but whether the people who voted for them are willing to give them another chance in the next GE13 is yet to be seen.

That will be another article to write but for now there are too many political upheavals not only in PKR but also in MCA,MIC which will indirectly affect the countrys economy. The people who are supposed to be running the country and making decisions are all caught up in too much politiking as if the economy of Malaysia is so healthy that they are not needed.

Many are captains of industries and professionals in their own right but they have too little time for even harnessing the economy through troubled waters. Their motto on life reads{ Politics and Territorial Gains first the rests of the country can wait.}

The PKR member quoted a phrase to us and said this,’ The struggle of any nation in its successive generations is a structure that rises one stone upon another.” So whats wrong with PKR housekeeping as we need to weed out the thorns that are still pricking us after 1 and half years from a successful outing in GE12. Do you agree…???

5 thoughts on ““PKR Housekeeping..?”

  1. sarawkiana says:

    The struggle of any nation in its successive generations is a structure that rises one stone upon another.” Interesting an sums it up

  2. BUJANG TATAU says:

    Let’s face it, NO organization is perfect not even BN after learning for over 50 years, let alone PKR. Regardless, nothing can change the fact that UMNO & PBB has outlived their mission to champion the people’s best interest. Their extreme sense of confidence has made them arrogant and very abusive. Allowing them to stay longer will be disaster because POWER CORRUPTS & ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY! Can’t we see this in PKFZ-Teo Beng Hock, Submarine – Altantuya; Fabrication & conspiracy – Anwar & blah..blah

    This is the VERY MISSION for PKR & it’s PR partners today. To ALL responsible citizens of Malaysia, this is duty …. let us put aside our differences for a moment and FOCUS ON OUR CORE DUTY ie to REMOVE UMNO / PBB. We cannot permit any form of Neo-imperialism, the power of authoritarianism to take root in our homeland.

    The present BN system only the ELITE FEW have everything while the rest of us just look longingly — sucking our thumbs! Touch your heart and ask yourself sincerely, Don’t the rest you / us Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazan-dusuns, Ibans, Bidayuh and …… ordinary Malaysians feel that same way?


  3. Sam kwee-ting says:

    PKR, PAS, DAP is something new as PRM. If it has a
    good start and consistingly clean, so why hesitate
    to stand for it to replace lost hopes? PRM gives
    a great and fresh oppurtunity for the nation to
    resolve problems and create a new fame. For those
    who are in obvious disagreement and dissactisfaction
    over the present government, who else is there to
    look forward to but the above named parties or party? I just wonder if its admirers is forming the majority at the present chaotic situation…..

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