Muhyddin”Headlines Borneo Posts Sarawak..READ”

Sarawak “mixed” blood children of all races had a very rude awakening with the headlines in Borneo Posts,’ Being mixed is no privilege“. Their voices could be heard all the way to the Borneo Posts office and even a leading journalists said a former Asst.Minister from SUPP complained bitterly over the article. Why is it happening now of all times..? Why,Why ,Why..??

The reason why audie61 took up this matter is that there are a number of us here who are of mixed race be it Iban/Chinese ,Melanau/Chinese, Bidayuh/Chinese, Kadazan/Chinese.

This is the statement that rocketted the staff  sky high….,” Iban-Chinese schoolgirl in limbo over Bumi status; ministry ascertains her as non-native, throws out application to do matriculation.” (Sarawak update story in Bahasa Malaysia)

Moreover DPM your statement in page 3 of Borneo Posts had this. “in the quest for development and prosperity we must not only upgrade access to education but also expand access to quality education.”

A number of parents of mixed blood children  informed audie61 that if the Federal and State leaders are on one hand promoting 1Malaysia as advocated by PM Najib and religiously followed by all in BN this is completely the opposite. Where is the 1 MALAYSIAN SPIRIT then…??

This is going to be a field day in terms of another debatable issue and self -inflicted PROPAGANDA for the opposition parties. BN needs to tread carefully on this as I’m sure there are thousands of mixed blood children who are VOTERS and also in power in Sarawak. Do we need to tell you WHO….??? Guess,guess,guess…………..

9 thoughts on “Muhyddin”Headlines Borneo Posts Sarawak..READ”

  1. francis ngu says:

    Local politics aside, doesn’t the world generally celebrate plurality and and diversity ? The globalised world will produce more mixed lineages with gifts for all seasons.

    If the world had followed Nazi logic of a superior pure race, it would not have produced a Nobel-winning
    Obama and many others.

    The mixed lineages will be a powerful force anywhere in the world in forging multi-culturalism, and this the world needs more than ever before.

  2. Truly disturbed says:

    Today’s Borneo post headline came as a shocking wake up call!! Why make make access to education so complicated? From the way i see it, for those you are “mixed blood”, getting good grades doesn’t take you anywhere in Malaysia except if you go overseas. Then all the good and professional MIXED individual will not come back! Is this the education system we are still stuck in? It will be interesting to see how those who are involved will cover up this racist and unfair education system for 1 MALAYSIA…

  3. sarawkiana says:

    I have to agree with truly disturb comment.In the end Malaysia will suffer if the outflow of brains is being used by other countries. Wake up to the realitites that Malaysia needs more highly calibre people to propel us to 2020. If htis is the attitude it will not be achievable.

  4. Sam kwee-ting says:

    During the commotion between the Uigurs and Han in
    Urumqi, China I was suprised to see (on TV) a soildier not of Han origin. He had westerned features but on duty as any other Han Chinese.
    He is probably an exceptional Uigur non rejecting to
    the Chinese way of life and therefore serving in the
    Army as a Chinese citizen although going against his own people. Well, in Malaysia is a different scenario. I may see a dark skinned man among the the Malay soildiers but I am sure he is a Muslim.
    Therefore, it is a Muslim Army. So, I supposed even
    if you are a native and not a Muslim, your chances of being treated as an equal remain lesser than if you are Muslim. The religion spreaded widely in the recent decades and being of Muslim faith now bears
    more possibility of sticking or becoming more Muslim
    among Muslims let say, when the religion started five
    hundred years ago. In such a short period of time,
    Malays became so much stronger in their beliefs which
    not only affected their way of lives without considering what is like to be a non-Muslim, making
    non-muslim individuals accepting the Muslim policies.
    It is so simple. To become a Muslim, perhaps one is not so rejectable in this land of oppurtunity. A non-Muslim can stand among Muslims but this situation is not the same as before. So, if a non-
    Muslim feels treated unfairly it is supposed to be
    normal and I presume the 1Malaysia concept will not
    change the Muslims mentality as they have been deeply
    enchanced by the religion in recent built institutions. Unless the Malays are more flexible
    for change just for the sake of their non-muslims
    counterparts, which I doubt, nothing is going to stop them from promoting or indulging more in the
    religion. Here I would like to apologize to PAS if
    I have offended them but being a non-Muslim myself
    in the country I feel so restless to be overshadowed
    by the religion’s influence. It is made to be like
    there is no way you can avoid or accept the facts of
    the religion. For this reason, the contrast between
    the Muslims and the non-Muslims expanded and therefore became a sensitive and deepening racist issue. I wish to tell them very much how I feel on my part as a non-Muslim and say to them, hey, it is not necessary to be so engrossed and share my non-Muslim views instead but I guess they would never take the trouble to understand. Even if they did, they remain and hold strongly as followers of Mohammad. So, what say got you in a multiplyng Muslim land? A revolution? Who are you to say so?
    Unless there is mutual agreement but it is unthikable
    but nvertheless impossible. Feeling apologetic again, hope my muslim friends would forgive me for
    writing this. Thanks.

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