“Perak Chronicles-A Hollywood Script..??”

If a Hollywood script writer was to write about this chronicles he will not only be confused but also puzzled. It seems the democratic rights of  the people in Perak are being challenged by the legislators themselves. Is there an END to all this.? Surely,only a  SNAP ELECTIONS in the Perak State can stop this from deteriorating further into a complete mess of Democracy. It’s  Perak ‘s call and we can only sit and watch and tickle ourselves silly.

Consider this movie show: Firstly there is the appointment of Senators:-BN proposing Datuk Azian Osman while Pakatan Osman Abdul Rahman.There are 2 sittings chaired by2 Speakers Ganesan and Sivakumar and both sides of the political divide with at least 20 ADUNs(legislators) on each side.Exact numbers 31-28.  BN and Pakatan holding 2 separate proceedings. You tell me what the hell is going on? It certainly is beyond REPAIR and DEMOCRACY is surely the loser here.

audie61 copied this from internet portal Malaysiakini on the sequence of events for you to make your own judgement. We have said our PARTY PIECES and its your call the readers out there in cyberspace.

11.45am: Pakatan reps left the House after Sivakumar adjourned their sitting. They are now holding a press conference in the library, located near the chamber.

11.30am: Ganesan’s statements were met with Pakatan jeers, but he ignored this.

At the same time, Sivakumar is addressing ‘his’ assembly.

Effectively, two concurrent sittings are taking place in the House, with motions being ‘passed’ simultaneously, including one approving the state budget.

11.20am: The BN sitting resumed amidst much noise from the opposition bench although their mics have been turned off.

The rivals are exchanging banter, with Pakatan’s refrain being : “Speaker haram sila keluar.”

Ganesan ordered civility, threatening to take action against unruly members. Still, each time a BN member speaks, the Pakatan bench responds with jeers.

11.05am: Sivakumar has adjourned the Pakatan ‘sitting’.

11.00am: Nizar tabled a motion to suspend all National Service camps and other outdoor co-corriculum activities in light of the Kampar tragedy, pending the outcome of investigations. This was unanimously ‘approved’.

He then spoke on the findings of the 2008 Auditor-General’s Report, saying that his administration had done well (during its 10-month tenure in Perak). He recorded his thanks to the auditor-general and all government departments.

10.55am: Police have chased off about 80 supporters outside the building, back behind the security tape. The supporters obliged, but are taunting the cops, with some shouting: “1 Malaysia, 2 Perak, 3 Katak!”

One held up the front page of the Sin Chew Daily today to display the headline on the ‘1 Malaysia programme’ tragedy.

NONE10.45am: Sivakumar started the Pakatan sitting with a doa, although he is sitting at the Tronoh seat.

He asked for a minute’s silence on the Kampar tragedy and this was observed, despite some BN reps shouting “tadi dah buat”.

Sivakumar and colleagues retorted: “Itu speaker haram yang buat.”

Nizar asked to speak, but his mic was turned off.

Ganesan has not acted on this, while BN reps are ignoring the speeches. They are walking about and talking, appearing to pretend that their rivals are not in the House.

10.35am: Sivakumar took his seat on the opposition bench.

Chang Lih Kang (PKR-Teja) turned on his microphone, saying: “Speaker haram, sila keluar dewan.”

NONEGanesan attempted to say that he had adjourned the session until 11.30am, but was ignored by Pakatan members.

A Sivasubramaniam (DAP-Buntong) stood to explain why
Ganesan is the ‘unlawful’ speaker. Pakatan colleaguues responded with repeated thumping of their tables to express approval of his points.

Ganesan remained in the chair, rubbing his chin with his left hand.

10.22am: Pakatan reps finally entered the House, deriding the speaker even before taking their seats.

Comments were heard: “Wah! Speaker haram, bodyguard banyak”; and “Woi, Ganesan pakai sari lebih baik lah!”

10.20am: Ganesan adjourned the sitting to 11.30am.

10.15am: Menteri Besar Zambry Abd Kadir has begun the budget speech. There is still no sign of opposition members.

NONEOutside the building, however, there was drama.

A police team led by Ipoh OCCI Anthony Glenn was accused of blocking the Pakatan reps from entering the House several times and of roughing up some of them.

Pasir Panjang rep Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin told reporters that they were blocked even before they could take the lift.

Sivakumar claimed that the police had grabbed his songkok, but did not succeed in taking away his robe.

The reps re-entered the building after the press conference, but Sivakumar re-emerged with Jalong rep Leong Mee Meng – this time, he was not wearing the robe.

“They grabed my robe and beat up a few reps inside the building” he claimed.

NONE10.05am: Ganesan began with announcements, stressing the ban on the use of visual recording devices and mobile phones in the House. The sergeant-at-arms has been authorised to confiscate these items.

He said additional sergeants-at-arms have been deployed – at least 22 are in the House – to prevent a repeat of the ruckus at the May 7 sitting.

The House observed a minute’s silence over the tragedy in Kampar on Monday night, in which 1 student drowned after a suspension bridge collapsed. There is still no sign of opposition members.

10.00am: The session started with the doa, after the sergeant-at-arms brought in the mace.The opposition bench remains empty, with speculation being that Pakatan representatives are still going through the screening procedures.

9.50am: All Pakatan representatives are now in the building after going through two police check-points.

Aulong representative Yew Tian Hoe, who is disabled, was driven to the building. He was wearing a black t-shirt with the slogan Bubar Dun (Dissolve the assembly), but there was a coat on a hanger in the car.

NONE“This is to express my protest,” he told reporters.

In the House, Ganesan is in the speaker’s chair, flanked by about 20 individuals wearing jackets. The BN bench is full, but the opposition bench is empty.

9.45am: Pakatan representatives have started marching from DAP headquarters to the state secretariat building; Sivakumar is wearing the speaker’s robe

9.40am: Thorough checks underway with the use of metal detectors, on bags carried by journalists

NONE9am: Still no sign of any crowd but elected representatives are slowly trickling into the state secretariat.

Among the first to arrive were DAP state chief Ngeh Koo Ham and Thomas Su but were prevented from entering the building, leading to an argument with the police. The police relented and allowed them in.

“It’s a shame and a mockery for police to block us,” said Ngeh.

Earlier report:

Police have thrown a cordon around the Perak state secretariat in Ipoh for today’s budget sitting.

azlanThe sitting was called by both the Barisan Nasional speaker R Ganesan and Pakatan Rakyat speaker V Sivakumar.

Ganesan replaced Sivakumar under questionable circumstances during the last assembly sitting in May.

With Pakatan continuing to dispute the legitimacy of the BN state government, the police are expecting tension-filled proceedings today.

In anticipation of trouble, the police obtained a court order late yesterday to bar people from gathering within 50m of the state secretariat building where the legislative assembly is located.

The order took effect from 1am today and is valid up to 11pm on Friday.

NONEEarly this morning at least eight trucks, one van, two jeeps, two Federal Reserve Unit trucks and two water cannon were deployed just outside the state secretariat.

The first police vehicle arrived about 6.20am. Several police personnel have also been placed inside the building.

By 7am, police personnel had put up barricades and barbed wire to prevent unauthorised access. Some 450 police personnel are on standby.

The sitting is due to start at 10am but the main gate to the building will open at 9am.

BN elected representatives will be allowed into the House from 9.30am, while Pakatan assemblypersons will be admitted from 9.55am – apparently to prevent them from grabbing the speaker’s chair.

One thought on ““Perak Chronicles-A Hollywood Script..??”

  1. Sam kwee-ting says:

    Is that Michelle Yeoh in the above photograph? She is
    admired as the most beautiful woman in Asia. She very well respected among the Chinese community locally as well as overseas. And most of all she is from IPOH, the town where all the political hatreds
    are being observed. I knew how she, too suffered
    emotionally before in the social context. How I
    wish she didn’t go all out to be a Hong Kong actress
    so that she stayed and perhaps became a prominent
    MP now. I remember seeing her on TV when she first
    won her crown and later how she was discriminated when interviewed. It was ridiculed that her place should be in the kitchen. The next thing I knew was this beautiful Malaysian was a stepmother to a dominant family in Hong Kong. Then, to my suprise, not too long she was divorced. Why was such a thing happening to such an outspoken beautiful personality? Anyway, she managed to recover back
    what she had lost in a very different way. She
    has made it to Hollywood. And she is from IPOH.
    With her fame and money, even if PRM wins in any events or whoever does Michelle Yeoh is influential,
    believe me. It is better to see where she stands now
    then later. With this, I hope I help to see where
    the movie fans who are also voters stand. Thanks.

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