“Blessings from God”

In 21 days you will be blessed by God. Really! By the way to the tune of M$6000 if you just give/pay the initial sum of M$50. Then you have to introduce 2 new friends to me and they will also have to pay M$50 each before they will be blessed . Great isn’t it and what a way to do multi level marketing and telling me that God has blessed me and will bless those who introduce more.

He showed me the marketing plan and said to me this is also a way to assist the telecommunications company in promotion. Wow! They even use the name of GOD IN VAIN to achieve their purpose. I was very mad with my introducer and it did not take too long for me to just distant myself and smelling ,” ITS ANOTHER WELL THOUGHT OUT SCAM. THE GULLIBLE ONES WILL SURELY FALL FOR IT. I’M PRETTY SURE GOD DOES NOT WANT TO BE PART OF THIS….Oooooh Please STOP THIS NONSENSE…

There are so many different ways to get a blessing and I’m sure the almighty creator will be pleased if you use your given BRAINS to good use instead of telling the world in so many words,” THIS IS GODS BLESSINGS

At least I can forgive my introducer as he did not know what he was doing or he could have been under a cruel spell.God Bless him…..Maybe the authorities should also make a check on this and who knows before long it might catch fire…..


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