“50/50 Status Quo.??”

Lets keep it simple our informed source said to Natasha of audie 61. The reshuffle of the State cabinet especially with the assistant Ministers might be put to a hold BUT which is a strong possibility he might just add on to the 2 which he has revealed to the press earlier.

It goes without saying that the lobblying factor has already created unnecessary tension within the State BN component parties. Our source also has mentioned that the good office of Najib has advised that the FEEL GOOD FACTOR should also not be compromised but be maintained at all costs. Sources close to Najib is also pushing the state to have an earlier than expected State elections as the State opposition parties are yet to “gelled” as a unit. The oppostion might just be “CAUGHT WITH THEIR PANTS DOWN.”

The setting up of (ARBS) Parti Agenda Rakyat Bumiputera Sarawak by UMNO Sarawak  protem chairman is also a wake up call to the coalition partners that they need to be on guard against the seriousness of the opposition assault on the state. The protem Chairman also mentioned to audie61 that ,” Najib has said privately to certain quarters that he does not intend to be the shortest Prime Minister of Malaysia and he has taken a serious overview of the threat present.

Affendi even says that ,’Its the silencers that are killing the BN government and we know the rating is now 50/50. We are also helping to keep the state BN in its position with our eyes and ears on ground zero and they should not think we are for one moment trying to create tension within the BN family. Obviously,Affendi said many will say he “ONLY KACAU DAUN but BN needs all the assistance and not more enemies.

Already he said PKR YB Dominique has mentioned that “ARBS and PBB are the “same cut from the same cloth” It can only confuse and not contribute to the betterment of the political situation in Sarawak. So…at least he said with a laughter in his voice ,” that means PKR is worried as they do not need another group of BN members to contain with.”

So the lobbyists of the Assistant Ministers in the cabinet might just have aggravated the fragile situation in the state and the CM according to the innsiders are taking a 50/50 chance if he does tilt the balance of power. Its his prerogative for the appointments and the CM will not want to go into the next state elections with something he might just live to regret.

A Status quo will see him not using his JOKER and why does he need to change when the mechanism is well oiled and very much functional says his closest aide. The guessing game will keep everyone on edge to face the common enemy and prevent unnecessary sparks and political tensions. Its the CM’s call anyhow…..

8 thoughts on ““50/50 Status Quo.??”

  1. Landi anak Buing says:

    1. Larry maintained..This is the news filtering through. Also PRS Snowdon SPDP Nansian SUPP Tan Joo Pooi PBB Wahab/Rundi/Karim..Any comment? ARBS..not breaking news as the same people are involved.

  2. weena says:

    CM is the master tactician and his closest aide must have advice him as he has listen to the ground level. PKR will be non entity soon. Wipe out from sarawak.Just wait and see.Believe me

  3. sarawakiana says:

    Who cares about what BN does? But with all the unimpressive news from the PKR camp it seems that even DAP will not see eye to eye with them. Too many trouble in PKR and everyone want to be HERO. Lets be realistic and governing Sarawak or wresting power from Taibs BN is just an illusion for many opposition . Think now on how to stop them going for 2/3rds first.

  4. Simeone says:

    Its cruel and CM will use this time to squeeze the aspiring lobbyists mind and time and make them more leaning towards him. That is the game he plays so well.

  5. yeomen says:

    ARBS won’t go anywhere ! PKR with the new leader at the helm will go on an overdrive . Better watch out . Everybody can be a master tactician if have billions to throw around !!

  6. joking says:

    PBB is the main player and decide the future of sarawak politically. SPDP is seen to be stable but the under current need to be monitor. PRS is in trouble samewith SUPP in great trouble. WONG Soon Koh the trouble maker but George Chan is scare of WSK and Sibu. he has no ball for party but lot of ball for women. SUPP will see more trouble with George Chan and WSK around. SUPP would be history in no time……..

  7. ugahchua says:

    If indeed CM decide on Sowdown rather than Mong,then Baginda’s bully theory will be proven once more. Meaning PRS not only lost 2 dun, 2 MP but also 2 Ass. Minister to PBB…problem is Masing claimed they all belong to his party PRS, so what to say.

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