“N31 BN Won, Now for Sarawak State N31 and N56”


Its the day after or aftermath when one can really sit down and assess and even start pointing fingers at where the fault lies. For the victors it will be a number of celebraty dinners to thank supporters and friends for a hard earned victory. This Malaysiakin report in which PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub said,””Pakatan is not doing enough” reflects the mood of the whole country and he nailed it right into the heart of the Pakatan machinery.

United we achieved and Divided we fall ” and this proverb should not be taken too lightly by all the political parties in Malaysia. We have earlier written that Najib has taken a leaf from his old man Tun Razak by signalling a change in the system of governance in BN. He did not disregard the older BN coalition parties but embark on more freshness in allowing the mushrooming of New Political /NGOs friendly to BN.

The Indians who were divided by MIC politics found new paltforms to be part and parcel of Najibs administration and gain some inroads. PAS Vice President even said this,’ Now, they are not all for the BN government but I would say that their support (Indians)is not as solid as it was in the last election.”

Do we need to drool on the higher majority by UMNO in the byelection in N31..? Isa is a popular leader and he is very attached to his grassroots and also the wave of invicibility of Pakatan is now wafer thinned with too much bickering amongst the Pakatan caolition. The aspiring politician who mentioned to audie61 said ,”Lets just take the N31 and N56 in Sarawak as an example.”

No one is really talking about the other seats besides these two. Why..? Could it be that these two seats have greater significance than the rests..? Surely, both are seats by supposedly Iban leaders in their own right with one seat N31 Jabu who is DCM and also Deputy PBB President and the other N56 James who is Land Minister and President of PRS. N31 LAYAR (7415) Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang (BN-PBB) andN56 Baleh (9731) Dr. James Jemut Masing (BN-PRS) Could both of them be as good as Isa who commands high respect from his very own grassroots and constituents?

Both these seats will see a challenge as PKR feels that wrestling at least one of the two will signal a major change in the mindset for the Ibans community. A new leader will arise and for the victor it will be a major scalp and a meaningful one. Giant killer is their aim and in the Sarawak whirlwind two names are highly placed forward and both will pack a big body blow plus a knock out punch.

Could the Sarawak tsunami be like the GE12 where some major political personalities suffered big setback .? Its very calm on the surface but it seems underneath it all there is a major revival of a revisit of Ming Court 1987 in the offing. Its a well workedout strategy by the some Sarawak opposition strategists and the FALLEN Top leaders will mean a nasty crack in the seams for the Sarawak BN .

The two names on offer as their machinery are already on the ground with frequent visits back to the constituencies are both former PBDS members. It is of no secret that one of them is George Lagong while the other is Tedewin Ngumbang Datu.Both are stacking up their coffers and are both independantly overseeing their operations. Money is not a problem for both these two aspiring candidates and they will give the incumbents more than a HEADACHE.

These comments from dayakbaru website ,”BN loudest critic in cyberspace, Tedewin Ngumbang, ironically continued campaigning for PRS at the height of election. He too showed me his undivided loyalty to Masing when the effort to pit Joe Entulu against his president intensified. Comically, Tedewin still harbour a hope of contesting against PBB deputy president Alfred Jabu in Layar. May be to go in winning some funding. He got nothing to lose. If he lost, it is expected knowing Jabu popularity in the area. If he win, he can boast about it until the day he died.

Even in elections the masterstroke is needed to gauge the sentiments of the voters and to which end they will swing. An innsider from George Lagongs camp said,” He will certainly offer himself as a candidate to ensure that James does not win uncontested.” The signals are already there for the opposition to make an approach as George has proven in the last Parliamentary elections he really gave sleepless nights to the BN candidate in Ulu Rejang.He does not pull out of a fight and when he makes up his mind very few people can stop him. 

He certainly knows his bearings as he has served as a Director of Operations in this area for James in his early years. Is it the master versus the student?  The writing is on the wall and George and Tedewin has weight out all the options and the fiery road ahead for them. Both of them will go into the next State elections scheduled in 2011 as underdogs but they will offer more than their BARK.

The political climate is certainly changing daily in Sarawak and it really needs something really unusual or unexpected to change the whole BN Sarawak team. They will be more casualties in the WARDS  this time round eventhough the CM predicted at least 60 seats which are more or less secured.

His predictions will come true if the present YBs suddenly change their stripes and if also they are dropped for FRESHER AND ACCEPTABLE CANDIDATES. It remains to be seen but the ground control is shifting in some areas without BN hierarchy even noticing.  The cyberspace provides a new avenue though in rural Sarawak BN will have the upperhand. In the afermath of N31 Tian Chua PKR strtegists said this,”Usually in rural areas, the people are more susceptible to BN’s money politics. However, it has been proven that such tactics do not work in urban areasThe poorer ones are less educated and more susceptible to material gains and intimidation.”

 Could the opposition propaganda work up a tsunami for Sarawak or will BN just turn a blind eye and coast through? George and Tedewin certainly needs to have a few lessons and spent some  tuition fees to learn from Isa……Remember both these constituencies are in the RURAL AREAS

6 thoughts on ““N31 BN Won, Now for Sarawak State N31 and N56”

  1. anak sarawak says:

    No matter who you put the rural areas will be a tough nut to crack. George or Tedewin they will be well advised to keep their hard earned $$$$$ in the pocket or use it for a better cause.

  2. Bee Sie Khung says:

    Pakatan Sarawak just need to field a very good ‘opposite’ mirror each to fight James Masing and Alfred Jabu. With Dayak people generally look highly on intellectual Dayak as role model, it is quite straight forward candidacy from Pakatan Sarawak.

    The opposite of studying cave man (Masing) is studying modern human. Not really a futurist but a doctor is Okay. So Pakatan should field a Dayak doctor in Baleh DUN seat.

    The opposite of suspect intelligence (Jabu) is real, actual intelligence. Not really a PhD holder but a fine lawyer would do. So Pakatan should field a Dayak lawyer in Layar DUN seat.

    My crystal ball would say best of luck and happy hunting to Pakatan Sarawak ;)

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