MCA-Bye Bye Ong and Chua..Here comes Liow and Wee…

This dramatic news from MCA will see an end to the feuding? Will it.? It seems the kingmakers of MCA has already made it very clear that Liow and Wee will now take over the helm of the party and to make it strong again.  Will this be also the KISS OF DEATH for MCA….????

The full results on the 3 resolutions which was voted on:-

  • 1. Results of No confidence against Ong For: 1155 Against 1141 Spoilt Votes 8
  • 2. To annul the partys decision to expel/suspend Chua For: 1204 Against  1095   Spoilt Votes 5
  • 3. To reinstate Chua as MCA deputy President For: 1110 Against  1184   Spoilt Votes 10

This signifies the END for both of these feuding MCA leaders and the party faithful has spoken and its very loud and clear.


8 thoughts on “MCA-Bye Bye Ong and Chua..Here comes Liow and Wee…

  1. yao siew lian says:

    Liow Tiong Lai is a man who JUAL his bosses at the wink of an eye.
    That is his character,
    Now he is the Minister of Health,
    Is there not a possibilty that he will sell the whole health service quietly ?????
    Just like the PKFZ scandal.
    The whole project was assigned to Ali Baba and the forty thieves.All the cries and crocodile tears won’t bring the money back again.
    The taxpayer loses 12.5 billion ringgit.
    If anybody talks too much,
    He will be locked up under Official Secrets Act.
    And ISA too..The Crime? It is having a BIG mouth.

  2. yao siew lian says:

    Our motherland Malaysia is a rich country.We have plenty of natural resources.We have a highly educated and hard working work force.But a large portion of our population remains dirt poor.I have served as a government health worker for more than 30 years.I have traveled to all the interiors of Sarawak.The natives there are dirt poor.They do not have enough food,medicine,clothes over their back and shoes on their feet.Many of them die young.The Penans,Kayans,Kenyahs and majority of Orang Ulus have nothing in their pockets except a sad tearful look in their eyes.
    On the other hand Taib Mahmud rapped the country of all its money.He built mega structures that is only good for his own pockets.All the Barisan Nastional ADUNS are Taib Mahmuds’s lap dogs.The sit in the Dewan Negeri with tongues hanging out of their mouths.They are waiting for money to be thrown to them by their Grand Master the White Hair.Then they would quickly pick it up and put it in their pockets.When ever a bill is tabled all of them will waggy, waggy their tails in unison.They will approved everything Taib Mahmud says or do or implements.
    I know most of the ADUNS before they were elected and many of them are poor.But within one term as ADUNs they will be multi millionarie with many beautiful houses.That is the shortest way to richness.

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