Pakatan”BN SARAWAK SPDP,”Overheating..!!”


Our insider source says to Natasha of audie61,”SPDP is rattled as the upcoming TDC might see some changes.Whats more with Muhyddin saying that component parties needs to reform. This seems to be the PERFECT TIMING for SPDP to initiate changes within. The party is already tainted with their involvement of Party Treasurer crossing swords with MCA President Ong Tee Kiat.”

The source went further,” Will the legislators (YBs and MPs) just watch from the sidelines? Wont they just disassociate themselves from controversies? Even the Singapore  Miss World contestant was forced to withdraw from the pagaent to avoid shaming the whole organisation.

 The heat of the PKFZ scandal will be detrimental for the party itself and it remains to be seen whether the “..HIDDEN HANDS/BN WARLORDS..” will put their thumbs down and squeeze the RIPE PIMPLE( SPDP might be clogged or infected by Bad publicity) out to save the SMOOTH and CLEAN FACE of SPDP. BN SARAWAK needs to be as far away from a PKFZ scandal as possible as it will OBVIOUSLYand SURELY be used as an ISSUE.

The swirl on the ground especially within the BN family in Sarawak is that with PKR gaining momentum it is and will be a SORE POINT and if allowed to affect the coalition it spells trouble. The timing is absolutely perfect and Mawan a close confidante of the Tresurer needs to find a MIDDLE GROUND fast.  The sources told Natasha that the State BN Chief Taib Mahamud is also watching closely at the developements of the PKFZ as the MP is from Sarawak. The President of SPDP Mawan has to make a CLEAR STAND as he too might be dragged into the whirlpool and also might just be SUCKED IN DEEPLY.

SUPP might be hogging the limelight with the Dudong issue but SPDP will not be able to escape the media as the political warfare between Tiong and Ong does not take a back seat.  ... Sri William Mawan anak Ikom

The Overheating within the BN/SPDP needs to be addressed and there is even words from the ground that Mawan might just be edged out bythe LIGHT  BLUE COLOURS OF PKR  in the next state elections eventhough he is assured of at least 90% of the postal votes.

No one can be a HERO now and a BN ticket previously is a SURE 99% WIN FOR  A SEAT IN THE COUNCIL NEGERI IN SARAWAK.” It has oveheated and now the chances are but at 70% in the rural areas but in the urban areas its at 50/50.

Just a reminder to BN State assemblyman we wrote on December 22nd 2008 ,” Now the internet will play a bigger role in the decimation of information to the rural areas. It seems that now PKR knows that the information technology will be used to inform the RURAL areas of the CHANGES happening in the world and ensure that the dayaks are no more ignorant of the FACTS.  The TEAM has now looked into this strategy as all PKR information will be downloaded and PHOTOSTATED and DISTRIBUTED into the rural areas. Now with the influx of PKR dayak members into the fold these Valuable information will be an added PLUS. The PKR senior member sounds upbeat after talking to Natasha of audie61. “ALL IS AT A TOUCH OF THE BUTTON AND THE KEYPAD NOW” 

We say as always,”The political  battles  will  be stepped up for N41 PAKAN (9034) William Mawan ak.Ikom (BN-SPDP). The opposition strategists are closely monitoring Mawan and he must  know how to clear himself from this umbilical cord and not subject himself to the SWIRLING WHIRLPOOL