BNs “Light at the End of the Tunnel..??”



Complacency or has the Opposition opened up the Mind Sets of the TOP LEADERS IN BN. Have the warlords accepted that they have been hit by sledgehammers instead of just been nudged by the PEOPLES SIGNALS. ( We want a CHANGE) Time to fight back and garner back what is Ours. Is it so simple to win back the 2/3rds parliamentary majority or the 4 states under Pakatan administration now..??

BN knows how serious the groundswell is and Muhyddin as DPM is tasked to clear up the mess that is in the coalitions backyard. ( Is this a ” WAR CRY “before the next GE13? BN component parties to reform. These words reforms at party level s are too slow. Whats more he pushed the whole barrel of the gun right into the mouths of all the BN leaders and that is that component parties must take the initiative to solve internal problems and strenghten party unity. Hmmm is he implying that the root causes of problems in MCA,MIC,SUPP at the moment be removed quickly as the PEOPLE HAS HAD ENOUGH OF INFIGHTING.

Muhyddin needs to see things differenly as he is propagating a New colour scheme for the country and UMNO itself. He doesnt need to use,” Will power nor to go for Brain surgery and he needs only to think the “UNFAMILIAR” and that is DO NOT BE AFRAID TO REMOVE THE OBSTACLES  THAT HINDERS THE LIFE AND LONGEVITY OF THE BARISAN MOVEMENT.

52 years of governace and many opposition members in passing  say it is corrupt up to the core and the policies only benefit a select few. The government is trying to reinvent,reform and renergised itself with a NEW APPROACH IN GOVERNANCE but how many are willing to throw in the KITCHEN SINKwith them.

BN is trying to balalnce itself and they cannot be seen to be desperate and balance. They know that each chapter towards the GE13 will be a struggle to win the people back to their fold and they need to let things FLOW. The problems besetting the coaltion parties needs to be ironed out and within these 3 years all policies and wrong doings (plenty) needs to be TRANSFORMED.

 THE 308 Pakatan tsunami or we call it BNs DISASTROUS OUTING IS POTENTIALLY THE GREATEST BLESSING FOR THE GOVERNMENT OF THE DAY. IT CREATES A NEW PLATFORM FOR CRITICAL CHANGE in policy making and going back to the basic needs of the people.

Sarawak and Sabah governments have benefitted tremendously with more development funds secured. Of course the $$$$$$$ needs to be channelled to the rural ares as these are the BNs bastion .Urban areas in the last 5o years have seen so much development in terms of  infrastructure,telecommunications and economic livelihood.

 The rural areas needs to be in tandem and they need to be a balance and BN needs to learn their new lessons/syllabbus fast  as it has been a  rough and tumultuous 1 1/2 years eversince Pakatan  encroached in their territories be it in Parliament or the State legislative councils.

Anwar and his Pakatan legislators are all in one voice (so it seems) to dethrone the ruling government.Najib was the chief whip in BN during Abdullahs adminstration and now the call and the handle of the whip is in Muhyddins hands. He has to find a new direction and examine it clearly and to ensure that Najib is still the next PM after the next GE.

Muhyddin will have to set aside personal political aspirations of the PMS chair and set about being Courageous and not fearing the Opposition theatrics or in Malaysia we call it SANDIWARAS. The ruling coalition parties needs to  ” SHAPE UP OR BE SHIPPED OUT “. Who needs personal pursuits of heading a political party when the politcal parties goes to the elections are not only soundly beaten but TROUNCED..??

Pakatan does have their problems but political parties within both political divides needs to wake up to the realisation and reality of having capable leaders who needs to be involved in policy making for the state and country. 

The avenue for legislators to deliberate issues are of course the state assemblies and parliament . There is a campaign time for parties to put up their bests candidate to be elected but once its done and dusted its the PEOPLES WISHES that needs to be addressed.

Dont tell me that the PEOPLE/VOTERS  would simply tick and mark the X for a legislator if he does not fulfill his basic needs for the people of his constituency in the next elctions. One would say BN needs only the colour of Money to pull through and that even the BN candidate does not service his constituency. Can anyone tell me that BN legislators are not checked by Pakatan and vice versa NOW..? Its not that simple nowadays as Malaysia has developed tremendously and even the rural bastions of BN are under attack.

 The children of the BN sure votes  in the ballot boxes are now looking BEYOND  what their fathers and mums have been promised. The communications tools available opens up a whole world of choice and opportunities for the rural to be guided to move their fingers to mark the X.

 BN needs good policies to ensure that the development projects and livelihood of the voters in the rural bastion are not compromised. Its not so much  COMPLACENCY but the realisation that NOTHING SHOULD BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED.

The once well oiled BN machinery should be overhauled and the warlords influences in their respective parties be toned down. The term GODFATHER/TAI KO should be clearly understood and not Feared.

We learned,” IF  you dont like your job change it.If you dont like your wife change her. Sometimes its appropriate to change your job or your partner.But if you dont change too you are setting yourself up for more of the same.

Im sure BN knows that they need to change some coaltion partners or add in more to counter the ever growing threat from Anwar led Pakatan grouping. One word which has captivated me to write this article is an opposition sympathiser who said to me Light at the end of Tunnel for BN with reforms yet to be seen.

So the question is BN …GAME FOR A CHANGE or SHUT OUT THE GENUINE BN MOLDED SUPPORTERS..PAkatan has room for everyone and that is what Anwars preaches and he open his arms widely like a PINCERand so far he has been very accomodating. This will be tested to see whose light  reaches out at the end of the tunnel in the coming GENERAL ELECTIONS. The wheels of motion has already been unleashed and many woke up to a great sunshiny day after 308.

“Its a new battleground and an INCREASINGLY COMPLEX POLITICAL WAR ahead for many….Any lights..??

4 thoughts on “BNs “Light at the End of the Tunnel..??”

  1. sarawakiana says:

    I’m sure Bn will use the same old faces in the next State elections. Uncle George and Jabu will still be there plus Taib. Any changes for BN? Dont see any light at the end of the tunnel for BN.

  2. Mika says:

    Feel so sad.The whole political landscape in Malaysia is so BLURRRRRRRRRRR. What will become of us Young voters..? Vote for seurity or a change in the next GE. Lets just see what happens as the the time of voting arrives.

  3. RobD says:

    Hey, I found your blog while searching on Google your post looks very interesting for me. I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work! :)

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