Chua Soi Lek”Su Hock Ee”


It was like any other Hari Raya Visitations to an old school friends house. The usual greetings and pleasantries were exchanged plus also the delight to see so many familier faces. Whats more the food laid out was…. Oooh SOoo appetising. There were many voices of different opinions especially as school mates meet they will be like old times in school eventhough that was nearly 20 years ago “all trying to be No.1 and be heard” Familiar..??

Of course each will try to say their own piece,”The economy,the political scenario (BN vs Pakatan) the educational system but the one that LIGHTED THE FIRE was the MCA No.2 deputy President Chua Soi Leck. One of my school mate hit the right chord when he said,”This Chua really Su Hock Ee ( Lose to Him translated from Hockien). He also seems so thick skinned and would not just disappear silently like most politicians of yesteryears would have. Would anyone of us fight like he does..?”

The MCA saga has gone overdrive and most of us gave the THUMBS UP to Chua for his perserverance and never say die attitude. One of them even say like Josephians never know when they are defeated. We will fight to the last drop of our blood. Surprisingly,most of us were very unhappy too with Ong Tee Keat for not being steadfast and be more accomodative towards a person who has already paid for his sins in being shamed. Even God forgive the sinners they say and why would Tee Keat not make use of the No.2 man to his advantage.

Has he forgotten about the rule book. Never question the No.1 but if the No.1 does not show respect and bulldozzes through without even telling the No.2 that is a sign of WEAKNESS. Even Najib consults Muhyddin on certain things before he moves his agenda. Im sure Anwar also does that said an old school mate. What makes Chua Soi Leck so prominent its because Ong gave him the PLATFORM and the OPPORTUNITY to hit back. Chua was already shamed with the video sex scandal but one of us added another phrase  in Hockien,” BIN POI KOW-meaning Thick skinned.

You all might be WONDERING WHY MCA…?? Why are we not touching on local politics or even UMNO,PKR ,DAP or PAS? Surely the PKFZ scandal and Tiong King Sings issue is worth a conversation.  Moreover there were about 20 of us and in a Malay friends house. The answer was in our year we were taught the right meaning of DIPLOMACY (Ong needs to learn from us hik hik hik ) and since some of us are from different political divides there was a NEED to follow the LINE OF NEUTRALITY. Chua Soi Lecks purported EGM and the possibility of the ouster of the MCA President is the TALK OF THE TOWN. Who is going to be the AYAM MASAK MERAH in this fight..??

We could go on and on on how this fight will pen out but like the good old days some one just “Detonated  a very good quiet atomic gas”It was signal and the wives in the other room were too happy that it was cut short. One of them even cheekily said ,” Got any steps learnt from each other and what about  the Booster or Viagra used by Chua Soi Leck. Just then one of them showed us this article and how ironic it was as we were talking about our friend Chua.

Posted and copied for all to make their own judgement.

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 21 — Just when the MCA seemed all set to hold its extraordinary general meeting (EGM), in the wake of deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek’s dismissal, the party’s central committee (CC) has flexed its muscles to overturn the decision and suspend him for four years instead.

This begs the question of whether the power of the CC was overlooked, or even underestimated, in the fractious past weeks which saw more than a fair share of barbs traded between rival supporters of party president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat and Dr Chua.

“They overlooked the CC as an independent body and pre-empted us by going straight for an EGM which should be called only as a last resort, and not the first resort. Members should not have jumped the gun,” CC member Datuk Ti Lian Ker, of Pahang, told Bernama.

He said disgruntled members should have waited first to see how the CC would act before pushing for the EGM, now fixed for Oct 10, after the presidential council sacked Dr Chua for tarnishing the party’s image over a sex video scandal.

Ti said the party constitution empowered the CC to take disciplinary action  against any elected party official including to suspend or to expel with the support of two-thirds of the CC members present at the meeting.

Under Article 128 of the constitution, the CC has the final say on disciplinary matters and that cannot be challenged, even in a court of law.

Ti said he had insisted that Dr Chua’s issue be discussed at the marathon seven-hour CC meeting last Saturday, to show that the party president could not act arbitarily, or that the CC was just a rubber stamp.

Currently, there are 43 CC members, with 25 elected, seven appointed by the president while the rest are party office-bearers.

Ti denied that the CC’s move was tantamount to a lack of confidence in the presidential council, saying that at the same meeting the CC had overturned other disciplinary decisions as well.

Party sources said Dr Chua’s issue was brought up by Senator Datuk Wong Siong Hwee from Kelantan and all were given the opportunity to express their views, including the most senior CC member, Datuk Wong Mook Leong.

Wong re-told his experience when he was sacked during the party crisis in the 1980s, saying that a suspension would have a similar effect as an expulsion, the source said.

“Some CC members sympathised with Dr Chua. They felt there was no need to push an already broken man and believed he should be given a chance to salvage a bit of his shattered honour,” it added.

Ong, who chaired the meeting, had to “eat humble pie” in the face of the check and balance on his leadership by the CC, the source noted.

Enraged supporters of Dr Chua, however, hit back that it was not appropriate and an act of disrespect to the central delegates for the CC to discuss the matter as the rival factions had already agreed to the EGM and agenda.

Even Dr Chua spoke up: “Are they trying to say the CC is more supreme than the EGM?”

Party veteran Datuk Yap Pian Hon maintained the CC had the mandate because all decisions, including disciplinary matters, must go through both the presidential council and CC, the two decision-making organs in the party.

“If we stop at the presidential council level, it can be argued later that the decision is invalid because the due process was not complete,” he said.

Dr Chua’s supporters are pointing fingers that it was Ong who first called for an EGM on Aug 31, when they had barely started their signature campaign to push for one to annul Dr Chua’s sacking.

A political observer, who declined to be named, views the CC’s decision as a “smart tactical move” by Ong’s side to neutralise the sympathy factor towards Dr Chua for the EGM.

The suspension may cause some of the 2,377 delegates to reconsider their views and swing away from Dr Chua as he would only be a party member after four years.

After all, Dr Chua had said he wanted to die an MCA member, the observer noted. — Bernama


10 thoughts on “Chua Soi Lek”Su Hock Ee”

  1. obama says:

    Parti cinta malaysia.that will be new vehicle of chua sok lek.come on lah dayang and zainuddin. chua sok lek shld be as smart as chua ju meng who has found new life in pakatan.he shld join PCM and join with pakatan to take down the rot in semi velue,otk and najib the rotting leaders of BN.Vote for pakatan in perak and sarawak.MB zambry and cm taib great rajah,the clockis counting down on you soon .

  2. ming says:

    hopefully the rumour on the twin elections of sarawak and perak will happen soon read this below:
    BN looked set to call for simultaneous State Elections in Perak and Sarawak. The Scribe has credible information that these two simultaneous State Elections will be held before the year is over.

    BN take over of Perak is not well accepted by Perakian

    Sources tell The Scribe that BN expects to lose Perak to Pakatan Rakyat but see’s itself as having the edge over Pakatan Rakyat in Sarawak. BN/Umno appears to have miss calculated their coup d’etat in Perak which has not gone down very well with Perakians and Malaysians in general.

    PR defection to BN did not materialized

    Malaysians see current Perak Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) Zambry as an arrogant usurper with a cynical grin. PM Najib and his strategists in BN/Umno were dead sure that there would be more defections from PR after the coup d’etat but this did not materialize. What has happened is that Perak has since been in a state of limbo with a hung State Legislative Assembly.

    Investor shying away from Perak

    Sources inform The Scribe that this has resulted in investors shying away from Perak due to the state of uncertainly in the state. Najib and BN/Umno know this fact and know that BN/Umno doesn’t have a ghost of a chance to retain Perak in a snap election.

    Najib, with the help of the MSM will still try to score points by telling the world that BN/Umno practices democracy by calling for a snap election in Perak which it knows it just cannot win.

    Najib perception of Sarawak

    Sarawak on the other is a different proposition. BN is making a fatal error in judgment by thinking that Sarawakians are solidly behind BN that its victory in the Batang Ai by election is a testimony to this.

    Pakatan Rakyat under the stewardship of YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim have been making inroads into Sarawak. There is now more cohesion and understanding among the PR parties in Sarawak.

    PBB is UMNO proxy in Sarawak

    It must be remembered that there is a festering resentment among the largely Christian Dayaks of Sarawak who see that despite of their superior numbers they are constantly sidelined by Taib Mahmud’s PBB which is Umno’s proxy in Sarawak which is only interested in pursuing the Malay-Muslim agenda of Umno.

    Christian are not happy with the “allah” issue

    Issues such as the banning of the word Allah in Christian publications has enraged the non Muslim Bumiputra’s of Sarawak. This is added with the on going spat between SPDP’s Tiong King Sing and MCA’s Ong Tee Keat.

    Sarawak is going the way of Pakatan Rakyat. The only problem is that Najib, Taib Mahmud and BN don’t see the writing on the wall.

    Dayakbaru Comment:

    Sarawak BN will try to win Sarawak by using ” Instant Noodle”, “Vote Buying” and “Community Intimidation”.

    Popularity: 16% [?]

    August 21, 2009 · Filed Under General

    8 Responses to “Simultaneous State Elections in Perak & Sarawak Predicted”

    LENO on August 21st, 2009 9:49 pm The urban Dayak electorates are more informed politically. This is solved. So the informed have to awaken those rural folks before the coming state general election. After this work is done, Dayaks will be assured of their own brighter future.

    All the Dayak parties ,except SNAP, are toothless component parties to PBB. So they serve nothing to the Dayaks.

    Change we can!!

    Uncle Ben on August 21st, 2009 11:10 pm Instead of telling those rural folks (being accused of still sleeping?)to “wake up”, wake up those unwake-ups to wake them up on how to get those unelected institutions to work hand in hand with “you” who think that “you” can take over the present govt (administration)in the next state gen election.

  3. ming says:

    reality is to vote for chaneg then $$ will really flow back to the citizens and tax apyers.not corrupt politicians.Tiab got the gall to ask people not to criticize him.he is the supreme one???????

  4. PENGIRAN SA says:


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