Cute..M$720 Million Refund

HellOooo..Am I Missing Somethinggggg..?? Would you just believe this? We made a mistake we are overcharged and now we need a refund. WHAT TYPE OF ADMINISTRATION IS THIS…?? Do you honestly think that the people are FOOLS. Even if they are they cannot be cheated over and over again and again. A fool today might just wake up to make you the GREATEST FOOL that ever lived. Please be more realistic. You made the mistake you pay for it. Get the Drift..Or am I telling it to a BLOCKHEAD…

The Port Klang Authority (PKA) today sued Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (KDSB) for RM720 million, a sum which the contractor allegedly overcharged for the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) project.

The suit was filed at the Shah Alam High Court this morning by PKA chairperson Lee Hwa Beng, who is the plaintiff on behalf of PKA.

lee hwa beng pkfz pc 210509 02In a statement today, Lee said PKA is seeking a declaration that interest charged on the balance purchase price of the land purchase was wrongly imposed.

He said KDSB had sold the land to PKA at RM1.088 billion at the rate of RM25 per square foot on a “special value” basis in addition to interest being charged.

“Interest ought not to have been charged separately and/or in addition to the said RM25 per square foot”, said Lee.

PKA is also seeking the court’s intervention and rectification of its schedule of payment to KDSB, as well as a refund of the interest payments made thus far.

Lee added that PKA’s decision to sue KDSB was made even before the establishment of the ‘super’ task force established by the Cabinet to probe the PKFZ scandal.

Lee warns that other suits would be filed for fraudulent, wrongful or irregular claims but did not name the parties concerned.

KDSB is the turnkey developer of the PKA owned multi-billion ringgit PKFZ flop, prompting the government to engage PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to perform an audit on the project.

Following the publication of PwC’s report in May, KDSB filed a defamation suit against PKA and the auditor for defamatory comments found in the report.

Amongst others, the PwC report claims that KDSB ‘may have’ overcharged PKA in the land purchase and overpriced the value of its works. WHO IS TO BE BLAMED..Have You Made up YOUR MIND..???


7 thoughts on “Cute..M$720 Million Refund

  1. obama says:

    how much more can we tolerate towkay tiong and his sarawak SPDP while he robs our tax payer money like taib MOHD who enriches hsi croonies.

    Wake up sarawak!!!!
    wake up malaysia!!!!

    ONly the road to sarawak staet govt can save us all!!!!
    only the road to the seat of power in Putrajaya can redeemm thier sins!!!!!
    PR pls make it possible in this lifetime!!!
    Time is running out as the rotting continues!!!

  2. francis jew says:

    RM 720 million sounds like VAT which is Value Added Tax.In this case it is money marked up for corrupting government officers from office boy to the Director General and the revelant Minister.Now the money is like a hot potato so everybody drops it.I remember on my many trips to Australia I have to queue at the Refund VAT airport counter to get back my VAT.
    Ini memang 1Malaysia boleh sahaja.

  3. francis jew says:

    Sarawak is the 13th State and also the most corrupted State in Malaysia.The Sarawakians live under the unlucky 13 for the following reasons.
    1)The gangsters collect a tax of 50 cents per gas tank from everybody excepy ADUN members.
    2)The gangsters collect a tax of 100 cents per tray of 30 eyes from everybody excepy ADUN members.
    3)The gangsters collect all rubber latex from everybody excepy ADUN members.
    4)The gangsters collect a tax of 50 percent from all Aluminium cans everybody excepy ADUN members.
    5)The gangsters collect a tax of 50 percent from all scrap metal everybody excepy ADUN members.
    6)The gangsters steal all the timbers from forest reserves.
    7) The gangsters monopolise all illegal 4 Digits.
    8) The gangsters became Alongs at 30 percent interest per month.
    9) The gangsters controll all china dolls and immigration departments.
    10) The gangsters steal your car and then return it to you at 50 % of the market value..

    A big MP took away billions from government coffers.

  4. francis jew says:

    The Minister walk around Sibu followed by 12 big and tattooed gangters.Everybody is afraid of him.
    They gave him more respect that way.

  5. francis jew says:

    Learn from Sarawakians,
    If Chua Soi Lek had 12 big and tattooed gangsters following him around 24 hours a day.
    Nobody would dare to take a video of him having oral and vagina sex with his girl friend.
    They will be cut to pieces by Smauria swords,
    Sibu has an extra of gangster. Can we export some to Kuala Lumpur.All the gangsters in Sabah comes from Sibu.

  6. yau siiew lian says:

    He started off as a small hooligan in Sibu,
    Extorting coins from school boys,
    Now he has tens of billions of ringgit hidden in Taiwan,
    How can he be the loser???,
    He just enjoyed playing ping pong games with the authority.
    He stayed back in Sarawak because of his philosophy,
    ” Par See Mor Chow ” in Foochow,
    ie I will not run even if you beat me to death.
    The is most respected in ‘Kar Liew Yang ” lifestyle
    ie Somebody who has come to play and live on the wrong side of the law. And beating the game of all law enforcement bodies.By corruption of course.
    If you do not believe me ask his Personal Assistant and lawyer of many years Ms Lau.
    She just set up a private office to defend the 500 million defamation suit by Ong Tee Kiat.

  7. boh kee eng says:

    In a bank robbery the robbers do not leave their names and NRIC.They do not sign an payment vouchers.Thus we may not know their identities.
    When the government is robbed of billions of dollars their should be names,NRIC and signed paper trails.All the government departments are glove in hand with the thieves.Otherwise they won’t release billions of ringgit without reason.Ah.White Hair has given his blessings to these thieves..
    Sunday November 29, 2009
    Billions siphoned – Sarawak govt steps in

    MIRI: The Sarawak Cabinet has ordered an internal investigation into claims made by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) that up to 60% of government allocations — running into billions of ringgit — meant for vital infrastructure projects between 2002 and 2008 have been misappropriated.

    MACC investigations showed that only 40% of the money set aside by the Government were spent on the projects. The remaining 60% were said to have been “leaked elsewhere.”

    Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hong Nam said yesterday the state government’s internal audit department would carry out a detailed probe into the allegations.

    “The state government is investigating. We also want the MACC to give us a full and detailed briefing on these claims. We (state government) view these claims very seriously and if such abuse of government funds had taken place, we must find out who was responsible and take appropriate action against them.

    “This is government money that comes from taxpayers. If indeed funds from the Government meant for projects for the rakyat and the poor had been misappropriated, the state government wants action taken,” he said yesterday.

    He was commenting on a statement by MACC deputy commissioner Datuk Zakaria Jaffar that the MACC had uncovered cases in Sarawak where up to 60% of government allocations had been “diverted’’ away from the projects.

    Zakaria had said this in Kuching during an anti-corruption seminar a few days ago. He claimed that the misappropriation of funds took place between 2002 and last year, adding that MACC investigations showed that only 40% of the money allocated by the Government were spent on the projects.

    He, however, did not disclose what the projects were or which part of Sarawak the projects were being carried out.

    He noted that the projects involved infrastructure constructions for roads, housing schemes and mosques, among other things.

    Zakaria said MACC investigations found that many of these projects were poorly-implemented while some had not even begun despite the fact that the Government had already channelled the money for them.

    “The MACC found that there were fake claims made by officials and contractors involved in these projects,’’ Zakaria said.

    Dr Chan, who is State Industrial Development Minister and State Minister for Agriculture Modernisation, said yesterday that the state government had always been very strict with how allocations from the Federal Government are used.

    He said the Sarawak Cabinet had always been transparent with taxpayers’ money.

    “I am happy that the MACC had exposed the issue. If they are doing their job properly, we are thankful because this is for the good of the rakyat,’’ he said.

    State Housing Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Openg wants the MACC to give him more details about the housing projects said to be affected by the misappropriation of government funds.

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