Pakatan..”Read Our Lips”.!!!


When Peninsular Opposition politicians remains united especially with agreements on seats or individuals picked for contest in elections in confronting the Barisan National it remains a DEADLOCKEDas far as Sarawak is concerned.

Several veteran voters  spoke to Joey of audie 61 and they expressed dissatisfaction that they cannot and are not being able to come to concensus after a couple of rounds of talks. Though its too early to pinpoint but they said it does seem to be a { “Marriage of Convenience “} Surely BN will capitalise and it will not be easy for Pakatan to reverse a negative start.

Moreover the DAP seems to be solid in their stand and this statement does not help…..DAP IS ADAMANT THAT SEAT ALLOCATION FOR THE COMING STATE ELECTION MUST BE RESOLVED BEFORE THE OPPOSITION PACT IS FORMED. The voters as we have already highlighted in our earlier reports are now more street smart and have access to information aplenty and very tech savvy.

What will they THINK OF A HEADLINE which appeared in most local dailies ( No State Pakatan Rakyat for Now)     One elderly voter was even seen waving a WHITE HANKERCHIEF and  saying( How to believe these Sarawak opposition politicians when they cannot even work together while in the Peninsular its working very well.  ??)

 voters     Yawn,yawn,yawn..Our eyes are getting sleepy..Please READ Our  LIPS….Forget it if you insists to fight HEAD-ON AGAINST BN says the voting veterans..